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#9 - Hey it's more clothes then she usually wears....  [+] (3 replies) 05/19/2015 on silly kids and their mangos +9
#14 - fazbear (05/20/2015) [-]
Fuck man.
She's got that body, fo' sho'.
#11 - derpishb (05/19/2015) [-]
Those f*cking hips
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#69 - meringueluka (05/20/2015) [-]
she called Shantae if you wish to look up porn of her.
#19 - I never played any of the Witcher series but I've heard great …  [+] (2 replies) 05/19/2015 on the witcher. 0
#29 - anon (05/20/2015) [-]
i would suggest starting with 2. i played both 1 and 2 and i am going to get 3 but i understand the complains of other people. i started with 2 and my first playthrough was hard since the controls take some time to get used to also i didnt really try to find the little extras and that ended in me being stuck on one of the last boss fights because i had shitty equipment. 2nd playthrough i went through in a breeze knowing what skills are useful and keep a good lookout for quests and gear. if you would start with 2 i recommend focusing on the sword fighting and pick 1 or 2 spells you like for quick use (i personally like the shield and trap spell) other than that alchemy is not really needed and the magic skilltree is not worth fully investing in. also try to get the health boost of every skill tree. the witcher 2 has a good story and some cool choices it has quite the impact on what ending you will get and i guess that will matter in the witcher 3. as for the witcher 1... i played it for the story but it was really tedious. the combat sucks and sometimes its very unclear what you have to do. i hope this helped and sorry for the bad english
#60 - evebishop (05/20/2015) [-]
Super helpful, thanks Anon!
#303 - Not at our store, our company just marks the discount to match…  [+] (1 reply) 05/17/2015 on It's to big 0
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#304 - plataeiou (05/17/2015) [-]
Economics, am I right? =p
#285 - I thought this was pretty funny. I know folks are going to zer…  [+] (3 replies) 05/17/2015 on It's to big 0
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#302 - plataeiou (05/17/2015) [-]
Would negative price lead to in-store credit?
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#303 - evebishop (05/17/2015) [-]
Not at our store, our company just marks the discount to match the price if it would otherwise exceed it. So a $2 off coupon on a $1.50 item would be marked down to $1.50 you don't get money back or store credit. I know some places did that and extreme couponers would abuse that and actually get money from the store
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#304 - plataeiou (05/17/2015) [-]
Economics, am I right? =p
#150 - That was pretty cool but why did they all die at the end?  [+] (1 reply) 05/16/2015 on Patrolling Venus and this... 0
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#159 - postie (05/16/2015) [-]
They killed themselves with rockets and grenades.
#27 - Hmm so I'm either remembering the wrong name...or my Texas Gra…  [+] (2 replies) 05/15/2015 on Planes -1
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#70 - xxkelevraxx (05/15/2015) [-]
spitfires, hurricanes, typhoons were all brittish planes. Thunderbolts, lightnings, mustangs, kitty (war) hawks. corsairs, bearcats, hellcats wildcats all american
#105 - nobleknight (05/15/2015) [-]
Don't forget the Tomahawks.
#24 - Sorry, I don't know planes very well...but that looked like th…  [+] (1 reply) 05/15/2015 on Planes 0
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#42 - alecmason (05/15/2015) [-]
To be fair, the British did have P-51s, though they were armed with the Hispano cannons, not 6 M2 Brownings.