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User avatar #176 - severepwner (07/12/2014) [-]
People know of it, but it was a semi confusing topic, so not everyone understands it.
User avatar #112 - wotterpatch (07/12/2014) [-]
the war of 1812 was a tie

more accurately, a victory for both sides
User avatar #76 - meganinja (07/11/2014) [-]
Except WWII is a known win for the allies. There's no disputing that. 1812 is often considered a dual victory, or a tie, as both sides got what they wanted out of the war, and neither was really dominated militarily.

You don't see Americans being forced to serve in Britain's Navy anymore, do you?
#37 - anonymous (07/11/2014) [-]
Technically we meaning the US didn't lose. We didn't really win either though.

On the one hand, we managed to keep the US relevant as a nation, we made the British stop impressing our merchant sailors into military service against the French, and we took New Orleans, giving us another major port and control of the Mississippi River. On the other hand, we failed in virtually everything else we didn't conquer Canada, the British and Canadians burned Washington D.C. to the ground, etc. etc.
User avatar #187 - muffaletta (07/12/2014) [-]
Battle of New Orleans, In 1814 The U.S. purchases New Orleans from the French in 1803 along with the rest of the Louisiana Purchase for 15 million. However, there was a major battle in New Orleans during the war of 1812, led by Andrew Jackson.
User avatar #188 - muffaletta (07/12/2014) [-]
#30 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
I know about it! now..
User avatar #11 - thefates (07/11/2014) [-]
Literally anyone with half a brain in knows about it. It's considered one of the biggest goofs of the time period.
#22 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
I got a whole brain :c
What war are you guys talking about?
(Swedish if that makes it better..)
User avatar #26 - reginleif (07/11/2014) [-]
But you're Swedish so understandably you probably wouldn't know this.
#29 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
Haha thanks ^^
Yeah just like I understand that most people dont know about that time when Sweden was a "super power" ^^
(Long time ago)
User avatar #31 - reginleif (07/11/2014) [-]
I BARELY heard about that recently. ^^ No they don't cover that in our k-12 schooling. :/
User avatar #243 - captchakid (07/12/2014) [-]
They covered it in my middle school's history class. What state are you in that it isnt required curriculum?
#33 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
Well they barely cover it in Swedish schools eiter so I guess its something the world wants to forget ^^

I didn't know about k-12...
I should really study American school systems a little bit..^^
Dont know anything about it now when I read about k-12...
User avatar #34 - reginleif (07/11/2014) [-]
Ah it's nothing special, k means kindergarden school for kids, then it goes from 1st grade to 12th (end of high school).

It's fun watching the Scandinavians yelling "we used to own you". At each other.
#35 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
We Scandinavians hate that we love eachother (except the danes fuck them and their potatoes, Im from southern Sweden and everyone here "hate" the danes)
User avatar #223 - notcop (07/12/2014) [-]
Dane here. You guys are just butthurt because we used to own your ass.
#232 - johnnybing (07/12/2014) [-]
Yep! ^^
And that you didn't keep "Skåne", we dont want them.
#87 - dawnofrts (07/11/2014) [-]
>the wiki for more detail
User avatar #25 - reginleif (07/11/2014) [-]
Think of the war of 1812 as the American revolutionary war sequel. :/ Basically British Aristocracy was no content with the new nation and tried their best to pretend it didn't happen by attacking our settlers from their Forts on our Western borders, enslaving our sailors forcing them into the Royal Limey Navy, and trying to tell us who the hell we could or could not trade with (mostly upholding the French embargo who they were at war with) . The US like the dumb aggressive shit it was, overreacted to the disrespect by threatening war with English unless some outrageous demands were met.

The war happened, some limeys died, some Americans died, the white house burned, no land was swapped.... but the Brits agreed to remove their Britfag forts, and the US got to be treated like a regular nation so yeah.

User avatar #257 - theshadowed (07/12/2014) [-]
Also, the Americans were in talks with their only other democracy friend France on joining the war. The British tried to bully the Americans into keeping out, but it just sapped men we could've used in Europe
The 1812 war isn't very well known in Europe as it was overshadowed, and is just considered one of the smaller wars of the grander Napoleonic Wars
#27 - johnnybing (07/11/2014) [-]
Wow thanks, weird that I haven't heard about it :/
Or maybe I have just forgotten.
Thanks for the explanation though
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