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I hate the age limit, so now I was born in 1902.

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    Punctuation. Punctuation.

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User avatar #44 - matuemco (07/23/2014) [-]
just a saw a stream of heroic dungeon today, was pretty neat
User avatar #31 - snowshark (07/23/2014) [-]
The problem with Cataclysm is how little of a shit people gave about the characters going around in it. Nobody cared about Deathwing even though he is arguably the one they should have cared about the most. In Pandaria you had the same thing more or less. Garrosh was the only interesting villain with all of the other ones being either the customary Zandalari instance or the Mogu (who just sort-of show up on Pandaria and outside of the Thunder King none of them have an impressive presence like we had with the Lich King in the leveling zones) or the Mantid (who are the least interesting Qiraji race in the game both visually and tonally) or the Hozen (who are just a joke in every respect.)

WoD goes back to WotLK when the villains actually meant something to us. They are active in the world and their presence is felt in every zone they're in. That is what made WotLK so great. You get to the Tundra and immediately you see Kel'Thuzad wrecking shit up. Meanwhile on the other side of the continent you've got nordic giants kicking the shit out of you.

At least in terms of tone and motivation WoD seems to be on the right track.
User avatar #38 - akkere (07/23/2014) [-]
I really admired how WoTLK gives you legitimate suspense towards the main villain (Arthas/The Lich King), between the numerous quests where he actually shows a presence and the long calling memory of the Warcraft games. As OP as the Death Knights were, the whole shtick with having classes with legitimate story line buildups was pretty awesome in my opinion, something I actually appreciated with an MMO like Star Wars The Old Republic putting into practice as its main line.
User avatar #43 - snowshark (07/23/2014) [-]
The problem with that is that TOR put it's work into that and then didn't do anything else, really. WoW is much more of a round package and I'd rather see a great game taking steps in the right direction than a bad one taking leaps in the wrong one.

That said, WoD is looking pretty sweet. Whilst I wish WoW innovated more I can't help but be happy with what we get. The innovation usually comes slowly. Something new every patch or so to test the waters like the Timeless Isle and then a whole bunch of new ideas when the expac hits.

I like to think of it like this. Imagine WoW and all the other MMOs are people trying to cross a road and on their backs they're carrying all of their subscribers. One wrong step and a few of them are going to fall off. WoW has so many that even a right step is going to lose one or two hundred. So I can do without all of the space-and-money-consuming voice acting and I can make do with the stylishly cartoony graphics because someone who has to tread that cautiously is unlikely to put a foot too far out of place.
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This is better than the moose
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**** you
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