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#57 - I just finished watching Attack on Titan, which is the only an…  [+] (11 replies) 03/29/2015 on Sweet Anime pussy +1
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#91 - schneidend (03/29/2015) [-]
Gonna add Mobile Suit Gundam (pretty much any of them except G), Kill La Kill, and Deadman Wonderland to these excellent suggestions. I haven't seen Clannad or Angel Beats, but everything else these guys are talking about kick ass.
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#83 - demonspawnedangel (03/29/2015) [-]
Gurren Lagann, and if you want the feels Clannad, and Clannad After Story
#76 - lordsepulchure (03/29/2015) [-]
What the others have said, +:

Mirai Nikki (also known as The Future Diary); and epic adventure with a great story.
Shiki; classic styled vampire horror, creepy, deep story and also big feels (pic related)
Deadman Wonderland; about the same as Mirai Nikki, but really needs a second season.
Elfen Lied; deep story, big feels, and beautiful music, but very dark and gory.
#126 - vladhellsing (03/29/2015) [-]
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#75 - trollmobile (03/29/2015) [-]
oh and you can watch all i've mentioned (except maybe sword of the stranger) here
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#74 - trollmobile (03/29/2015) [-]
watch cowboy bebop, FMA: Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, and then you watch Angel Beats.
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#73 - trollmobile (03/29/2015) [-]
wouldn't say they're among the first ones you should watch, but Angel Beats and Death Note are pretty good.
Death Note is pretty overhyped, but it's still a great anime.
as altari said, FMA: Brotherhood is pretty good, i'd say watch that first.
Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, those are great, and quite fine to watch right off the bat, they're not as long as some other anime, and thus are the kind you can consume all of quite easily.

personally i've only watched the original full metal alchemist, not brotherhood, but they're different stories, not sequels. same general plot. brotherhood is, according to everyone that has watched both, better. and original FMA was still pretty damned good.

Angel Beats is feely, now i'm not usually one for feely anime or other shows, as they don't really do much for me, but i'll put it like this: Angel Beats is the only work of fiction, to ever have brought me to tears, and it's the anime i reccoment the most out of all i have ever watched.

if you're into a bit gorey stuff, Hellsing Ultimate is amazing. (not because of the gore, it's just that it's an amazing anime, but you shouldn't watch it if you can't handle gore)
i've watched both Hellsing, and Hellsing Ultimate, and i must say that while both are worth a watch, Hellsing Ultimate is by far the better one.
Hellsing is more feely/grim, while Hellsing Ultimate is just incredibly awesome, badass, and funny as hell.
also the movie Sword of the stranger.
it's neither funny, overly badass, intricate or romancy, but still manages to be an amazing story.
sword of the stranger kills off characters quite quickly.
#69 - ukobarrywewa (03/29/2015) [-]
Code Geass, Deathnote, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Full metal alchemist brotherhood and Hellsing Ultimate like the other guys said, and some good ones that aren't for everyone are No Game No Life and FLCL
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#67 - keatontheghostfox (03/29/2015) [-]
FMA brotherhood and hellsing ultimate
#63 - altari (03/29/2015) [-]
Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is pretty good.
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#60 - mudkipfucker (03/29/2015) [-]
boku no pokemon
#26 - I'm probably very wrong, but I thought waffen SS were all chri…  [+] (1 reply) 12/29/2014 on Rare historical war... +1
#29 - namelessjoe (12/29/2014) [-]
Initially yes

It was the first non-Germanic Waffen-SS division, and its formation marked the expansion of the Waffen-SS into a multi-ethnic military force. Composed of Bosnian Muslims (ethnic Bosniaks) with some Catholic Croat soldiers and mostly German and Yugoslav Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) officers and non-commissioned officers, it took an oath of allegiance to both Adolf Hitler and the Croatian leader Ante Pavelić.

Foreign SS units were made up from recruits in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarussia, Belgium (both Wallonia and Flanders), Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Galicia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia (including Cossaack and Tatar, Turkic SSR Republics), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Asian Regiment, Arab Regiment, USA (15-20 volunteers) and a small number of British troops
#59 - don't forget minecraft  [+] (1 reply) 10/28/2014 on The Classics +5
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#140 - thenewnuggubler (10/28/2014) [-]
I actually haven't played minecraft in quite a while, though I used to play it a lot. It just gets kinda stale after 3 years and nothing particularly significant to change it. I could always mod it, but most mods are just gimmicks/items that don't really add much.
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