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#65 - Picture 07/05/2015 on Three Wishes 0
#15 - that cake looks ******* awful 07/05/2015 on Birthday +14
#16384 - That is unfortunate, thanks for the help though. 07/03/2015 on Ask a Mod 0
#16370 - because I wrote a very long reply late last night and I forgot… 07/03/2015 on Ask a Mod 0
#16364 - admin or a mod, is it possible for you to find my comment #145…  [+] (5 new replies) 07/03/2015 on Ask a Mod 0
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#16379 - Sewallman (07/03/2015) [-]
Go to the content and paste


at the end of the link. press enter.. You should find comment 145 after that.
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#16380 - Sewallman (07/03/2015) [-]
actually, I went to what you're talking about. The comment was deleted without a trace.
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#16384 - fitta (07/03/2015) [-]
That is unfortunate, thanks for the help though.
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#16369 - ashedust (07/03/2015) [-]
But why would you want to see that?
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#16370 - fitta (07/03/2015) [-]
because I wrote a very long reply late last night and I forgot what, I had a conversation with another guy
#160 - at my profile you can see the comment, but only the first few … 07/03/2015 on A Title 0
#159 - yes, I even replied to it but now it's gone, I can't remember …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/03/2015 on A Title 0
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#161 - bknob (07/03/2015) [-]
Dammit, that sucks. Well if you're interested in more pics of my back, i made an album on imgur so you can actually SEE the surgery without either of us losing our comments or being block imgur.com/a/6h2FY

I had basically said something about how fucked that other condition you have and I'm really sorry to hear about it. I had a problem of my curve crushing my lungs on top of my asthma, but that doesnt even compare to the ribs collapsing..

I thin I also said something about it being a sort of moot point of whether or not to get the surgery. If it causes pain, you should get the surgery, especially if its degenerative. You might have to alter or adapt how you become a police officer, but its better than being one and not being able be at 100% because of the sheer pain. I had to accept that the surgery is NOT something like "oh we fix it and you're totally fine". I nfact its the opposite; the doctor warned me going in that id have more problems coming out. Less severe problems, but still problems. He said the main thing about the surgery is to correct the biggest issue to a point you can still live a sustainable life, regardless of what minor side affects occur. So I had to swallow the fact I wouldn't be able to bend, Id have lower back and neck pain, and basically a huge loss in flexibility, solely for the fact that I did want my curves to get any worse and potentially crush my inner organs. So thats something you may wish to think about in regards to the surgery.
#145 - I am glad you went through with the surgery, yours looks much … 07/03/2015 on A Title 0
#194 - **fitta used "*roll picture*"** **fitta rolled image ** 07/02/2015 on You have to eat what you... 0
#136 - I see, no gymnastics for me but I do want to become a police o… 07/02/2015 on A Title 0