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#43 - anon (06/08/2014) [-]
But that's just a photo of a black guy.
#51 - gtfomylawnbish (06/08/2014) [-]
That's a monkey. Don't ever call a monkey a nigger, not cool.
#50 - People immediately start blaiming islamic extremism/fundamenta…  [+] (11 replies) 06/06/2014 on 10 Interesting Random Facts... +11
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#124 - enigmaticspirit (06/07/2014) [-]
I think that is pretty ignorant. Religion is just fine and helps people in a number of ways. It can help communities come together and provide comfort for citizens. People can believe whatever they feel in their heart. Just because a few idiots use it to hurt others doesn't mean anything about the religion; it just means those people are assholes.If it weren't religion it would be something else they would use.
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#99 - goondas (06/07/2014) [-]
I absolutely agree. Their whole religion encourages killing, stealing and lying to further the ways of Islam. Any Muslim who disagrees with that hasnt read the Quaran, their holy book. And any religion that doesnt see Men and Women as equal should immediatly be seen as a problem.

It just kills me thinking that something like the cure for cancer could be in the head of some Islam woman. But because of their religion she isnt allowed to study and learn the things she needs to make that a reality.

Theres just so much potential wasted because of that disgusting excuse of a culture.
#77 - whaawhaa (06/06/2014) [-]
Uses meme correctly...

Gets thumbed down.
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#91 - oniiking (06/07/2014) [-]
I don't think you understand what the point of this meme is.
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#53 - Harkonnen (06/06/2014) [-]
As someone raised in Muslim society with Muslim ancestry, I agree. Islam is not progressive today at all. However, that's not to say it was never progressive. If you study the pre-Islamic history of Arabia, you'll know why. The area consisted of tribes at constant war with each other. Because of this, the ratio of women to men was extremely high because the men would die in battle. Polygamy was common, with no limit as to how many wives a man could have, because otherwise women would be single all their lives which was not a safe or economically feasible way to live at the time. If a woman could not find a husband, she would often be forced into prostitution. Because of this, women were devalued, having no rights compared to men. Fathers would often bury their newborn daughters alive because they couldn't afford having a girl who would not be able to contribute to the household as much as a son (manual labor etc.), or out of shame because women were nothing as I said.
Islam limited the number of wives a man could have to 4. It banned the infanticide of daughters. A woman's value was raised to half of that of a man in court. etc. It may not seem like much now but comparing to the society which preceded it, Islam did some good.
But I agree, religion as a whole has little to no place in the modern world where the universe is much more extraordinary than any myth man can create.
#220 - anon (06/07/2014) [-]
so, muslims are bunch savages, who never learn anything? Am I correct?
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#235 - Harkonnen (06/08/2014) [-]
Meh, all societies have some kind of shameful history. Germanic tribes had a similar history until they were conquested. And the dark age that Islamic society is experiencing now was present in Christian society, it's just a more recent religion. But the new generation is learning that theocracy is no way to govern and are overthrowing their governments one by one.
#219 - anon (06/07/2014) [-]
In my opinion, the problem with Islam is that it was overtaken by brainless extremists. Christianity was not so different in the Middle Ages in regards to women value. They even held a reunion to debate if women even had souls. We started to move forward when we saw religion more like a moral history than a rule book wrote on stone (although we still suffer from a few nut jobs here and there).
Islam has its good values. The problem is when extremists try to force rules of hundreds of years ago in modern society.
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#213 - unicyclingunicorn (06/07/2014) [-]
I liked your last sentence. You're okay dude, you're okay
#85 - anon (06/06/2014) [-]
This may be a niggling distinction, but organized religion is more of a problem than mere fantastical beliefs. I have no problem with people decided any fictional work is real as long as they don't get the power to make laws over it.
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#87 - Harkonnen (06/07/2014) [-]
I completely agree with you. The only point I'm trying to make is that most religions, at one time, were progressive compared to how things were before, or else no one would gravitate towards them. Then society progresses even more and the religion falls behind and people stick to them even though they're expired in a sense, they're no longer progressing society.
#61 - Seems to me he's trying to teach Christians to be less Christi…  [+] (1 reply) 05/23/2014 on good guy pope -1
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#71 - chrisel (05/23/2014) [-]
But is is a great leap (if you look at the changes in policies the pope has made) into the right direction.