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#63 - "I really want that snack...but I'll look ridiculous... … 11/30/2012 on THE HUMANS DO THIS TO ME... +15
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#143 - hefromnorway (10/26/2012) [-]
Youre stupid yes its true,
Nobody spreads cancer quite like you,
Youre the reason Fj is dyin
Inb4 you say implying
Your a loser through and through
A dickless waste of vagina goo
You should leave and go away
Find a place thats fit for gays
Take your stupid triforce with you
Your mom calls you a stupid bitch too
Now go away and dont come back
Take some pictures of your cat
Post them here on saturday
Thats the right amount of gay
Thats the ticket,
Leave today

Jump Don't Bump or Fuck with Michigan Jaaaaaaaay
(big finish) And Fuuuck The Jewwwwwwsss
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#146 - micota (10/26/2012) [-]
You do realize it states specifically that she asked for it really rough...and he gave her exactly what she wanted.
He just happened to record it so there was proof to show that she was lying about being raped and loved it the entire time.

Rape is not a joke. But this dumb bitch tried to falsely claim that it happened in order to ruin his life and save face for herself.
#12 - Comment deleted 10/14/2012 on The weather man +7
#121 - ****. those. guys. 09/18/2012 on that sure is nito 0
#85 - and that's when op tracked these girls down, and taught them t… 06/07/2012 on MFW +2
#419 - if you look on the left, that distortion is present in anythin…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/10/2012 on Cosplay Comp 0
#433 - annonnymus (05/10/2012) [-]
If you look left of her right foot just below the red circle you will notice the rocks are fine and look normal. Then as you move into the circle you see the rocks have been distorted in a way common in noob photoshops.

To answer your second question " As for the right, what would she be photoshopping to make herself more attractive? " Perhaps this can shed some light.

#87 - Nice try op, but I've already been listening to that song on r… 03/23/2012 on Ultimate Challenge for bronies +1
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