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#161 - Everyone is ******** on valve for the 75% that the modders don…  [+] (1 reply) 04/25/2015 on The modders answer -2
#163 - xardian (04/25/2015) [-]
The problem people have with this is that they have a platform, this platform exists and already makes lots of profits, adding something to that platform costs nothing, they have literally no risk, if you write a book and a publisher publishes it he takes all the risk for success or failure cause they pay for the print of the books, but as said adding a mod to steam costs literally nothing.

Creating this whole platform for distribution was a lot of work yes and it cost a lot, but it isn't anymore and they already make enough profit to cover far more than just their daily expenses...

If you create a mod you have all the work, all the risk and all expenses for that (like buying modelling software, or texturing programms etc.) now what steam does is you get paid 25% while they do less than 1% beth doesn't do anything except they created a bad working editor in some point. so if you want to make it fair they shouldn't earn more than 5% of these earning but they get 75%.
On the other hand a mod needs to make 400$ for the mod author to get anything, every mod that earns less only makes valve and beth money but nothing for the author.

So you see, they have no risk almost no work and not even the slightest expenses, still they make 3/4th of the money, or more, if you really think that you could support this or say it isn't that bad, you have no idea how much work and especially time a mod takes.

I'm a modder myself and I mostly create models and maps for wc3 a game from 2003 with graphics from that time... creating a model for that game takes between 2 ours and a week (for 1 normal texture and around 1000-2000 polies)... now just imagine how much more work creating something with 4 seperate texture channels and more than 20000 polies is...

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