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#1 - History class 2016 They're all dead from gunshot wounds  [+] (2 replies) 08/15/2016 on one by one? 0
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#2 - xmetalskullx (08/15/2016) [-]
Not everyone is black though
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#3 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
*slow clap*
#2 - Oh no people getting married too young it's like the well... r…  [+] (30 replies) 08/15/2016 on 1,000+ Child Marriages In... -40
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#19 - scootabot (08/15/2016) [-]
You're exactly the type of dumb motherfucker who thinks heroin should be legalized.
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#22 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
Wellll...heroin should be legalized. His body, his choice.
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#24 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
You know what else should be legalized?
Crack Cocaine. His body his choice, right?
Oh another thing that should be legalized; stealing. It's a victimless crime, yeah? Nobody gets hurt.
They should legalize public masturbation too. His body his choice. Who are we to suggest what someone can do with their body?

Just because it's technically a 'freedom' to do heroin, doesn't mean that it should be allowed. Mostly because of the damage it causes to themselves AND to their families.

Doing drugs is NOT a victimless crime. You hurt those around you, or you can't do your job properly, or you can't be a functioning member of society.
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#25 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
Correct; cocaine should be legal.

How is stealing a victimless crime? Crime requires a victim, not violence. In drug use, there is no victim.

You claimed that doing drugs hurts those around you, but you don't explain how. And nobody said anything about not doing your job properly; you inserted that, and without anything to back it up. There are millions of people who drink and don't let it affect their job, so why do you think there's a vast difference between those who drink and those who smoke marijuana on the weekends? Or who can use any drug responsibly?
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#28 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
Cocaine shouldn't be legal.
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#29 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
That's not an argument.
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#27 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
My sister does drugs a lot. She's recently started hitting acid.

It's killing my mother who thinks she's a horrible parent because her daughter wants to do drugs.

My brother was put in jail for it, another blow against the family.

I take it that you've never had first hand experience with people who do drugs, or have been influenced by what it can do.
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#30 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
The whole "you can't talk about it unless you've experienced it" thing isn't gonna fly. It's not an argument, but rather a way to shut down opposition.

Your brother used drugs, then was jailed for using drugs, which made your family unhappy. And this is a reason to keep drugs illegal? That's not logical.

You didn't explain how or why your sister or mother have been actually harmed, other than to say it makes your mother sad. If you came out as gay, and it made your mother sad because she thought she was a horrible parent, would that mean that homosexuality should be outlawed?

Is your sister functional? Is she able to have a life outside her drug use? Even if not, I have no doubt that most others are able. And if they're not, it's only because the illegal nature of drug use makes it hard for someone to keep a job because employers have legal incentive to test their employees and fire them if they do use drugs--which creates a huge problem in the lives of drug users. Also, the fact that a drug user must buy their substance from an outlaw, and must constantly live with the possibility of ending up in prison, doesn't help matters. Keeping drugs illegal only makes things worse.
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#31 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
I never said that you piece of shit.
Don't twist this argument into something else. I said that I take it you never had experience with dealing with it first hand, meaning you have very little experience on the subject.

"Drugs put your brother in jail and it made you guys unhappy. Why is it illegal?"
So, my brother also molested my little sister. It put him in jail. It made us unhappy. Why is that illegal? Moron.

Emotionally harmed. My mother cut herself because of all the pain and grief she felt. I had to help her bandage her wrists. Blood was everywhere.

I am gay. She did feel bad. She told me that as long as I'm happy, then she's happy for me. I just can't bring it around the house, or be open with it, because reasons. So, basically, she made homosexuality illegal in our home. I respect her wishes and follow the rules, because I don't want her to feel hurt. Though, that's just because she isn't comfortable around it. Which is weird, because she's got lesbian friends.. I dunno. maybe she's just not comfortable with the fact that I won't produce her grandchildren.

My sister is not very functional. She does not have a life outside of her drug use. She does drugs on her time off and she works in hotels cleaning them. Her friends all do drugs and she says she does it to 'lighten up'.

When my other brother was diagnosed with VERY heavy diabetes, my sister was out getting high on acid. When mom was crying and begging her to come see us, because she needed her to be there to help her, she told her, "Mom, you're giving me a bad trip." And hung up. So. Yeah.

If you want to do drugs; great. Leave the country. Do it where it's appreciated. I won't have my tax dollars going to pay for your welfare and disability. Fucking degenerate.
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#34 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
It's pretty deceitful to use quotation marks around a statement I never made, and then criticize the quote you invented.

Sounds like your brother went to jail for molestation, not for drug use. Also, calling me "piece of shit", "moron", or "fucking degenerate" aren't arguments.

Your mother cut herself because she probably wasn't mentally well, or at the most because your brother molested your sister, not because your brother used drugs, and not because drugs weren't illegal. I'm not understanding your issue with legalizing drugs, since your brother had ample access to them--which inevitably happens by outright outlawing things that people want. If you want these statements to be perceived as anything other than whining, or appeals to emotion, you've gotta tie them up into an argument at some point.

You didn't address my comparison to homosexuality. Earlier you implied that because your sibling used drugs and it made your mother feel bad, drugs should be illegal. But that logic doesn't hold up for other things, like you being gay. She didn't like it and it made her feel bad. She didn't want you engaging in gay sexual encounters in her home, and that was the end of it. My mother doesn't like alcohol, or for any of her children to drink. So I only do it at my home with friends. That doesn't mean alcohol should be illegal. And in the same way, simply using drugs shouldn't be illegal. But if I were driving drunk, or coming to my mom's house drunk, that would be different.

You end your statement with the claim that if I have a differing opinion than you, there's an imperative upon me to obey your wishes or to leave the country. This is incorrect, selfish, and not respecting anyone but yourself. Using your same logic again, I could demand that if you want to be gay then you shouldn't be allowed to act out on it, and should leave the country. I don't want my tax dollars paying for gay pride parades, AIDS treatment, or your old age care because you won't have kids. If I said these things, you wouldn't regard them as being worth taking seriously, but you apply this same logic to your feelings on drug use. It seems like you're not putting two and two together.
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#26 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
I believe that someone should be free to do whatever it is as long as they don't harm someone else, or themselves.

Then I'm totally fine with it.
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#20 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
sweet jesus no, i've seen a lot of families fucked up by heroin
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#23 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
I've seen bunches of people fucked up by alcohol or gambling. Doesn't mean they should be illegal. Grant people a little independent agency.
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#32 - scootabot (08/17/2016) [-]
That's the thing, not everybody is so 'responsible' like you are.
Believe it or not, people make bad decisions when high, which end up hurting other people.
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#33 - douthit (08/17/2016) [-]
Few, when compared to the many who you'd like to see locked up for the actions of the few.
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#21 - speacher (08/15/2016) [-]
is it because of overdose, or were they convicted and given a record which made it impossible for them to provide for themselves or anyone else leading to them to turn to other means of income which were unsatisfactory or illegal?
#16 - Zong (08/15/2016) [-]
>All of Human History

It's actually fairly rare to consummate marriage before puberty is at least mid swing. Even during the height of Islamic power child-to-elder marriages, while still allowed were usually delayed for a good while. What we have now is, and I'm hesitant to use the word, but a literal degeneracy of a once proud culture.

Europeans, especially peasantry, would marry within their own age groups and would normally wait until the husband's parents died before the marriage was consummated as making enough money to rent an extra plot of land from your lord was immensely difficult.

Chinese were into some weird stuff with creating the "Perfect" women by pseudo-torturing children to meet beauty standards, but even so they too would wait until the individual was able to properly give birth before the deed.

TLR: Modern day "Child marriages," in the extent of raping small children, are not traditional to human cultures, hell they weren't even during the height of Islam's power.

P.S. PROMISING your child to marry some old dude when they turned a certain age IS common.
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#17 - Zong (08/15/2016) [-]
*European nobility of course married well outside their age brackets for political maneuvering, less so cultural norms.
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#4 - lotengo (08/15/2016) [-]
oh no, girls are getting used as sexbrides or forced into marriage so their 30 year old husband can migrate to Europe due to family reunification.

And besides that,with a few exceptions people in Europe are getting married 18 or over for centuries now.

And evn besides that, just because people did it in the past, does not mean we should still be doing it now. Notice, for example that we are no longer burning witches. I think thats a good thing.
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#5 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Hooray you hate muslims, good for you. I certainly don't understand the Koran either. Seems like a bunch of hogwash.
#15 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
>Point about something

>"You hate muslims, good for you"

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#6 - lotengo (08/15/2016) [-]
>Hooray you hate muslims islam
fixed that 4u

But it doesn't matter to me if muslims, atheists or God Emperor Trump would marry a preteen, I think its revolting no matter who is involved.
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#7 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Plato would disagree in my opinion. Unless you want to lead the U.S. yourself. That's just narcissistic to an extent. That job SUCKS
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#8 - lotengo (08/15/2016) [-]
>Plato would disagree in my opinion.
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#9 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Have you read the republic?
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#10 - lotengo (08/15/2016) [-]
What would Plato disagree with in your opinion?
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#13 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
To those who are sincere, I am Sincere. To those who are not sincere, I am also Sincere. - Herman Hesse
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#14 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Translated from german by Hilda Rosner
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#12 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Shit, That's my disagreement with you. Not plato. now I'm narcissistic eh?
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#11 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
We just need a strong leader.
#1 - Yea **** your opinion and stuff. TLDR videos are too long…  [+] (2 replies) 08/15/2016 on Black Girl Hates Milwuakee... -2
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#4 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
sorry I'm back with more patience LETS DO THIS LEEERROOOOOY
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#5 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Phew 2:45 seconds not bad. Alright. Sounds like gangs yo. JEEEENNKIIINNNNSSSSSSSSSSS
#1 - Or you know... people remember **** cause we have a brain and stuff.  [+] (7 replies) 08/15/2016 on Xasiakowho Hifti Rudaditon -9
#2 - supremeowley (08/15/2016) [-]
Dude you gotta stop trying to commit genocide I've seen you kill like 10 jokes today.
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#3 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
I'm manically depressed. There is no stopping the pain train.
#8 - scozie (08/15/2016) [-]
In Britain, rain can restrain the pain train
#4 - supremeowley (08/15/2016) [-]
Doesn't mean you can run over everyone with the pain train.
#6 - charxlotte (08/15/2016) [-]
pain train stops for no one
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#11 - butterduck (08/16/2016) [-]
Well, if the soldier or demo equipped with the pain train die, than ye it stops.
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#5 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
#1 - i... yea I don't get this one  [+] (2 replies) 08/15/2016 on lost +1
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#2 - itsgnar (08/15/2016) [-]
Britney thought she meant "lost" as in "unable to find" when what she actually meant was aunt had passed away.
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#3 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
Thank I didn't want to feel the feel
#1 - Hahaha spanish people are dumb  [+] (6 replies) 08/15/2016 on can i get your number +45
#6 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
#10 - dudeski (08/16/2016) [-]
I think that'th only in THpain.
#13 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
#3 - itsgnar (08/15/2016) [-]
#27 - kapakapa (08/16/2016) [-]
#17 - myo (08/16/2016) [-]
#1 - Well. If he could appoint people he would. but he clearly ****…  [+] (3 replies) 08/15/2016 on The Obvious Truth +1
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#4 - donkadooballs (08/15/2016) [-]
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#8 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]
or munchausen's by proxy
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#7 - eggoman (08/15/2016) [-]