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#6 - I seriously don't get the Drauger training part and I've like …  [+] (3 replies) 11/30/2011 on Skyrim Compilation +6
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#7 - chuckbillrow (11/30/2011) [-]
everything in skyrim levels with you so as you gain levels from non-combat skills the draugers get stronger
#8 - guzshooter (11/30/2011) [-]
Only the draugers??
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#11 - chuckbillrow (11/30/2011) [-]
no everything levels with you but the comic works better if you just point out on thing like draugers
#3 - I gotta admit that these jokes are good... but its kinda sad j…  [+] (3 replies) 11/30/2011 on Third world success kid COMP +17
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#25 - Mutton (11/30/2011) [-]
In my opinion, there is a huge difference between "joking about" something and "making fun" of it.

When you see these image macros, it's obvious that the people who make them aren't trying to get us to think less of 3rd world countries. They exist simply for the sake of humor.

Making fun of something is different because you are trying to disparage it, and there is an intent to do that. Like little kids in grade schools. Often times, when they make fun of another kid they want everyone else to think less of that kid.

TL;DR: If the intent behind something humor, there is nothing wrong. If the intent is to degrade, then there is something wrong.
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#64 - Hreidmar (11/30/2011) [-]
Couldn't have said it better myself. Good man.
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#8 - Hreidmar (11/30/2011) [-]
Why? It's a legitimate opinion with plenty to back it up. You won't get red thumbed. At least, not by me.

And these jokes do make me chuckle, unlike most of the things on here.
#50 - does he really have tourettes?  [+] (1 reply) 11/29/2011 on Tourettes Karaoke Rick Astley 0
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#52 - Crownowa (11/29/2011) [-]
I checked his website and he does.
#9 - i don't know about you guys but i lost lydia. its been 2 weeks....  [+] (11 replies) 11/28/2011 on Skyrim Comp +11
#57 - IAMDIZZYONFANTA (11/28/2011) [-]

Every fucking time. I got annoyed of her so I fus roh dah'd her off of the top of the Throat of the World. Got married to Mjoll the Lioness. Much better.
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#32 - famouspork (11/28/2011) [-]
she died yesterday in my case. But I did not feel like reloading after that, plus I can't marry the bitch so fuckit.
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#18 - ericzxvc (11/28/2011) [-]
I have Aela the Huntress, much hotter
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#17 - drainbramage (11/28/2011) [-]
*SPOILERS AND SHIT* i lost Lydia within 3 days, i was doing the quest where you get the elder scroll, i was walking through the dungeon as a trap took her down, in her crouched state falmers suddenly attacked so i hid behind her. 5 arrows to the face and she was dead.
#16 - welikeshortshorts (11/28/2011) [-]
Lydia died yesterday on mine i've never been more upset in my life
#55 - robsterthelobster (11/28/2011) [-]
Lydia died on mine but then re-spawned in Breezehome, now there's a naked dead lady in my bedroom
#60 - welikeshortshorts (11/28/2011) [-]
Hey hey
#21 - anon (11/28/2011) [-]
<- What Lydia reminds me of.


4:12: Taking Lydia with me for the first time
4:14: Lydia agroed whole dungeon, not ideal for my stealth character.
4:17: Lydia and me fought off everything and barely survived.
4:18: Lydia died taking a trap to the face. Its for the best...
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#12 - TheRealEspeon (11/28/2011) [-]
Me too. I let a friend play and they Fus Ro Dah'd her off a cliff. I haven't seen her since.
#583 - guzshooter (11/29/2011) [-]
she had some of my quest items.... ):
#13 - guzshooter (11/28/2011) [-]
Before FUSing her around i usually quick save but i lost her in blackreach while doing a quest-.-