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#13 - on one hand i am exited because they are bringing back god of … 06/14/2016 on Old Kratos 0
#13 - i don't recall reading that they used them in europe though …  [+] (2 new replies) 06/14/2016 on WE WUZ GERMANS AND SHIT +3
#15 - thegrimgenius (06/14/2016) [-]
It wouldn't be a nightmare moving them, remember, before 1916 (Phosphorus rounds become widely used) Zeppelins outmatched planes in every way (Could fly higher, didn't burst easily, the planes sucked anyway), and were used to transport supplies/bomb runs, etc. There's even a very cool story where one Zeppelin went from Germany all the way through Africa on one straight run. And they did good in Africa with Vorbeck until 1916 also. While they didn't have nearly as many as say France (who drew a ton from Africa), or England (who, despite massive resources in Africa, went with India and the Middle East, half due to prejudice, half due to logistics), they had some.
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#18 - pingun (06/14/2016) [-]
The German fleet was pretty stuck in Europe though.

And Zeppelins couldnt carry many people, moving just about a hundred soldiers and equiptment would take ages.

They wanted to move troops into Africa with them actually, and supplies to help the Guerilla war down there, but they knew it would be ineffective.

They did send a Zeppelin down with medical supplies, but took it back for reasons. But a ton of medical supplies is a lot of medicine. A ton of soldiers are just about 30 men of propper weight and all.
#31 - except Bulgaria was an ally of the Nazis 06/10/2016 on Soviet Monuments +6
#26 - it's a parody of all the people from something but if they wer… 04/21/2016 on didney 0
#92 - you're replying to a tweet that is 3 months old to get validat… 04/11/2016 on Female Space Marines and... +4
#6 - >emprahs greenest i had a hearty kek at that … 04/08/2016 on 40k comp +32
#16 - hbo's Rome it's a series don't watch it , it…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/14/2016 on best comeback so far +16
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#48 - lordoxygen (03/14/2016) [-]
I finished second seasond and I was thinking "This shit is cash, there sure must be more" Oh boy I was never so disappointed in my life.
#11 - pick the true protectors of mankind no but srs… 03/05/2016 on 40k Art and Quotes 3 +5
#11 - getting catfished is more than enough to lose interest for mos… 02/29/2016 on Tinder troll +5
#58 - you seem to have misspelled ************* CREED 02/28/2016 on Angron, The Red Angel +4