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#4 - That is a very nice shark, good for you.  [+] (5 replies) 08/11/2016 on Somalia is the safest place... 0
#6 - ilovepranks (08/11/2016) [-]
no no, don't worry about it. It's just, ummm, airsoft! yes, this is airsoft!
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#7 - eggoman (08/11/2016) [-]
I'm sorry sir, but... We're gonna need to repossess your natural resources. I'm sorry.
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#8 - ilovepranks (08/11/2016) [-]
yes yes, no problem guy, it's all okay. okay, we will not make trouble, we will trade everything for some of your waffles. oil, diamond, girls, yo ulike plenty of girls?!? we get plenty of waffles from you!
#9 - eggoman (08/11/2016) [-]
Art of the Deal, baby.
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#5 - ilovepranks (08/11/2016) [-]
Thank you very much! My family is very happy, I am very happy, shark is... not very happy.
#2 - In before oh no that's racist  [+] (2 replies) 08/11/2016 on Bad Luck +5
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#5 - pebar (08/11/2016) [-]
leftists have screamed racism at such petty things it's completely trivialized the idea of racism. People don't care any more
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#27 - eggoman (08/12/2016) [-]
You'd be suprised how many people still do
#1 - On the prowl for that black pussy baby.  [+] (5 replies) 08/11/2016 on Bad Luck +86
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#22 - laspussy (08/12/2016) [-]
that's funny oh shit what up
#3 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
**anonymous rolled user bendingtimeisgood ** doo doo brown
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#2 - eggoman (08/11/2016) [-]
In before oh no that's racist
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#5 - pebar (08/11/2016) [-]
leftists have screamed racism at such petty things it's completely trivialized the idea of racism. People don't care any more
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#27 - eggoman (08/12/2016) [-]
You'd be suprised how many people still do
#93 - right so... what party is pro corporation corruption.  [+] (1 reply) 08/10/2016 on Hillary addressing the real... 0
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#94 - eggoman (08/10/2016) [-]
not party, i mean ideology
#3 - I'd like to see the actual study. These people sound retarded.  [+] (65 replies) 08/10/2016 on Common Core +670
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#213 - wafflekings (08/11/2016) [-]
Mmm you have one of the sexiest profile pics ever.
#194 - puut (08/11/2016) [-]
Here, take this.
#179 - advice (08/11/2016) [-]
some of it might also come from money. You think quarter and 25 cents pops up, yet when someone says a third you're just confused for a second
#140 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
americans Elegiggle
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#122 - kayzl (08/11/2016) [-]
The study wasn't published, this story came from the memoirs by the owner of A&W at the time.
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#97 - distortedflare (08/11/2016) [-]
Of course they are fucking retarded they are the average american person.
#111 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
How's Brexit looking so far, faggot?
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#119 - distortedflare (08/11/2016) [-]
Given it has not even been two months how the fuck would I know. It could take years before we know. At the moment the pound is down because investors have panicked. But other than that there has been no real problem.

We have found more oil in the north sea. We can reclaim our fishing grounds now. We will no longer be expected to pay into the EU to help shit holes like Greece out. Also you talk about brexit but at the very least we are not voting for either down syndrome Mr potato head or the Muslim loving lizard queen.
#147 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
There are retarded people in every country, how about you leave your house and go talk to your average country man? They will be pretty fuckin stupid. But hey, I didnt grow up on a diet of stereotypes, I actually leave the house.
#276 - distortedflare (08/12/2016) [-]
There is stupid, then there is American stupid.
#118 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
try not to get shot at school tomorrow
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#156 - steampoweredbot (08/11/2016) [-]
Joke's on you.
He's the one doing the shooting
#82 - installation (08/11/2016) [-]
They are probably the Trump supporters of today.
#197 - whimsicalmagnus (08/11/2016) [-]
#250 - installation (08/11/2016) [-]
>Thinking it's salt.

Pretty sure you and the 110 other Drumpf followers are salty. :^)
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#162 - playapplepie (08/11/2016) [-]
The amount of Trump supports on FJ is alarming,
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#206 - dadukesta (08/11/2016) [-]
#154 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
Jesus Christ I don't why funny junk is so supportive of dipshit trump, at least we'll be able laugh when he runs America further into the ground.
Have an up vote.
#141 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
Sorry brother, there's a lot more trump supporters on here than anything else it seems. It's sad, really. inb4 sea of red thumbs.
#149 - installation (08/11/2016) [-]
I don't care about red thumbs, each one is a trumptard showing that they think I'm right. And I think that's a beautiful thing.
#94 - zombielovez (08/11/2016) [-]
seems like a fair comparison you lovable pillow taster
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#90 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
Clinton supporters*
#245 - ningyoaijin has deleted their comment.
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#240 - eggoman (08/11/2016) [-]
You know. Most democrats don't actually go on fj and post random shit about politics ALL THE FUCKING TIME GOD DAMN THIS IS A JOKE SITE
#218 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
Either supports** fixed
#176 - kingdork has deleted their comment.
#159 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
I've been going on FJ since it was yellow. This isn't sarcastic I just need to know for real. Do Fj'ers actually support Trump now or is this all part of a joke? Have we become this retarded?
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#277 - thunderchild (08/12/2016) [-]
Honestly fj is so far up trumps ass they cant smell his shit. I support trump because clinton has demonstrated her corruption numerous times. Trump is a loudmouth with no real qualifications for the job besides "business" l. That said believe his motives are genuine, and that if he gets elected he will be ao road blocked nothing will get done and he will be a minor footnote
#217 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
People dislike Trump because he's offensive to some. He's also being slandered by all of the Shillary supporters, (as in, every media outlet) and still manages to beat out Hillary in the unbiased polls. Everyone secretly roots for the underdog
People dislike Hillary because she's a criminal that isn't being punished. She's also been shown as incapable of being within 10 feet of her SUPPORTERS. How the hell can we expect her to stand up to potential enemies of the USA?

I dunno about you, but I prefer to show more support towards the bigot than the person who can manage to fuck up national security via gmail. Also, yes, this is a site where jokes are made, simplifying it like I just did, it's easy to see why Trump is popular here.
Also, lotengo is blocking me, I don't remember why though.
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#209 - Kadzait (08/11/2016) [-]
Trump is a meme and people here know jack shit about politics.
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#205 - zers (08/11/2016) [-]
Would the anon happen to have an account since it was yellow?
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#186 - lumpymandude (08/11/2016) [-]
Not to recite the meme, but I genuinely think Trump will make America great again.
#171 - bann (08/11/2016) [-]
Actually this retarded. Not for supporting Trump, but for worshiping him like he can do no wrong and that everything Hillary does is wrong.
User avatar
#203 - temporalguardian (08/11/2016) [-]
I wouldn't say that we worship trump. We worship memes, as we always have. And what is trump if not the president of memes?

Also I'm fairly certain everything hillary does IS wrong.

Aaaand to top it off, who would you rather have be in charge, an egotistical narcissist, or a mentally unstable psychopath.
#237 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
*egotistically narcissist psychopath.
The error here is believing that Trump is good just because that he is not the same kind of awful as Hilary. A bucket of dog's diarrhea is not worst or better than a bucket of cat's diarrhea, they are both awful, they are both shit, and you want NONE as a president.
America is fuck not because of Trump OR Clinton, they are fucked because they are the only options they have They are not voting for third party, no need to even consider them . And even though they all may know deep inside that the are completely fucked, they justify their option, not by highlighting how good is the chosen candidate, but by pointing out how "your is worst". This can be the saddest election I've seen in a long time.
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#168 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
Supporting one candidate over another doesn't necessarily denote one's intelligence.
A silent majority however do actually support Trump, as millennials are being left out of mainstream media polls due to millennials leaning heavily conservative, which would put Trump ahead of Clinton and hurting their narrative.
User avatar
#175 - frenzysalem (08/11/2016) [-]
I don't want to argue the politics or take sides or anything because it just gets ugly, but when the fuck has there been any evidence that millennials lean towards being conservative????
User avatar
#198 - numbmind (08/11/2016) [-]
I don't have a poll, but i know a very large number of them were for bernie, and would you vote for the person who cheated your candidate?
User avatar
#200 - frenzysalem (08/11/2016) [-]
I'm not trying to show any biased towards one side or the other but most millennials seem to be very liberal. True, many will probably vote for Trump because of the rigging but either way, I like your profile pic. Eraserhead is a great movie.
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#166 - commontroll (08/11/2016) [-]
I genuinely do not trust Clinton, whatsoever. I also don't trust Trump. I'm just prepping for an inevitable revolution at this point.
User avatar
#234 - redknull (08/11/2016) [-]
Yeah sorry but there ain't gonna be no revolution. The average american is too retarded to see what's going on and the other part is stupid ass college idiots who go around shouting rape culture. Then you have the small part that wants a third party to get in
User avatar
#264 - commontroll (08/11/2016) [-]
These two candidates have the lowest approval rating from voters in history. The average American _does_ see what's going on. They just aren't the type to start one. But a huge number of them would join a revolution if it started. No offense, but in Norway you're having to base this off of media and FJ posts, but I really do meet a lot of people who if push comes to shove would fight. We'll see what goes down ultimately.
#164 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
Nobody actually likes Trump. Don't worry.
User avatar
#210 - ctrlaltdeleet (08/11/2016) [-]
good goy
#134 - RavagedKoala has deleted their comment.
#136 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
You're saying that when it's in response to someone who did just that.
#150 - RavagedKoala (08/11/2016) [-]
lol whoops meant to reply to other dude, hence deleted comment
#152 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
Then all is well my good sir.
Have a pinkie.
#92 - installation (08/11/2016) [-]
Why would you break the post? It was correct the first time.
#93 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
It's only correct to Clinton supporters.
And mine is only correct to Trump supporters.
Nobody wins.
#123 - cloakedone (08/11/2016) [-]
Republicans score lower than democrats in a 2010 study. So yeah, trump supporters
User avatar
#124 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
[citation needed]
#128 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
although i don't know that its actually true, it sounds absolutely possible.
#131 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
There's always stupid people in the world, that's an undeniable fact. But a claim like that without a source will simply be pic related.
Until there's undeniable proof or a source, I ain't gonna believe it and continue to think both parties are on equal terms of intelligence.
Although I do honestly tend to think the Dems are idiots since they support a criminal without a moment's hesitation.
User avatar
#155 - steampoweredbot (08/11/2016) [-]
The difference really isn't that big, but it definitely does lean towards Liberalism holding more highly educated people.
User avatar
#167 - pwnfrnzy (08/11/2016) [-]
It doesn't say that they are highly educated or smarter, simply that they have graduated from a college with nay number of degrees.
Now, I'm not disregarding the source, but it does not state anything about what field the post-graduates have studied in.
Given that, post graduates who have attended women's studies and like-based courses aren't necessarily more intelligent given the course has no real-world value.
I believe the study would have best been conducted in a manner of which they also list which field each post-graduate interviewed was aiming for.
Thanks for the sauce anyways, and yes, the study does reflect people with degrees in higher education being more liberal.
User avatar
#188 - strobler (08/11/2016) [-]
People who vote either right/left also have generally a different brain:

"A number of studies have found that biology may be linked with political orientation.[1] This means that biology is a possible factor in political orientation, but may also mean that the ideology a person identifies with changes a person's ability to perform certain tasks." -Wikipedia

It's hard to use this in a debate, but it's still interesting.
User avatar
#187 - steampoweredbot (08/11/2016) [-]
I'm not really saying I agree with the interpretation of the data one way or the other, just providing data where none was offered.
As you get greater levels of a degree, you become more educated. Might not be worthwhile education, or useful education, but it is more educated.
Like you've pointed out, a number of these degrees may be completely useless (Though, I'd take a guess that the Doctorates are probably in pretty serious fields. Few people get those, though, so it can't really be used to represent a party). I'd say that a mechanic would be incredibly more useful than, say, someone with an English degree, regardless of the level of degree it is, despite having less college education.
#103 - anon (08/11/2016) [-]
>>#93, >>#92
Both have a number of retarded supporters.
#15 - anon (08/10/2016) [-]
They're McDonalds customers
#13 - gigabowzer (08/10/2016) [-]
It's the same principle as the $.99 price. Even when it's only $.01 less than the actual price, people eat it up because the first number dictates whether they think it's affordable or not.
User avatar
#115 - kurbeh (08/11/2016) [-]
Yes, but then 999$ are more than 1000$ because 1 is smaller than 9, obviously.
#121 - gigabowzer (08/11/2016) [-]
The wikipedia link also contains the experimental results that show the affect of this pricing methodology.
#120 - gigabowzer (08/11/2016) [-]
My explanation is kind of off, here is a full explanation from Wikipedia:


" Retail prices are often expressed as "odd prices": a little less than a round number, e.g. $19.99 or £2.98. Consumers tend to perceive “odd prices” as being significantly lower than they actually are, tending to round to the next lowest monetary unit.[1] Thus, prices such as $1.99 are associated with spending $1 rather than $2. The theory that drives this is that lower pricing such as this institutes greater demand than if consumers were perfectly rational."
#50 - anon (08/10/2016) [-]
Thanks, I didn't know that.