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They don't think it be like it is but it do


(but not actual shit, because that's gross, and I don't want to mic that)

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#2416 - Picture 17 hours ago on Brag and post your best... +1
#2413 - 6'0", 20, I am a cisgendered, upper middle class white-pr… 17 hours ago on Brag and post your best... 0
#2407 - Comment deleted 17 hours ago on Brag and post your best... 0
#37 - >big fat pussy bulge fetish inbound 21 hours ago on This isn't what I was... +14
#25 - Picture 03/01/2015 on The Girlfriend +5
#8 - I have to go up five floors for my math class every other day …  [+] (14 new replies) 03/01/2015 on Yep +109
User avatar #56 - abovelawl (03/02/2015) [-]
you shouldn't be ashamed thats a pretty good workout
#41 - anonexplains (03/02/2015) [-]
That sounds like me after we have to do the fitness tests in gym class
#15 - kunchuma (03/01/2015) [-]
my classes are at the ninth floor. there is an elevator but only for the staff.
#28 - mvtjets (03/02/2015) [-]
9th floor? 5th floor? What the fuck kind of schools do you people go to?
User avatar #50 - elcreepo (03/02/2015) [-]
Ones that are conscientious about student health?
#39 - cheapshotgaming (03/02/2015) [-]
User avatar #44 - mvtjets (03/02/2015) [-]
I thought about that immediately after making my comment lol
User avatar #31 - pseudobro (03/02/2015) [-]
My college has six floors, but the fifth is only for offices and the sixth is off-limits to students (HVAC and water systems). It's also one of the tallest buildings for kilometers around. No idea where I'd find a 9-floor school.
#35 - phonicghost (03/02/2015) [-]
The tallest building in my city is the Engineering building of my university, with like 8 or 9 floors.
User avatar #46 - pseudobro (03/02/2015) [-]
What do you keep in there? Radio towers?
#58 - phonicghost (03/02/2015) [-]
Basement technically still above ground though, cause the layouts weird has a cafe, first floor is reception and offices, second through to ninth i think is labs, with the occasional floor for offices of PhD students etc.
#59 - phonicghost (03/02/2015) [-]
But STEM all the way
#30 - magnorph (03/02/2015) [-]
User avatar #21 - killerliquid (03/01/2015) [-]
Anything more than 5 floors need free elevators
#162 - I'm the blue guy in the first version of the comic. I performe…  [+] (7 new replies) 02/24/2015 on fatties gonna fat +19
User avatar #199 - thegameujustlost (02/24/2015) [-]
>I can't gain weight no matter how hard I try

You will do anything to gain weight except count calories and hit the weights.

Fuck off, you're no genetic freak. I was the most skinny kid and i gained 7 kg of muscle and like 3 or 4 of fat in just 6 months and belive me I never tryied that hard i just was doing a smart diet and a smart workout. Don't make excuses. Go for it or shut up.
User avatar #193 - cloakndagger (02/24/2015) [-]
Bruh. I feel you. Difference is, I'm always stuck between 170 and 180, so it's not as bad. My only fear is of what happens when I age and my metabolism inevitably slows down.
User avatar #187 - khorneflakes (02/24/2015) [-]
I used to be in the same boat. It's all in your mind though. I started lifting and bulking up, learning how to actually gain weight. It's simple: You spend an amount of calories just being alive and making your organs work, then you need to add an amount of calories for you to gain weight. If you eat more calories than you need you'll gain weight, if you eat less you'll stay the same. It's just simple fucking math, get over yourself.
#176 - anonexplains (02/24/2015) [-]
I have that body type but I went hard at the gym & ate loads of past for 9 months & gained 15 kg... then stopped for 2 years & only lost 5kg. Now I'm back @ the gym & after 2 months have put about 1kg back on... but I'm doing more endurance kinda stuff this time, not solely looking to gain weight. Also I'm over 30 and people naturally gain more weight later in life, even skinny bros like us.
User avatar #166 - johndapro (02/24/2015) [-]
I feel you bro, I'm in the exact same position.
User avatar #164 - nought (02/24/2015) [-]
you are NOT trapped.
if you worked out you could bulk up
#242 - makeman (02/24/2015) [-]
No one is trapped, it just requires a different amount of effort from different people. Metabolisms vary.
#123 - >he's still missing the point completely Never mind. Pl…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/23/2015 on Well hot damn... 0
User avatar #124 - tkfourtwoone (02/23/2015) [-]
"Whatever problem you're facing with your sexuality, I hope you come out of the proverbial closet soon"

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Get the fuck out of my face.
#122 - Comment deleted 02/23/2015 on Well hot damn... 0
#120 - If a M->F transexual is a dude with breasts, then by that l…  [+] (4 new replies) 02/23/2015 on Well hot damn... 0
User avatar #121 - tkfourtwoone (02/23/2015) [-]
"The little section of skin that exists between the legs is a more important factor than face, personality, physique, and chemicals like testosterone/estrogen, all combined?"

Yes. You're born with a dick, you're a dude. You're born with a cunt, you're a chick. End of story.

Stop pretending things are what they really aren't

"So now they're legally and anatomically female" - Any DNA test will instantly prove that he is a dude. Furthermore, that's not a cunt he will be having, just a cut in his bowels.
inb4 no ovaries, no periods -> not a woman.

" I'm not letting a dick (something I have, and not even a big deal) stop me from being attracted to a woman. You'd have to be retarded to think this automatically makes me attracted to men." - You're attracted to dicks. Shut up and go be gay somewhere else.

"Besides, it's all subjective" - No, it's not. It really is very fucking objective.
"since I already know where I stand on my heterosexuality" - bwahahahahahahaha.
Go choke on a dick on a highway while being ran over by several dozen speeding trucks.

And yes, that "little piece of skin" defines what you are. IT'S THE FUCKING REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN, NOT "A LITTLE PIECE OF SKIN".
Last time I checked, you came out of a woman's vagina, not through a dude's bowel cut.

For the last time, you're literally a fucking idiot. I have absolutely nothing against gays or lesbians, but stupid motherfucking hypocritical retards like you make me wanna nuke the fucking world.
#123 - fuckinfuckinfuck (02/23/2015) [-]
>he's still missing the point completely
Never mind. Plus, you don't believe in sex changes at all, so our subjective argument is, once again, completely moot.

You seem disturbingly upset though. Whatever problem you're facing with your sexuality, I hope you come out of the proverbial closet soon.
User avatar #124 - tkfourtwoone (02/23/2015) [-]
"Whatever problem you're facing with your sexuality, I hope you come out of the proverbial closet soon"

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Get the fuck out of my face.
#122 - fuckinfuckinfuck has deleted their comment.

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User avatar #41 - partially (12/20/2014) [-]
gime ponts
User avatar #40 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu ONLINE (12/04/2014) [-]
I wish you a great Christmas, and a happy new year
User avatar #36 - bobindun (09/07/2013) [-]
I like you
#37 to #36 - fuckinfuckinfuck (09/07/2013) [-]
Nobody's... Nobody's ever said that to me before.

But likewise, mah nignog.
User avatar #39 to #37 - theflamingfire (10/26/2014) [-]
I Don't like you ¿Que putas chingadas madres dijiste de mí , pinche escuincle baboso? para que te sepas yo entrené en el gimnasio del señor Julio Cesar Chavez , tengo un record de 50 knockouts, fui al colegio militar de la ciudad de México y un doctorado en ingenieria nuclear , ¿sabes que significa eso? que puedo volar tu pinche cabecita hueca con una bomba que estoy preparando especialmente para tí , y no sólo eso también soy experto en el manejo de armas largas y tengo acceso a todo un arsernal de Uzis, Ak 47 y R-15s , si tan solo hubieras pensado un poquito más y no hubieras abierto el pinche hocico de perro que tienes, no tendrías que rezar por tu vida.

En estos momentos estoy rastreando tu dirección IP para ubicar tu domicilio , te vas a cagar cuando veas un chingo de camionetas esperando en la entrada de tu casa para acribillarte , mis hombres estan bien armados y son muy temerarios, saben hacer muy bien su trabajo y están dispuestos a exterminar hasta la ultima puta celúla más pequeña e insignificante de tu puta miserable existencia, escucha bien mis palabras nene, que ya no hay vuelta atrás , vete despidiendo de tu miserable vida cabrón, voy a convertir tus ultimas horas de vida en un autentico infierno , estás bien pinche muerto nene, estás bien pinche muerto.
Don't get mad I messed up the first time...
#38 to #37 - theflamingfire has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #31 - mooneh (07/14/2013) [-]
What's your favorite Radiohead album?
User avatar #32 to #31 - fuckinfuckinfuck (07/14/2013) [-]
OK Computer. And then probably the Bends.
User avatar #33 to #32 - mooneh (07/14/2013) [-]
Favorite OK Computer song? o:
User avatar #34 to #33 - fuckinfuckinfuck (07/14/2013) [-]
The Tourist. It makes me feel all good inside. Also Paranoid Android is always a classic.
User avatar #35 to #34 - mooneh (07/14/2013) [-]
No matter what your answer, it was going to be a good one.
Radiohead is the bomb.
#29 - zombiestookmybike (09/06/2012) [-]
hey. i can't post this as anon because i've already done that once in the last 60 minutes or something. but i don't want recognition or any 						****					 like that for this, don't even say thank you. just smile and move on.   
all i wanted to say basically was i think you should have a 						*******					 amazing day, stay smiling stranger :)
hey. i can't post this as anon because i've already done that once in the last 60 minutes or something. but i don't want recognition or any **** like that for this, don't even say thank you. just smile and move on.

all i wanted to say basically was i think you should have a ******* amazing day, stay smiling stranger :)
#28 - carlose has deleted their comment [-]
#26 - fuckinfuckinfuck (06/05/2012) [-]
Oh god wat. DId you just roll my username name or something?
User avatar #25 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #24 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #22 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
Are you cheating on me baby?
User avatar #21 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #23 to #21 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #20 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #19 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #18 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #17 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
Do you love me?
User avatar #16 - dragonzard (06/05/2012) [-]
I love you.
User avatar #8 - eldeeko (11/01/2011) [-]
i love you.
User avatar #9 to #8 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
lol <3
#10 to #9 - eldeeko (11/01/2011) [-]
wanna buy some protein?
User avatar #11 to #10 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
No thanks, bro, I'm good. I bought a whole case of Muscle Milk today.
User avatar #12 to #11 - eldeeko (11/01/2011) [-]
fuark, you ripped?
User avatar #13 to #12 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
LOLNOPE. skinny as **** actually. i buy muscle milk because protein is important. and it's weirdly satisfying. and healthy i guess.
User avatar #2 - eldeeko (11/01/2011) [-]
For the love of jesus record some gameplay, so i can wank over it. lol jk, but really upload some gameplay man!
User avatar #3 to #2 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
I just turned off my Xbox, as I have a lot of HW. :[ My only video camera is my phone, and I don't know the best way to transfer videos. I will soon though I guess, and I'll get back to you when I do. :P
User avatar #4 to #3 - eldeeko (11/01/2011) [-]
awwe man, if i had skyrim now, i would literally spunk in my book and throw it at my lectuer, just post some of the character creation pics bra :L
#6 to #4 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
'Dat character creation.
User avatar #5 to #4 - fuckinfuckinfuck (11/01/2011) [-]
Fine. haha there's a long intro cutscene, though. :/
User avatar #1 - supermandan (10/27/2011) [-]
Do it.
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