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#53 - I don't understand why people downvotes trolls like this, don'… 06/06/2014 on Jungle Drums +3
#61 - Seems to me he's trying to teach Christians to be less Christi…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/23/2014 on good guy pope -1
User avatar #71 - chrisel (05/23/2014) [-]
But is is a great leap (if you look at the changes in policies the pope has made) into the right direction.
#174 - More Homicides with Firearms per capita is committed in the U.… 05/23/2014 on Canadians Gonna Canate 0
#460 - But think of all the lube expenses, wanking should be free. 05/21/2014 on Hard to believe people like... 0
#80 - Who's the russians of LoL?  [+] (2 new replies) 05/21/2014 on Meanwhile on the EUW server 0
User avatar #83 - temporalguardian (05/21/2014) [-]
Mexicans and polish people. Fucking. Everywhere.
#81 - theonemica (05/21/2014) [-]
I find Indonesians and Vietnamese. A lot.
#79 - I used to like Russia until I started playing DotA2.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/21/2014 on Meanwhile on the EUW server +2
#87 - anonymous (05/21/2014) [-]
regrettably, 99% russians playing dota about 10-15 years
#1265 - Oh great admin, give me text of colour and ye shall have my soul. 05/18/2014 on Who deserves colored text? +3
#185 - In Denmark, I read an article from a newspaper The Policy, a m…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/18/2014 on Good Point 0
User avatar #186 - lolollo (05/18/2014) [-]
Except that the cops don't actually have to tell you why they're arresting someone, only the person they're actually arresting.
So yes, that guy was an idiot, and so are you if you're trying to make it a point that they should tell everyone and their neighbor why people are being arrested.
Your neighbor: Officer, I have a right to know what you're arresting him for!
Officer: He had bestiality related child pornography on his hard drive.
#120 - unfounded...  [+] (1 new reply) 05/18/2014 on Can I poke the us? +4
User avatar #124 - coursicar (05/18/2014) [-]
it got me too. lol
#68050 - All other sorts of religions are taught as myth, why not this …  [+] (1 new reply) 05/13/2014 on Religion Board 0
User avatar #68070 - acemcgunner (05/13/2014) [-]
that's not how it works and it's not, I can sue for that..
#115 - A section for people who want to make / learn to make / recrui… 05/13/2014 on RETURN OF THE BOARDS -1
#33 - This is quite a problem for me in Dark Souls 2 actually. 05/12/2014 on First World Gamer Problems -1
#5 - Must resist temptation to thumb down.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/11/2014 on Might not actually be facts. -1
#10 - sandwichchaser (05/12/2014) [-]
Don't give in to the bait...... "woohsa......" *rubs the earlobes*
#31 - **freddyhollensen rolled image ** 05/11/2014 on Oh, when you see it… -1
#7 - **freddyhollensen rolled image ** 05/11/2014 on NYK what those burgers are... -1
#7 - **freddyhollensen rolled image ** 05/11/2014 on turn back before it's too late -1
#18 - **freddyhollensen rolled image ** What I'm looking for. 05/11/2014 on Women -2
#1095 - **freddyhollensen rolled image ** 05/11/2014 on How to roll numbers and... -1
#2 - Comment deleted 05/11/2014 on I dont like them but... 0
#1 - That was pretty good actually... 05/10/2014 on If FROZEN was a horror movie 0
#2 - That was pretty amazing... 05/10/2014 on How the Internet Works 0
#6 - That's pretty cool. 05/10/2014 on Updated 0
#4 - Picture 05/10/2014 on Post your broken .gifs here +12
#3 - Picture 05/10/2014 on Post your broken .gifs here +11
#18 - There was a danish resistance you know, and people cheered the…  [+] (12 new replies) 05/10/2014 on Denmark's plan 0
User avatar #20 - charagrin (05/10/2014) [-]
>France surrenders because it can't resist Germany's military
>Engages in one of the most successful sabotage campaigns in human history.
>Remembered as cowards and surrender monkey's.

>Denmark surrenders because it can not resist Germany's military
> Does everything it can to support Germany, genocide and all.
>Denmark commits some minor acts of sabotage.
>Convinces themselves they were the good guys.
#58 - anonymous (05/10/2014) [-]
I couldn't take you serious after the ">Remembered as cowards and surrender monkeys."

It's got nothing to do with anything.
User avatar #29 - didactus (05/10/2014) [-]
Flamman och Citronen, check it for fucks sake, Danish resistance fighters.
User avatar #45 - lordlolland (05/10/2014) [-]
Hvidstensgruppen is much better if one is looking for a Danish resistance movie, its much less of an action movie and keeps to the real story much better.
User avatar #31 - charagrin (05/10/2014) [-]
Yes, that would b the token resistance I mentioned, that did not begin major resistance until 1944, after the Nazi's started pulling back. I will say, they were successful enough that Germany fully took over the Danish government in fall of '43, where the DFC started their own underground government that aided the resistance movement, however, it was again, token. Operation Carthage in conjunction with the DFC was quite effective though, I will admit.
#26 - dillerfranz (05/10/2014) [-]
World War 1 was pure business for Denmark. They were selling goods to Germany for profit only. In World War 2 they tried to do same. What could you expect from a country with an army 10 times smaller than any country surrounding it? Anyways Germany finally realized Denmark could be used as a strategic point rather than a gorcery store. Resistance was futile and Denmark would only punished further if making too much trouble.

France is a much bigger country with a much larger army with borders touching allies. Denmark had to ocean... in other words if you really have to open your noisehole in your ugly head please do some research beforehand
#32 - dillerfranz (05/10/2014) [-]
You have a valid point however I do though not think it is fair to judge the whole nation on behalf of the goverments choices. There has most certainly been strong political reasons to whatever was done at the time in order to minimize the conflict as much as possible. Besides you will alwways be able to find pro and anti-(insert conflict here) in countries. Some more than others. I think it was your choice of wording that made me misunderstand your intention, my bad
User avatar #28 - charagrin (05/10/2014) [-]
Your right, if only I had taken courses on world history with electives in WWI and WWII....Oh wait! I did.

You completely missed the point. No mention was made of allies, borders, or militaries beyond both Frances and Denmark's inability to resist Germany. Th fact neither could have won is not the issue, the issue is one lead a guerilla and sabotage resistance while the other 100% gave up and fully supported nazism beyond a very minor token effort at resistance. Between fighting the Germans before surrender, and Danes lost after surrender, Denmark lost only 0.08% of it's(albeit minor) military and civilian populace.

The Danish resistance did not even fully take off until AFTER Nazi Germany had started to decline back to it's own borders. Even the Danish government admitted it was wrong, you might want to look up what the Danish Government itself said about it's actions. Anders Fogh Rasmussen in particular said it rather well..

And before you try and twist anything, I acknowledge Denmark could not fight the Nazi's, and I acknowledge they had a resistance. The issue is how minor their resistance was versus how much they aided the Nazi's, at least in comparison to France.
#35 - deaminzaints (05/10/2014) [-]
but again, you are comparing a much larger country to a much smaller one... of course there is gonna be a bigger resistance when there are more people that live there.
think about this. there is a room with 100 people. they are locked in and are told that they will be shot if they dont co-operate. 1 person says: "we can get out if we work together!" how many will follow?

now assume that 10000 people are locked in with the same conditions. 100 people say the exact same thing. what will happen?

humans are very weak to group pressure, in a country with alot of people there will allways be a higher resistance becourse the amount of people who live there can counter the amount who invade. that is not the case for a smaller country.

but yeah, facts are facts. but just dont look at it without considering the human aspect.
#24 - emotep (05/10/2014) [-]
Denmark became in April 2014 officially recognized as one of the 'allied' nations, due to losing 1/6 of the Danish sailors serving under allied forces in world war 2. A casualty rate only topped by the US marines.

1.072 out of approximately 6000 according to the Danish news agency TV2

Also Denmark resisted the German invasion(however shortly) killing a more than 200 soldiers and destroying several German armored vehicles.
User avatar #23 - minorian (05/10/2014) [-]
You are talking about countries like they are persons.
Denmark had a complacent government of Nazi-lovers that led a cooperation policy with Germany, but we also had a substantial resistance force of dirty kike-lovers, like every other country that got invaded.
User avatar #22 - reginleif (05/10/2014) [-]
Let's be fair though, there WAS mass evacuations of the Jews before the Germans came. Poland got way too much cred for what basically was a half assed attempt to do that. Even though as I said earlier the Poles and French put much more of a fight.

Not that Danes didn't support genocide, but pretty much every nation in Europe did, and if we go by historical accounts more resistance friendly nations like Poland probably cooperated more than the Danish on that aspect.
What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
User avatar #14 - someponynew (06/05/2013) [-]
>Fully supporting your mod.
User avatar #15 to #14 - freddyhollensen (06/05/2013) [-]
Thanks, if you wish to follow what's going on, I've actually just made a facebook page like 10 minutes ago, we're at the moment 2-3 people working on content for Skyrim.

The page obviously isn't worth much at the moment, but soon I'll add some screenshots of places around the world, and eventually I'll make it into a real page with daily / weekly updates for your feed. ;)

User avatar #3 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Are you getting your pictures from I ******* Love Science? Because your recent posts were posted there a couple days ago
User avatar #4 to #3 - freddyhollensen (10/30/2012) [-]
Ha, yes... I think so, Sometimes I just save funny pictures in my folder, and I'm subscribed to their facebook page.. so may very well be. ;)
User avatar #5 to #4 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Yeah same here, they're good stuff. You should post the follow up the Has Science Gone To Far post with the one of the fat guys as heavy metals. That made me laugh
User avatar #6 to #5 - freddyhollensen (10/30/2012) [-]
Can't remember seeing that, I'll go look for it, unless you got the link to it on you? :b
User avatar #8 to #7 - freddyhollensen (10/30/2012) [-]
Ha, brilliant, thanks mate... I'll save it in my folder for the next time I post ;) You could also post it yourself though, I see you're collecting quite a bit of thumbs yourself... Feel free to use the title :b

Has science gone to far... I think so.

Would be more fitting though I think ;)
User avatar #9 to #8 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Nah I only post comics so all your man
#1 - blartonfairweather (07/18/2012) [-]
What's up, mate
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