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#127 - Lets be honest here, if you actually follow her actions start …  [+] (3 replies) 01/30/2016 on OSHIETE 0
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#177 - Virt (01/30/2016) [-]
oh of course
but you cant claim she did nothing wrong, she (spoilers) turned a little girl into god and then absorbed her so she could hold her hostage
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#178 - fpsnoob (01/30/2016) [-]
She never wanted madoka to turn into a god. Also she didn't "absorb" her. She simply trapped madoka and everyone else in a dream world.
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#180 - Virt (01/30/2016) [-]
she didnt mean it but she did
and then she trapped her

shes doing lots of bad, shes literally satan
#19 - What made you think that only SF wear multicam?  [+] (21 replies) 01/28/2016 on Creativity at its finest. +3
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#21 - vladhellsing (01/28/2016) [-]
Regular infantry get (or did get) issued UCP BDUs. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Camouflage_Pattern

Y'know, that ugly urban camo that only works when it's dirty.
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#23 - jzwangpk (01/28/2016) [-]

Army's been getting multicam (or, well, OCP, which is pretty much the same thing) for half a year now.
#26 - vladhellsing (01/28/2016) [-]
Yeah, that's the new Scorpion W2. 'Bout damn time they replaced that fucking couch camo.
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#25 - fpsnoob (01/28/2016) [-]
It's pretty common for both Army and Air Force to wear multicam in deployed locations for a while now.
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#24 - jzwangpk (01/28/2016) [-]
Or rather, OCP's been available to them. Poor phrasing on my part. Regardless, I've definitely seen non-SF servicemembers wearing multicam/OCP.
#71 - manninex (01/28/2016) [-]
I've seen Navy wearing stuff like this. I've given up on trying to associate camo with a certain branch. My uniform hasn't really changed in color since the 40's. Flight suits for the win.
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#90 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
#93 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Top Comfy
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#94 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
It's as comfortable as they say it is?
#96 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Oh so comfortable. No excessively tight belt or blousing straps. Just a t-shirt and a giant onsie with a fuckton of pockets.
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#97 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
Are Flight Suits durable enough for going /OUT/?
#98 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Oh yeah. Fireproof too. They survived SERE and I went airsofting in it once. Best things ever.
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#99 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
SERE? How'd that go?
#100 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Well to sum up what I can.
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#101 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
You panicked?
#102 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Once. Fainted once. Rode a helicopter once. Got... uh... yeah. Multiple times did I get.... stuff. A few times they... did things.... You get the idea.
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#104 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
Gotcha. Yikes... I thought they found out about them taking it too far in 1993, and had to scrap the Resistance segment as a result. Is no branch safe from this shit? Fucking embarrassing.
#108 - manninex (01/29/2016) [-]
Oh they didn't scrap resistance. Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape. They cover it all.
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#109 - scowler (01/29/2016) [-]
They kinda have to. They probably don't want another Canary like John McCain. That was bad. What exactly do they pull during Evasion?
#110 - manninex (01/30/2016) [-]
Hide and seek, if I had to explain it. Very serious hide and seek. Pretty scary sometimes.
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#111 - scowler (01/30/2016) [-]
So Survival is basically the countdown phase to this game of hide-and-seek?
#104 - I'm a maintainer on f100-229 engines (from F15's), and some pr…  [+] (2 replies) 01/26/2016 on so much money in 1 picture 0
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#105 - fadetometallica (01/26/2016) [-]
That's alright, we put plugs into almost every screw on the exterior of the 35 that are somehow supposed to help it be more stealthy. That's thousands of screws. And each plug costs $7. Add that up, it's a shitload of money.
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#106 - fpsnoob (01/26/2016) [-]
How often does the jet come back with the plugs still on?
#50 - Or you could you know... buy the damn game.  [+] (1 reply) 01/25/2016 on Vehicular Double Tap 0
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#51 - putincanmeltcrimea (01/25/2016) [-]
if i could afford a college education and a 60$ game i would
#201 - Doesn't this count as entrapment, and is very illegal? Don't g…  [+] (2 replies) 01/24/2016 on FBI +3
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#208 - ilovehitler (01/24/2016) [-]
Nope, not entrapment.
The FBI took over a pre-existing website and simply allowed it to continue to exist- they didn't create it, nor did they claim it was legal, nor did they in any way pressure anybody to use it.
User avatar
#212 - fpsnoob (01/24/2016) [-]
I see, that definitely changes things.