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#6 - Yeah his belly button is really high up his abdomen. I'm glad …  [+] (1 reply) 04/23/2015 on A Small Cringe Comp +36
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#19 - restuun (04/24/2015) [-]
Fuck man i didnt even notice. Now ill be up all night.
#96 - Picture 04/23/2015 on It's a trap! 0
#8 - That's the same thing that normal gun barrels do...  [+] (8 replies) 04/17/2015 on Rail gun revolver -16
#88 - anon (04/17/2015) [-]
Since when does the BARREL of a gun add acceleration to a projectile.
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#160 - foromil (04/19/2015) [-]
It doesn't add acceleration. It allows the bullet to accelerate. The longer the distance of the barrel, the more time it has to accelerate. Any high-school physics class has at least one question involving this.
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#10 - ultimatebuttercup (04/17/2015) [-]
No it really isnt. At least not to the same degree. A bullet is accelerated by gas and combustion, and explosively propels the projectile. A rail gun relies on electromagnetic propulsion. Basically they use magnets timed to be positive/negative to accelerate the projectile. Standard guns being that the propulsion is tied to the projectile means that there is a finite line to its speed. Rail guns the propulsion is directly tied to the length of the barrel where the projectile is fired from. On top of that they can be launched fast enough to the point where the friction from the air melts the projectile altering its shape. The difference between the two is that rail guns are only powerful if they are long. They have developed experimental rail guns mounted to Navy ships that can fire a METAL slug 1/3-1/2 way around the world and hit a target with a ballistic projectile with no explosives. The length of these guns are in the class of cruisers and destroyer deck guns. On top of that, they hit their marks by launching these projectiles into a low orbit, and then letting gravity bring them down on their target. Not only that, but the gun operates with NO MOVING PARTS, and fires a 23 pound slug. This experimental craft is likely to not see developement because the price of replacing the barrel with repeated use might be too high (also Obama doesn't seem to want to fund this), not only that but the entire ship must reduce its power consumption just for the gun to fire since the electromagnets require most of the power the ship can generate to fire. The current systems the Navy has to power this ultra powerful monstrosity are just not in place or cost effective enough to warrant its creation (currently).
Rail guns have huge range but the limiting factor is the length of the barrel for acceleration. Yeah, the velocity of a bullet from a rifle might be a LITTLE faster when you lengthen the barrel, but they do not compare to a rail gun's speed. A short dinky rail gun pistol offers no time for the projectile to accelerate. Acceleration does hinge on the mass of the projectile, but I am thinking this thing is going to be pretty small for a projectile to accelerate too fast speeds, its sacrificing range and power.
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#161 - foromil (04/20/2015) [-]
"Acceleration does hinge on the mass of the projectile"

It literally doesn't. I'm telling you to look at it from a mathematical standpoint. acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. It doesn't matter what the acceleration is provided by, just as long as it is being provided. The two barrels serve the same purpose in the fact that they provide a distance through which the projectile can accelerate.

The longer the distance that the projectile accelerates, the higher it's velocity can get.
#40 - SpitfireCA (04/17/2015) [-]
Just a point of clarification; a COIL gun uses timed electromagnetic impulses to accelerate a projectile, which has to be ferromagnetic, whereas a rail gun uses a current down one rail, through the projectile and returning down the other rail to induce a magnetic field throughout the barrel which interacts with the current passing across the projectile generating a force directed down the length of the barrel, and the rail gun projectile only needs to conduct electricity rather than be magnetic by itself.
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#13 - captchakid (04/17/2015) [-]
Where are you getting your distance from, the official statement on the darpa website says that it has a max range of 100 miles.
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#57 - ultimatebuttercup (04/17/2015) [-]
Ah, my bad. I misread the numbers. You are correct, their current range is around 100miles, with plans to reach 200miles.
#9 - coughingboss (04/17/2015) [-]
Not to the same extent so stfu
#43 - Comment deleted 01/17/2015 on Big one 0
#49 - Except 'normal' isn't exactly the right mentality to put it. I…  [+] (1 reply) 01/17/2015 on It's the truth 0
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#55 - exarzero (01/17/2015) [-]
I think everyone is normal though. Basically what I meant by it meaning normal.

I agree with you. I think we both agree on this. Miss-Communication. Certainly.

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