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#235656 - Meanwhile on the gaming board.  [+] (1 reply) 11/28/2012 on Video Games +7
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#235676 - perfonator (11/28/2012) [-]
Its sad how true your comment is.
#46 - Im the same way, i even go all the way back to the big bang an…  [+] (2 replies) 11/28/2012 on Atheism 0
#66 - infernoburrito (11/28/2012) [-]
What if humanity created itself through an immense concentration of will, a strain to seek reason and purpose?
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#48 - cactaur (11/28/2012) [-]
Not so much with that one. I believe that when God created the universe, He created rules as well. And he is one for following rules.
#39518 - pupil dilation is the best way to tell. Its also something she…  [+] (1 reply) 11/27/2012 on Advice - love advice,... +1
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#39521 - smashingprodigy (11/27/2012) [-]
I believe there were some other ways, but can't quite recall.
#39517 - My laptop is acting very weird lately. It seems like my intern…  [+] (1 reply) 11/27/2012 on Advice - love advice,... 0
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#39603 - thewebspinner (11/27/2012) [-]
It's probably something to do with your router, happens to me all the time. Best solution is to reset it (not switching on and back off...) to reset get yourself a pin and locate a small hole on the router with a reset button inside press down and hold for at least 30 seconds, should sort it out for a while. If that doesn't work then an easy way to get the internet working again is to go to services (type it in in the start menu) scroll down to WLANetc. and restart it manually. Hope that helped!