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#43 - Comment deleted 03/30/2014 on Last meal 4/5 0
#42 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 03/30/2014 on Last meal 4/5 0
#43 - footballmaniac Comment deleted by footballmaniac
#139 - Lots of Americans can drive a stick, so that's not really true. 03/30/2014 on The legends are true.... 0
#82 - I don't understand the allusion here. Can someone tell me the …  [+] (2 new replies) 03/30/2014 on TRUST ISSUES 0
User avatar #85 - dirtybadger (03/30/2014) [-]
the whole story was that god made eve out of two of adams ribs
User avatar #86 - footballmaniac (03/30/2014) [-]
Oh. That's funny.
#19 - sees* 03/29/2014 on Nord Problems 0
#20 - Neither of those are dragons. They're both drakes. Get your …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/29/2014 on Real dragons 0
User avatar #31 - sefercil (03/29/2014) [-]
those are dragons, just western dragons.

short front arms, but dragons.
#35 - Everyone has their opinion. And he does actually rap about dru…  [+] (16 new replies) 03/29/2014 on just eminem 0
User avatar #47 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
I've only ever smoked weed twice, so I'm not a stoner and done no other drugs. Relapse is still my favorite album by him because of the depth he goes into.

The feeling you get is dark, but not dark like "Holy fuck, that's edgy. He just mentioned Columbine!" dark. It's a relatable darkness, a very real darkness. But there's also funny songs in Relapse to sort of balance it. A lot of people hate the accent he uses in a lot of the songs, but I don't mind it. It's different.

Lyrically, its depth is amazing.
The beats are phenominal.
The use of the accent is different from what I'm used to with him, and it's not 100% of the album.
Relatability is very real with this album.

I also love how you can go from a song like "We Made You", which is pretty funny, to a song like "Beautiful", which, for me, is very emotional. I felt like I could tear up at any moment listening to that song.
User avatar #85 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
He wrote Beautiful in Rehab. Relapse is a very underrated album.
User avatar #88 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
Definitely. It seems like the majority of people who dislike it are people who:
1.) Can't sympathize nor empathize with him
2.) Started listening after Recovery and just looked Eminem up because of "Love the Way You Lie" becoming popular.
User avatar #90 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
I FUCKING HATE THOSE PEOPLE. You can't pick up Eminem off of Love the Way You Lie or you will have a very wrong view on what Eminem is. LtWYL is a good song, but it doesn't encompass what he is. It was very pop-y and it did good for what it was supposed to. But, if you go looking at Eminem thinking he's a pop-rapper you will be very disappointed and you are not an Eminem fan, you're a pop fan.
User avatar #91 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
That is entirely how I feel about it. Honestly, I think some of Eminem's best songs are the ones that don't make it to the radio. "Rap God" is probably one that I think deserves to be on the radio for being a good song. I think that a song like "Bad Guy" deserved to be on the radio more than a song like "Berzerk".
User avatar #94 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
Yeah, but I understand the reasoning behind the singles he put out. He put out the singles that would appeal the most to non-die hard Em fans. Most of Eminem's greatest songs are the one's that you can only hear by buying the album and I like that. The mainstream isn't the best place for a lot of his music. Only those who listen to his entire albums can understand a lot of the great songs. He makes his radio songs, and keeps the gems hidden for the real fans.
User avatar #95 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
Yeah. He knows how it works. He understands how to put out good music, while still appealing to a larger fanbase. He really knows how to please as many people into becoming fans as possible
User avatar #98 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
That's why he's one of the greats. It's a little weird for me discussing this with a guy named after Osama, but I'm happy you have similar opinions. I have a hard time finding people who share the same Eminem views as me.
I think MMLP2 was a very good album to show how much he's matured since the original. Headlights was, subject matterily speaking, my favorite song on the album.
User avatar #100 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
Likewise. It's always interesting to talk to someone with similar views. It seems almost uncommon to come across people who aren't bigger fans of his singles.
User avatar #101 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
Agreed. So, in your opinion, what order would you put his albums? From infinite down to the last relapse album... And through to MMLP2
User avatar #104 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
That's a tough one. A lot of his albums are close in quality, but Relapse is my favorite so I'll put that one at the top.

Marshall Mathers LP2
Marshall Mathers LP
The Eminem Show
Slim Shady LP
Slim Shady EP

Honestly, the list may change if I gave all of the albums a relisten. He always keeps his albums at top notch quality, but Recovery and Relapse were the ones that weren't hard to place. A lot of it was biased toward my relatability to the songs and my liking to the sound.
User avatar #106 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
The Eminem Show

The Eminem Show was my favorite, and I need to listen to the MMLP2 a little more. None of the Albums are bad so The list is basically 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, etc. for me.
User avatar #108 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
Yeah. I'm the type of person who hates being biased when rating songs and albums, but I also don't like being picky. I usually won't even own anything I find to be less than 4 stars overall, so Eminem is pretty much the one artist I feel deserves the bias I have when I rate his stuff.
#109 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
Eminem is the only rapper whose discography I own. I am bias when it comes to him, but I feel he deserves it. Anyway, it was great talking to you. I gotta go to bed, so I'll talk to ya later. Don't be afraid to PM me any time. See ya, BIn Laden.
User avatar #110 - OsamaBinLadenz (03/29/2014) [-]
Agreed! I should probably get to bed, soon, too. Nice talking to ya, man!
User avatar #107 - yaboybtrue (03/29/2014) [-]
SSEP after SSLP, I forgot that one
#40 - That logic is quite faulty. English class isn't the same a… 03/29/2014 on Race 0
#70 - tits 03/29/2014 on hell yeah 0
#83 - Half of these are ******** . 03/26/2014 on 21 Guy code things 0
#37 - To all you retards actually doubting this... I got expelled (a… 03/25/2014 on bastard 0
#4 - You do realize that it means it's 2% fat, right? Not 2% milk. 03/24/2014 on milk 0
#87 - I used ICQ. But most of these still apply. 03/24/2014 on MSN Mammories 0
#206 - That's why you follow Thad Castle's 3 rules for dick pics. … 03/24/2014 on The only black male 0
#127 - I understand how torrenting works, I just didn't get the 'gene… 03/23/2014 on Do what you want cuz a... 0
#7 - I completed this challenge. Then again, I am a guy, s… 03/23/2014 on boy thats a hard one, huh? 0
#55 - I don't understand. Someone explain?  [+] (2 new replies) 03/23/2014 on Do what you want cuz a... 0
#98 - mynameisnightwolf (03/23/2014) [-]
When torrenting you have a download and upload.

Download is the amount of info that you have received from others. Upload is the amount that you have given. This example shows that this guy got very little info downloaded, but he uploaded a shit ton. He was that good guy who actually contributes more than he needed to. Way more.
User avatar #127 - footballmaniac (03/23/2014) [-]
I understand how torrenting works, I just didn't get the 'generous god' reference.
Thanks, though.
#10 - Holy **** dude. Why? 03/23/2014 on Am I the only one 0
#12 - **** reposts. Especially **** ga…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/22/2014 on Things were easier in the 90's 0
#14 - syfygeek (03/22/2014) [-]
#62 - Yeah, I usually just mute everyone because it's usually half 1… 03/22/2014 on did he just f*ckin say that... 0
#27 - I ******* hate these 10 year olds that censor swe…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/22/2014 on did he just f*ckin say that... 0
User avatar #53 - fuckingtrolls (03/22/2014) [-]
You'd rather have 10 year olds that swear?
Have you ever played any fps ever?
User avatar #77 - blesstheinternet (03/22/2014) [-]
well, if you're old enough to swear you should say the whole thing. if you aren't old enough to swear, don't say it at all. being in-between is annoying.

not my personal opinion, i swore all the time once i got to grade 2. but i didnt swear to everyone i saw
User avatar #62 - footballmaniac (03/22/2014) [-]
Yeah, I usually just mute everyone because it's usually half 10 year olds and half some assholes playing shitty music into their mic.
Kids irritate me whether they cuss or not, so that's a moot point.
User avatar #28 - thereanoobly (03/22/2014) [-]
i know, it f*cking p*sses me off too
#5 - While I understand where you're coming from, Get it? Comi… 03/22/2014 on Am I the only one 0
#3 - ikr? I post only the sexiest of bitches, and they get thumbed …  [+] (2 new replies) 03/22/2014 on Am I the only one 0
User avatar #4 - charagrin (03/22/2014) [-]
I genuinely think, and I do not say this to offend anyone, that a large portion of FJ is gay and downvotes anything that does not include cock, and that skews the NSFW where most people post girls/straight stuff. Nothing wrong with being gay, but if tits aren't your thing just hit next, don't thumb it down.
User avatar #5 - footballmaniac (03/22/2014) [-]
While I understand where you're coming from, Get it? Coming? No? Okay. Sorry. I gotta disagree with you on that one. I've seen too many SFW cleavage posts hit front page to believe that.
My theory is... some people just wanna thumb down just to be dicks.
#34 - It absolutely is. Ever heard of hentai?  [+] (2 new replies) 03/22/2014 on Cosplay Chick 0
#35 - juffs (03/22/2014) [-]

But nah, I don't play with that shit.

Unless you have any involving Jessica Rabbit
User avatar #36 - footballmaniac (03/22/2014) [-]
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Easy. Just Google 'Jessica Rabbit Hentai'. You should find something good relatively quickly.

I myself have never failed to find some pics of sexy ass Naruto characters.
#54 - But then he finds your super ship and you're ****** . 03/22/2014 on War isn't Fair 0
What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
#6 - ithumbdownall (09/02/2013) [-]
I changed my mind. I don't want to get thumbed down to the point where I can't thumb down everyone else. Here's the picture you wanted.
User avatar #8 to #6 - footballmaniac (10/29/2013) [-]
*looks at username*

You hypocrite!
User avatar #5 - mycatthenazi (07/05/2012) [-]
**mycatthenazi rolled user lunasshadow **
User avatar #1 - TardytheTurtle (09/03/2011) [-]
i just took your comment virginity against your will
do you feel like a dirty whore now?
User avatar #2 to #1 - footballmaniac (09/03/2011) [-]
lol. I could always delete. :P
User avatar #3 to #2 - TardytheTurtle (09/03/2011) [-]
and i could keep commenting until you block me
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