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#125 - It could have something to do with them not actually showing a…  [+] (1 reply) 06/20/2016 on one link 0
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#208 - krizz (06/21/2016) [-]
whixh is a reason to tweet about it
#58 - I legitimately tried to buy it. Went to dlsite, added to cart.…  [+] (4 replies) 06/14/2016 on The right time to live +7
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#147 - garaichu (06/14/2016) [-]
A dude on 4chan said you can just go to the sfw part of dlsite, add money to your wallet with paypal, then buy the game with the wallet money.
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#116 - OtisMcWonderful (06/14/2016) [-]
PayPal cannot be used to buy lewd materials. You can't even use it on Patreon if the person you're supporting is providing porn or something. For example, the moment GreenTeaNeko started doing his nude art, PayPal started rejecting payments for all of his patrons that used the service. Those paying directly from a credit/debit card weren't affected.

So anyway, if you want to buy it on DLsite and use PayPal, you have to buy points on the non-adult section, then go to the adult section. You should be able to use those points to buy it. You'll need an account for this, obviously.
#88 - johrny (06/14/2016) [-]
Same. I tried even to buy legally Euphoria, but PayPal is even inconcinient.......
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#64 - thesecretbear (06/14/2016) [-]
That is the biggest problem with pirating now days. The venues for getting it legally are inconvenient, or are just plain unavailable.
If I was a content creator who had to deal with that I would be bitching at the venues hosting my game instead of pirates who torrent it.
#16 - I had an amd card before, and I constantly had driver issues, …  [+] (1 reply) 06/11/2016 on Let's go Pascal +1
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#17 - greekrascal (06/11/2016) [-]
Yeah. Like 4 - 6 years ago Nvidia was definitely on top, the best of the best. But now they are just money-grabbing pricks.