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id/Alvat add me if you want to play, I usually play Payday2, cs:go, and tf2

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#6 - Today's music is good though, since there's lots of artists an… 02/16/2016 on what SJWs think white... +2
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#52 - sailormoonsez (02/16/2016) [-]
They are awesome. I had Karloff for about 3 years, dad has a pond in the back yard. Dad thought it'd be nice to the fish to put him in it until the end of summer and we could bring him back in once he drained the pond and took in the Koi. Little dude swam behind some rocks and I never saw him again. Super sad to see him go.
#31 - adr (02/15/2016) [-]
Mine has been alive for 4 years and I got him from Wal-mart. He has been in 5 different tanks in that time and moved over 250 miles. Also he once jumped out of the tank when I wasn't home and when I found him he was totally dried up. I picked him up to bury him and he started flipping around. Put his ass back in the tank and within a few hours he was fine. That was two years ago. He also once jumped out of the net during a cleaning and fell nearly 6 feet. Still going strong.
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#4 - Corrado (02/15/2016) [-]
You do understand they are literally the easiest fish to keep right? My mom has kept one in a flower vase with flowers in it for over a year. They live in puddles and small ponds in Asia. They are so resilient it is ridiculous. They traverse the marshes where they are native to by flopping from one footprint in the marsh filled with water to the next until they find a body of water they deem acceptable for claiming. They live in puddles. ANYTHING you keep them in is better than where they came from.
#12 - anon (02/15/2016) [-]
Oh GOD! I hate it when people perpetuate this crap! They do not live in puddles....they live in rice paddies. Shallow but wide. They should NOT be kept in Vases because rotting plant material (like stems) is bad for water quality and will poison them, especially if you use plant store fertilizer crap. Newsflash- they're made with ammonia compounds. These are essentially extra fish poop, and as it turns out fish do not like to breathe in poop.

That being said, they are pretty resilient and will be quite happy in a small, heated tank. Just keep the water clean by changing it often and remember to feed it and you will be pretty much golden.

They are also really fun and charismatic....although your milage may vary. I had one that was a territorial mofo and would try to attack me when I cleaned the tank (key word-tried. They aren't capable of piercing human skin)...another caught a glance at his own reflection, flared up (they do that thing like the frilly lizard where they make themselves all big) saw the "other fish" flare up and ran and hid for the rest of the day... Rocky, I miss you you stupid lug....
#18 - **gersonalvat used "*roll picture*"** **gersonalvat rolled …  [+] (6 new replies) 01/11/2016 on WOW +4
#28 - padamalex (01/11/2016) [-]
In all honestly, horde is a savage, tribaly barbarian like group with a hardon for spikes, Alliance is a proud, noble faction, with massive stone cities. They have a hardon for the knight in armor type of thing.

Horde has brutish bulky races, like a minotaur race, stereotypical orcs (who are corrupted by demon juice), goblins, and trolls.

Alliance has noble, and "rightous" races, such as humans, dwarves, gnomes, night elves, and draenei (odd alien creatures who have a hardon for "the light")

Its pretty much this, Life was normal until a certain magic dark portal opened and started spilling out the orcs, (who came from a now shattered world). They were a massive problem for the world causing problems for nearly every race that wasnt troll or orc. Thus one thing lead to another after cities were torched, and other destructive shit went down the alliance in a very primitive state was formed to combat the hordes (hue).
Eventully the orcs needing allies rolled up to the trolls and said, get in losers were going pillaging. The orcs got in over their head and got their shit kicked in, and some of them were driven back through the portal with the alliance hot on their ass ready to give them an ass whooping afraid that they would come back with more orcs. They set up camp at the base of the portal to protect it until it could be destroyed. Eventully alliance soldiers bought their archmages, khadgar (possibly the strongest mage in existance) to blow it the fuck up and much of their homeworld with it. During that whole last fight a bunch of orcs slipped through the portal back into the main world, azeroth. A lot of them still proved to be fucking annoying and problematic and were placed into interment camps when caught. Eventully after they escaped they were told by a mysterious man called prophet mediv told them to sail far west to a forgotten continent where they met the tauren and allied with them. Soon after they found a desert and called it durotar and founded their now main city orgrimar. The humans by this time had their main city, stormwind back under control and settled once again. Setting up the events for the game itself.

I could go more indepth with each race, but this is the skinny BEFORE the actual game starts story wise. which is terrifying.
#132 - anon (01/11/2016) [-]
so like niggers and whites?

makes total sense
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#57 - undeaddog (01/11/2016) [-]
So you're saying that the orcs are immigrants?
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#24 - sptnfouroneseven (01/11/2016) [-]
Alright. Do you want the super long First War/invasion of Azeroth till now story. Or do you want a synapsis?
#23 - saxong (01/11/2016) [-]
Horde is mainly people complaining that Alliance are angsty 13 year olds

Alliance is mainly people complaining that Horde are angsty 13 year olds.

There is no difference except aesthetic. People will argue but for a new player the difference is whichever you like more. From a lore perspective the Alliance lore tends to be a little bit deeper but the Horde lore seems to be a bit more directly impacting events currently, a history vs future thing if you want.

If you want someone to ask questions you think are stupid to feel free to add me on BattleTag, Saxong#1219, been playing since '08
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#20 - banteringcat (01/11/2016) [-]
Well one side is a tribal based system with a warchief and very savage like beings, and the other is the horde.
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#333 - diablodiablo (11/22/2015) [-]
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**diablodiablo rolled image**
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