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#5 - I mean, that's cute and all, but... I don't think he can under…  [+] (2 replies) 04/10/2016 on handsome puppy +40
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#35 - skeletorexplains (04/10/2016) [-]
My dog can understand me.

"I say what's up, dog?" and she looks up at me and wags her tail. Smart dog.
#6 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
#3 - Or, you know, drink the coffee. Or just take the egg out after…  [+] (21 replies) 04/10/2016 on neat lifehack +210
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#96 - adplum (04/11/2016) [-]
wouldnt you get salmonella?
#33 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
its pretty disgusting when you think about where eggs come from and how there might be some mysterious juices dried up on the shell and now they'll all melt into the coffee that you're still planning on drinking
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#79 - captchakid (04/11/2016) [-]
In America at least, commercially sold eggs are heavily cleaned and in some cases bleached white before showing up in grocery stores. You'll see 2 kinds of eggs in American grocery stores, paper white and 'natural' brown.
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#90 - psykobear (04/11/2016) [-]
Eggs come from the chicken white as well, mang. Speaking from experience.
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#91 - captchakid (04/11/2016) [-]
I know, I've raised chickens as well. But they are heavily cleaned before entering large grocery stores.
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#92 - psykobear (04/11/2016) [-]
Well yeah, but I'm saying brown isn't 'the natural' colo- wait
I just realized you put quotes around natural, implying you didn't agree with it.
I'm a dumb, ignore me.
#89 - bann (04/11/2016) [-]
Actually they're both pasteurized and neither are bleached in the US. The only difference between and white and brown egg is the color of the chicken that laid it.

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#61 - wazoowonseventeen (04/11/2016) [-]
exactly what i was thinking
#14 - mooghens (04/10/2016) [-]
>One cup (approx 330 ml of coffee), which we can assume is 100 degrees celcius (which no coffee shop with self respect would do) at the point of purchase, and wont be reheated.
>Insert one egg which we can assume is room temperature.
>Hardboiling an egg requires approximately 10 minutes of being completely submerged in consistently hot 100 degrees celcius
>Ignoring archimedes laws of for the time of fluid displacement and buoyancy, because fuck it we are already assraping thermodynamics.
So in order for this to be possible, we should assume the coffee to remain consistently boiling, the egg to be completely submerged and the paper cup to be able to hold volume of the coffee + the egg without overflowing. All in the time of an elevator trip
Damn right its not rocket science. It's a goddamn scientific mystery.
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#41 - ericzxvc (04/11/2016) [-]
You don't keep the water boiling when hardboiling an egg...
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#22 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
cups of coffee have a temp of around 70 degrees, not 100
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#25 - deescalation (04/10/2016) [-]
" (which no coffee shop with self respect would do) " - his post, just after he says they need to assume the coffee is 100 degrees Celsius.
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#26 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
it's even impossible to serve it at 100 degrees. even if you pour it right after boiling the temp already drops by 5-10 degrees
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#29 - mooghens (04/10/2016) [-]
It doesnt really at all help the argument that you would be able to boil a hardboiled egg in a cup of coffee. Even it was 100 degrees only the outmost layer of egg white would turn goopy at best.
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#4 - kibuza (04/10/2016) [-]
Or just buy a snack at the corner store...

I mean who is in such a rush that they forget to eat or bring a snack but they have enough time to grab a coffee and use their 'pocket egg' for a snack.

I mean seriously who the fuck walks around with an egg on their way to work? Unless you wanna buy a pack of 6 eggs at the corner store with your coffee and that just leaves you walking around all day with an egg carton.
#28 - worldatarms (04/10/2016) [-]
You obviously don't have enough dedication to eggs than I do
#31 - fcrocker (04/10/2016) [-]
>Claiming to be dedicated to eggs
>Not eating them raw

Fuck off pleb.
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#8 - Tusura (04/10/2016) [-]
Now that I know this "life hack" I might bring an egg on my next trip to the doctor.

It's 25 minute drive, and I stop 5 minutes up the road to get a cup of coffee and fill the car up with gas if I need it.
That leaves 20 minutes of driving, which is more than enough time to hard boil an egg in a cup of coffee.

This eliminates me spending extra money on a snack like a muffin or doughnut, and it's healthier too.

The only problem is contaminants on the egg shell. Egg shells are notoriously disgusting and covered in germs and bacteria. Wash egg first, or you're contaminating your entire cup of coffee.

However, if you have this idea in mind before you go, it's not a horrible idea.
Just leave a bit of room in your cup of coffee and put in the egg. When you get to your destination and have drank most of your coffee, you get to eat the egg and wash it down with the last bit of your drink.

I think I'm going to try this.
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#9 - kibuza (04/10/2016) [-]
Why don't you just boil an egg ahead of time? Or bring a cereal bar...
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#10 - Tusura (04/10/2016) [-]
I prefer them warm still instead of cold from the fridge.
A single cereal bar from 7-Eleven costs the same as a dozen eggs, if not more.
This is just a random convenient healthy snack/breakfast.

Is it practical? Not really.
Would I seem like an autist if I did this in public? Probably.

Will that stop me from trying this? Unlikely.
#11 - mikethemerciless (04/10/2016) [-]
Fuck I may do it next time I go into work.
#9 - tfw 04/10/2016 on Even anime is affected +6
#59 - don't fall for it, his level is -95  [+] (2 replies) 04/10/2016 on wtf u doing kanye +1
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#69 - nineinchesdeep (04/10/2016) [-]
I was once -380 but then I got ban
#72 - guanyu (04/10/2016) [-]
#7 - They look like the future people from South Park, but with the…  [+] (8 replies) 04/09/2016 on wtf u doing kanye +112
#33 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
/sarcasm mode on
Sine a lot of females like to buy yoga pants, there is no reason why they won't like to buy this shit.
/sarcasm mode off
#60 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
That's not how sarcasm works.
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#17 - nineinchesdeep (04/10/2016) [-]
No they don't You retard
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#47 - itsbeowulftime (04/10/2016) [-]
No, they really do.
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#68 - nineinchesdeep (04/10/2016) [-]
#59 - guanyu (04/10/2016) [-]
don't fall for it, his level is -95
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#69 - nineinchesdeep (04/10/2016) [-]
I was once -380 but then I got ban
#72 - guanyu (04/10/2016) [-]