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#66 - *kilometers I'm pretty sure  [+] (1 new reply) 07/25/2014 on Great Britain is best Britain -3
User avatar #80 - obidomkenobi (07/25/2014) [-]
Nope, miles.
#4 - It's been a while since I've done any photo editing, I b… 07/23/2014 on Guardian Angel +2
#930 - **eeveefan rolls 980,195,316** 07/23/2014 on Highest roll gets pink for... +1
#241 - Picture 07/21/2014 on Skyrim and a shitty PC equal +6
#10 - Because they are marketing geniuses who have brainwashed milli…  [+] (12 new replies) 07/21/2014 on Child made gifts +72
#42 - imagebandetector (07/22/2014) [-]
I don't even own an iPad and I really dislike that image. Bill Gates wasn't even the first person that introduced the idea of tablets. The first commercially available touchscreen tablet PC was the GRiDPad in 1989, which was so successful that it was used in the US Army for a time, so I wouldn't say no one cared about the idea of tablets in prior.

Apple also had launched a tablet-based computer before Microsoft in 1993 called the Apple Newton, beginning development in 1987, so they didn't steal the idea from Gates like what people think. The Newton project did die however for most of the same reasons most of the other tablets generally failed at - offering a type of portability and performance that would make you want to use it over a standard laptop.

When the iPad was first announced, it had really mixed reviews, including the lot of people who mocked it, calling it a an iPhone for people with fat fingers, so it definitely wasn't as hyped as what the image is making it out to be. What made it so successful was that it was a tablet that finally had a friendly UI (albeit strict system customization compared to Android devices today), a good amount of speed, a much larger range of application support, low weight, high portability, and a modest price tag [at the time anyways, since earlier tablets (including Microsoft's Tablet PC) were easily over $1000].

I don't believe the Surface was a stolen idea like what people uneducated in the history of tablets think, they merely started bringing their development of tablets to life again after seeing the huge tablet market Apple made with the iPad.

Do I believe Apple is the best company ever? Hell no, but I do believe they at least deserve some credit for making an impact on the tablet and smartphone market to what it is today. I don't care if you dislike or joke about them (I like some of the original jokes), but at least don't make bullshit facts.

I'll be taking my red thumbs from the apple-hating bandwagon now.
User avatar #38 - kanaka (07/22/2014) [-]
plus, they make it goddamn impossible to work on their macs on your own accord. i hate when companies do that shit, dell is almost just as bad
User avatar #20 - peanutbraddle (07/22/2014) [-]
Bill Gate's Tablet PC was shit, tho
User avatar #23 - superblade (07/22/2014) [-]
It suck because it was like a beta

Technologic was too yougn at the time
User avatar #22 - erpi (07/22/2014) [-]
That's like saying the gameboy was shit.
#31 - imagebandetector (07/22/2014) [-]
How? The Tablet PC didn't sell well because it had too many problems that were unresolved like the high price, low performance, and little developer support for applications to name a few, while the Game Boy was the highest-selling handheld portable console on the market at its time with a reasonable price and high-quality games.
User avatar #50 - erpi (07/22/2014) [-]
Because it was new and needed lots of improvements before it could become what it is today.
A gameboy can't come near the performance of say a PSP or WiiU, but without the gameboy, there wouldn't be a PSP or WiiU in the first place.

Note the 8 years it took apple to get it right. They had 8 years worth of tech to make it better. If you know anything about Moore's law, then you"ll know that the apple tablet has proccessors with 512 times more transistors then the first windows tablet.
#54 - imagebandetector (07/22/2014) [-]
As I explained in comment 42, Gates wasn't revolutionizing anything with the Tablet PC, as he wasn't the first guy to come up with the tablet by a long shot. It wasn't good for its time, and newer models didn't fix its problems, which is why it wasn't popular.

The Game Boy made a leap forward in handheld gaming because while it wasn't the first handheld system with interchangeable cartridges, it had a low price, a huge battery life, and a wide selection of games (including Tetris pre-packaged with it). It did well for its time and created a huge market, which are the key differences between the Game Boy and the Tablet PC.
User avatar #30 - StewieGGriffin (07/22/2014) [-]
How is it the same? Bill's tablet wasn't as user friendly as the Apple iPad so it wasnt popular. The gameboy had fun games and was popular.
User avatar #51 - erpi (07/22/2014) [-]
See comment above
#14 - squidgy (07/21/2014) [-]
Plus the fact that 90% of decent apps are Apple-exclusive
#19 - blancka (07/21/2014) [-]
Far closer to being true to the android market due it it being far more open and less restrictive.

Iphones have good usability. They work well and smoothly, and are aesthetically great. They're still nowhere near worth what they cost.
#13 - ( ͡° ʖ ͡°)  [+] (2 new replies) 07/21/2014 on hand cock +234
User avatar #67 - tesarrior (07/21/2014) [-]
pls no copy pasterino
User avatar #36 - runescapewasgood (07/21/2014) [-]
ahh thats why its called lenny
#2117 - **eeveefan rolls 998,415,324** 07/21/2014 on Top 10 Things I like About FJ +3
#1752 - **eeveefan rolls 522,902,117** 07/18/2014 on Roll for Red 0
#4 - It took me a couple of loops to realize this gif wasn't … 07/16/2014 on forbidden justsu 0
#11 - When I saw this guy in the thumbnail I thought it would be abo… 07/15/2014 on Burt Wondercop *explosion* +3
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