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#83 - Furthermore, the Christian who actually believes the bible bel…  [+] (2 replies) 05/12/2014 on Another fucking Tumblr post 0
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#85 - GamerMandrew (05/12/2014) [-]
He didn't change what was written. He referenced a different verse that contradicted the first, then chose what to believe.
#93 - exploiterguyone (05/12/2014) [-]
First off, thank you for bringing up objections inquisitively and not condescendingly. I really appreciate someone conceding as much as you have for the sake of argument. It gets tiring to try and explain the bible to someone whose immediate reaction is to tip their fedora and say "well, I'm glad you wrote that, but too bad God doesn't exist."

Part of my point is that the second verse was not contradictory to the first at all- Given the scriptures, the determination of homosexual acts as immoral was not a human judgement, but a judgement of God. Furthermore, the second verse in context, is actually about hypocrisy. Jesus goes on to say "for whatever measure you use will also be measured against you." So if you are a thief, don't lecture people about stealing, etc.

My original point was that taken out of context, the original quote would be simply absurd, lead to societal degeneration if followed, and would gain the respect of no sane man. While it is true that God does the judging (thank goodness...), the Bible-believing Christian holds that it is their responsibility to minister to the world the salvation through Christ and be honest and informed about what the bible has to say.