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#11 - What's the 5th one about? Did he jump or push the other man do…  [+] (2 replies) 08/13/2016 on Things that make you... +8
#12 - johnthecynic (08/13/2016) [-]
Nobody knows, actually. The two main theories is that the man hidden in the bush was going to push the man on the cliff off but noticed people were watching, or he was there to commit suicide by leaping into the Grand Canyon but got cold feet when he noticed other people were there.

From what I understand, the picture was supposed to be of just their friend on the edge, and nobody noticed the man in the bushes until the film had developed when they got home from their vacation.
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#93 - rskamaka (08/14/2016) [-]
#6 - Does this actually still exist?  [+] (7 replies) 02/27/2016 on Guess Who Lost? +56
#44 - itskennyandjosh (02/28/2016) [-]
I love angry cats
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#46 - electronicbacon (02/28/2016) [-]
Burger and Fries AKA the Very Angry Cat
and they don't love you
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#33 - crazyguyindahood (02/28/2016) [-]

the game
i don't really know
#31 - doctersmiles (02/28/2016) [-]
On your deathbed,
as your dearest friends and family gather around your hospital bed.
Your eldest son grasping your hands with a tears in his eyes as the light in yours begin to dim
you choke and cough as you wave your hand to bring him closer
you crane your head forward as you utter your last and final words " i love you "
i bet you thought i was going to say something else, and now you've lost
#21 - vorarephilia (02/28/2016) [-]
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#7 - burningchimera (02/27/2016) [-]
It died off with caramelldansen somewhere in 2009, but people love to bring back dead memes
#42 - anon (02/28/2016) [-]
Dank memes never die.
#76 - wat 02/25/2016 on Fifth cringe comp 0
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