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User avatar #134 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
Hey how's it going ediovjzdcvpsdfvlsdfb?

Really hope you stay man.

Hit me back.
User avatar #135 to #138 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
its pronounced ed-freashhhhhh xD and the x is alone xD
and idk still deciding
User avatar #136 to #139 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
I really hope that my support means something edoiadsbgpsodiufbgsdonbv,

It would be like an empty chair at the FJ dinner table if you left...

Your buddy,
Flash (short for FlashCache)

User avatar #138 to #140 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
haha thanks :D xD
User avatar #140 to #142 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
You're welcome vndfosavnfpebtubisvofubvspoinfvdfsurt... and so on, and so on...

Your dearest friend,
User avatar #141 to #144 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
haha anyways what you up too
User avatar #142 to #145 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
I made an Oprah comp about how retarded her fans are... You think it's a good premis?
User avatar #143 to #146 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
umm i have no clue o.o
User avatar #144 to #147 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
Well it's good that said that, because it takes a very dark turn... Into the world of mind control and well... I don't wanna give it all away. It takes an objective mind to appreciate but it's pretty heavy.

A shame you might not be around to see it.
User avatar #145 to #148 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
idk probably will :P
User avatar #146 to #149 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
I'm not a conventional thinker Berry Manilow, that's why I don't post a lot of OC with what I really think.

I have an open mind.
User avatar #147 to #150 - edfureshhx
(03/02/2011) [-]
open mind is good :D sometimes not very much xD
User avatar #148 to #151 - flashcache
(03/02/2011) [-]
Do you just believe everything you hear? Or do you Listen and to what's out there and make your own mind?