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    Mean Wizards Mean Wizards
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    Jesus, Man! Jesus, Man!

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#355 - It was in front of a classroom full of people, many of which h…  [+] (2 replies) 08/10/2011 on Love Tale 0
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#380 - eight (08/10/2011) [-]
Wow if he did that in my old high school he would be laughed out of the classroom most likely in tears. It wouldn't even matter who you are. The most popular kid could do it and it would be the end for you at that school. We had a lot of transfers because of stuff like that. I cant even stomach thinking about such a thing. Your boyfriends got some balls, keep him. We never had any fights at our school it was just all verbal bullying to the point where we had a bully box where people would leave notes to faculty about the bullies. I asked out my ex in class, but it was mostly empty and I just did it normally. She turned out to be psycho though...Maybe Ill give a goofy, far out type try when college starts up.
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#406 - gameinformer (08/10/2011) [-]
Well, my school is very small. It wasn't a very abusive school to students.
And if you want to find a girl who isn't trashy/psycho/cheating/useless, think about it this way, nothing good is easy to get, nor does it come for free. You want a good girl? Earn her. If she's easy, she's easy for everyone. :D
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