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#46 - darealmcfanyt (07/19/2016) [-]
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#36 - That isn't true, the app needs to be open.  [+] (3 new replies) 07/16/2016 on goof proof +4
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#58 - epicalania (07/17/2016) [-]
First comment If you meant it has to be the primary app Actually it is, I've tested this myself and corroborated it with others who've tested it.
The app runs in the background, but it won't give you any notifications [spoiler] both literal notifications or things like sound and vibration
unless it's the focus app and the screens on. [/spoiler]

Second comment If you didn't I've already said it has to be open to count distance, but it doesn't have to be the primary app. As long as the app is open it performs all it's background functions like tracking distance and checking if pokemon, pokestops or gyms are in range, it just doesn't notify you of anything unless it's the primary app
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#59 - amuzen (07/17/2016) [-]
That's weird because unless I have it as my focus app it doesn't update my position until I make it the focus app again then it has to spend a couple minutes 'aquiring GPS location' then it snaps me to position. I tried going for a walk with music on and had it turned on in the background and I didn't get any distance for my egg. Conversely just a couple hours ago I went for a drive to the store turned it on and left it in my passenger seat and I got 2.1 KM for both my eggs.

The results of those tests is that I still got some decent distance from driving (Given I drove about 10 kilometers total, still 2.1 is pretty good) and I got absolutely no distance while running it as a background app even while I was just walking.

And yet for some reason I'm the one getting thumbed down?
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#60 - epicalania (07/18/2016) [-]
The app itself registers distance, but your phone settings might be preventing it from updating. Most modern phones accept background requests, although you can block them, but some older ones don't.
There's also the GPS signal itself, if you lose signal for a bit it can get a bit wacky when re-registering it.
I have found that my phone only accepts background requests from the focus app while it's locked unless I do some root fuckery to allow an app specifically, could it be that?
Otherwise, it could be something to do with different versions or something? Are you using the proper version or an apk? Do you have the most recent update?
#57 - We've reached the point where people have become more annoyed …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/15/2016 on drink man 0
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#65 - containlettersonly (07/15/2016) [-]
Well the language police (I.E. retards who don't know what cuck means) don't help either.
#120 - This post disgusts me more than itumblr's do.  [+] (2 new replies) 07/15/2016 on Tumblrina oppressed by her... +14
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#141 - nege (07/15/2016) [-]
Did I do something wrong?
#134 - xerodeath (07/15/2016) [-]
this is why we dont get new users, you guys treat them like shit and they leave before they learn how shit goes here