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    You thought she was legal You thought she was legal
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    Fresh /k/ringe Fresh /k/ringe
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    Re: Underbarrel mac-10 Re: Underbarrel mac-10
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    Hmmm, yes. Hmmm, yes.
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    I have nothing to say I have nothing to say
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    Japan...why? Japan...why?
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#102 - Yeah, I understand. It makes sense, even. It wouldn't real… 6 hours ago on Hate 0
#26 - Well, I haven't been edgy in a while and it's almost 1 AM, so …  [+] (3 new replies) 12 hours ago on Hate +3
#96 - nigeltheoutlaw (7 hours ago) [-]
It seems like you have a veeery skewed understanding of how the military works. The military of any country, but especially the West, doesn't do good or kill "the bad guys". It kills who the government tells them to in order to profit the country and maintain the status quo. The military doesn't help people in the way that you think, it just helps maintain the nation's/leader's interests and exists in the worst case scenario that they have to put down domestic dissent. You should really read some more on history and the purpose and uses of militaries before signing up, because it is nothing like you think it is. At all. Helping people isn't naive in my opinion and is a very worthy and noble goal no matter how you go about it, but your approach in terms of the military is ignorant as all shit.
#102 - edgecutter (6 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, I understand. It makes sense, even.
It wouldn't really make sense otherwise.
Though helping other countries out is an ideal which we should strive for, in my opinion.

Signing up for officer and doing university level studies allows for many possibilities, however.
If you're an officer, attaining the rank of commander is literally just a matter of time.
After that, you have to pass exams to get a promotion. This allows for you to obviously get more influence over the military, the higher up you go.
I could just study for officer, then join the most elite units my physical and mental limitations allow me. So I can gather as much experience as I can for 10 years, as that is the required minimum service time if you've studied for officer. I can after that leave for whatever organization is "in" at the time to help other people. (I remember there being a volunteer batallion in the Middle East who are there specifically to fight ISIS and protect the Kurds, don't remember details however)

Unless I'll be ready in time for the pending civil war in my homecountry (which is even a big question of whether I should join in or not), I don't see a whole lot else that I can do in the military route, admittedly.
But the skills and experience you get from being in the military strikes me as incredibly important, even if the politicians don't use them properly.
User avatar #38 - zezenzerg (11 hours ago) [-]
Im in a similar boat as you although I have taken a different approach. In short, I want to make robots. They are useful in almost every aspect of our modern world. The fear of robot overlords is widespread and sorta justified. that's why I want to be in it so we wont get that far. Shying away from making AI and advanced mechatronics will just delay the inevitable. You can't stop progress no matter what so the best I can do is steer it in the right direction.

Humanity has potential. I hope we don't waste it
#200 - I wasn't even considering Bloodborne as a possible purchase. …  [+] (1 new reply) 13 hours ago on Bloodborne Comp +1
User avatar #220 - youwillnevermeetme (7 hours ago) [-]
Skills and tactics.
#65 - I'm on my way of being in the same **** . I know tha…  [+] (1 new reply) 14 hours ago on Feels comp 0
User avatar #102 - duskmane (12 hours ago) [-]
Well, you've got people you care about who care about you. So that's a starting point. And when they're gone, you just... keep living the way you think they'd be proud of.

If it's a family that always treated you like shit and as such, wasn't really ever a family: fuck'em, you're free, party hard and live your own legend.

But either way: Remember who you were, and where you started.
#408 - "You're a fagot" I'm a wire-guided anti tan… 18 hours ago on Le Black Twitter XD 0
#91 - /k/ on the new naming of armoured vehicles. 18 hours ago on /k/ tries mspaint +1
#9 - **edgecutter used "*roll 1, 0-99999*"** **edgecutter rolls … 19 hours ago on My top 15 PC games (#2/#3) 0
#8 - Comment deleted 19 hours ago on My top 15 PC games (#2/#3) 0
#68 - Picture 19 hours ago on Pro as heck guide to FrontPage +20
#4 - So... Sauce? 20 hours ago on MFW it's Finals Week 0

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I'll be waiting...
Oh, I'll be waiting.
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**** you
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