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#1213 - tls (04/28/2015) [-]
As one who is the 5th generation to have severe clinical depression in my family, may I offer my advice?

Find a physical labor job that pays cash for hard work. It is one of the greatest things I did for myself. NOTHING beats that high of busting your ass to earn good pay. That helped me with my depression immensely. Maybe that's just me, but that's an option. Plus, when cash adds up to about 4 days of work for a new guitar, it helps you focus on your passions rather than slaving away in a corporate job for a fraction of your wages.

When applying to employers, fuck it. They'll take you or they won't. You don't have to prove yourself or worry about anything with them. Make a good impression on them, as a person, and it will overshadow your experiential shortcomings if there are any.
Flexible, reliable, dedicated, driven, hard-working, fast learner. That right there will get you hired with no experience in the field (depending on the job) I've been hired on the spot with each interview thus far. Mind you, Zaxby's (corporate chicken restaurant) or mini-golf doesn't mean much but when two other candidates in the store at the same time got "We'll call you back" and I was walked through the kitchen and back of the store, it says something.
That's my two cents to help a brotha out. Good luck tomorrow man!
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#182 - anonasuser (11/11/2014) [-]
your pornos will have a strange audience
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