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#38 - Just curious, are you a woman who got a sex change into a guy?…  [+] (12 replies) 10/11/2015 on tales from a gay bar 14 +1
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#67 - evilanakie (10/12/2015) [-]
you cant just get a sex change
its a long process
but i was born with female bits
#73 - mokirak (10/12/2015) [-]
so... you used to be a girl, who likes guys, call me cis but that sounds a lot like a straight girl to me. how does that make you gay?
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#75 - evilanakie (10/12/2015) [-]
call you cis? what that just means youre normal
if you look like a dude and fuck someone in the ass thats pretty gay IMO
#80 - mokirak (10/12/2015) [-]
well i cant argue with that, but do you have a schlong or do you just have a very convincing strap on?
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#81 - evilanakie (10/12/2015) [-]
its a prosthetic
seeing the dong surgery is disgusting
a)one that works is avalable
b)i can afford it
ill stick with my current dong
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#87 - thetoxicketchup (10/13/2015) [-]
Yeah, the standard for FtM bottom surgery isn't exactly the greatest. Having half the skin on your arm ripped off to make a prosthetic penis doesn't exactly sound fun.

But medically, we're almost to that point where we can "print" entire functional organs, so the real thing probably isn't too far away.
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#88 - evilanakie (10/13/2015) [-]
there is a new surgery being trialed where the have a flexible rod screwed in the hip
because current surgery you can get hard or piss upright pick one
the new one will let you do both
#82 - mokirak (10/12/2015) [-]
so can you walk me through the process of convincing someone to stick a fake dong in their ass, also does it feel good for you? im oddly curious about this, i hope youre not offended at me asking.
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#83 - evilanakie (10/12/2015) [-]
im not offended, i host T talks all the time
so how it works is if you want to "stealth" fuck them use a colored condom, all dongs look the same with condoms on so :/ also when you mostly have cheeky out the back sex having your undies still on is common
there are little bumps on the inside of the prosthetic that line up with my little donger
well for a "clit" its rather large at 1.4 inches and im not even on hormones yet
#84 - mokirak (10/12/2015) [-]
you know what, im gonna end it here before i start asking very rude questions. thank you for answering my silly questions.
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#85 - evilanakie (10/12/2015) [-]
no no its fine really
seriously im a public speaker about my transition
#74 - anon (10/12/2015) [-]
but i suppose evilanakie isn't ok with those bits. and like to have some dude on dude action.
#46 - How come it was soul destroying? i wish the ending h…  [+] (1 reply) 10/10/2015 on Qualities 0
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#76 - Sterski (10/11/2015) [-]
Well okay only parts of it were. Like damn, you feel really damn bad for some of those people.
#71 - Try going in for a kiss when you're sitting down? you still wo…  [+] (1 reply) 10/06/2015 on 2spooky4me 0
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#130 - twentyseconds (10/06/2015) [-]
Thats mainly what i am considering, because sitting down pretty much every one is the same size.