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#1 - The squeaky shoes!  [+] (3 replies) 10/12/2016 on I love this movie with a... +9
#21 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Eenie meenie minnie moe/ I wonder where my fist will go?!
User avatar
#23 - doblade (10/12/2016) [-]
Sounds like that start to a gay porno.
#30 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
#9 - so its a new-age theremin?  [+] (1 reply) 10/12/2016 on crazy music lady +4
#12 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
#10 - Do you want a new Hitler? because this is how you get a new Hitler.  [+] (19 replies) 10/12/2016 on more cultural enrichment +235
User avatar
#118 - frutus (10/12/2016) [-]
...you just asked FJ if they want another Hitler, you realize that right?
#100 - putincanmeltcrimea (10/12/2016) [-]
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#99 - hexadecimated (10/12/2016) [-]
#66 - slickey (10/12/2016) [-]
I'm austrian and I'm ready to lead history into a new age of peace and glory
User avatar
#64 - wursttorte (10/12/2016) [-]
Hitler was from austria though.
And we never want something like that as a Führer.
I mean an austrian.
#177 - lalajlalaj (10/12/2016) [-]
how many Austrians does it take to make all of Germany his bitches? 1
User avatar
#21 - elduroto (10/12/2016) [-]
Pretty sure a lot of people would support this KNOWING what will happen
#15 - sniperdawg (10/12/2016) [-]
I wouldn't mind a Fourth Reich sweeping Germany of all the shitskins, it would definitely be an improvement over whats happening right now.
#111 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
They also killed their own people. Don't forget that.
#70 - jasohazard (10/12/2016) [-]
Maybe this time make it to America
User avatar
#37 - commontroll (10/12/2016) [-]
Why not a new Holy Roman Empire, or a Teutonic Dominion?
#103 - krygas (10/12/2016) [-]
>Dominioning anything
#155 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Uh, the Teutonic Knight's conquered enough land to become an independent state at one point, all while stomping Pagan ass up and down the Baltic. They only started losing after they declined from other causes, and even then they typically had vastly favorable casualty ratios in actual battles. Remind me again, how many pagans now live in Europe? Like 3 12-year-old Scandinavian nationalists and a Greek?
#159 - krygas (10/12/2016) [-]
Yes, I know basic history too.

Did my memes rustle your feels that much?
#52 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Are you implying the 4th reich wont be the mix of those two?
User avatar
#195 - commontroll (10/12/2016) [-]
Well, usually when people hear Reich, they think of the Nazis, which have a lot of occult and pagan influences, especially with the cult in charge of them. So I imagine the Teutons and HRE wouldn't agree with that.
User avatar
#80 - davidavidson (10/12/2016) [-]
User avatar
#13 - Toximan (10/12/2016) [-]
Finger's crossed tbh fam
#12 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Kinda yeah.
#42 - this monologue has good substance but the delivery could have …  [+] (1 reply) 10/09/2016 on HILLARY CLINTON'S WAR ON WOMEN +1
User avatar
#43 - MuahahaOfLore (10/09/2016) [-]
you mean you would like to see more plot.
#26 - it's funny you say it like that... anyone could relapse.  [+] (20 replies) 09/30/2016 on World of Warcraft +3
User avatar
#40 - halor (10/01/2016) [-]
i relapsed this summer after 5 years mostly sober (i got a free week every so often) since i had nothing to do, Warlords wasn't too terrible and i did get to complete a raid for the first time ever...the Garrison feature kind of sucked though
#34 - cactaur (09/30/2016) [-]
After warlord? Unlikely
User avatar
#36 - alphagex (10/01/2016) [-]
i dare you to try legion for a month and tell me is shit as much fun legion is..is best not to play wow more control in your life that way
User avatar
#41 - cactaur (10/01/2016) [-]
I'm sure it's great but I'll be damned if WOW get another penny from me after that atrocious filler of an expansion. Blizzard is just gonna have to figure out another way to get my cash.
User avatar
#43 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
don't knock it off before you try it..is pretty good you feel more immersive don't be like the common sheeple on the bandwagon not a fanboy hated wod but legion is MUCH differant
#44 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
I think you misunderstand what I said. I know Legion is good. But the problem stands that Warlords isn't. I wanted warlords to be great. Considering I never gotten into WoW until WOTLK so I never gotten to truly experience the feeling of the BC expansion, I WANTED this to be the Burning Crusades 2.0.

And during the leveling zones, it kinda felt like I was going to get it. It involved my favorite race, the Draenei, and my favorite places, Outlands (aka draenor) . But once it hit end game, it was obvious they had nothing for this expansion. If you were not a raider. You had NOTHING to do. The only incentive to be subscribed to WOW during that time was just to simply farm gold and buy free monthly subscriptions. That's not fun at all. And it even goes beyond that.

I really wanted the Dark Temple to be the alliance base but we ended up getting a dinky island in the middle of no where. I really wanted to liberate Shattrath city but the devs decided it would be a MUCH better idea to let our followers do that. I really wanted to go to Faralon but was told it was too dangerous to go and had to send my ships instead of myself.

And why did all of this happen? Because developers really wanted to achieve their Yearly expansion dream so badly they were willing to make WOD synonyms to mediocre. And the hilarious part about this? They decided, after they ruined this expansion, that they will no longer attempt to try yearly expansions anymore.

Let me be clear about this. I don't think Legion is in any way mediocre at all. I believe 100% that Blizzard learned from their mistakes and did a lot to make up for their mistakes for Warlords. But I am WAY too bitter to just simply makes amends and play the next expansion. I wish WOW the best but it burned me too much for me to come back.
User avatar
#45 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
Let me tell you some truth...I'm an old dog from BC..and BC wasn't that great sure the zone was nice but memorie i hold from that era was things were hard for no reason....i had to grind 40 marks of 4 bgs..and av we lost each time

Also when i first saw wod trailer on the comments i said ''LOL looks like blizzard is running out of ideas scarping the bottom of the barrel'' and i got so much shit for it... i was few people who knew about it

good came from wod wow token and easy money..you do realize you can buy wow token and not use it right? keep in your bags and when time comes you can activate it

i got 1 year worth of wod token atm

Legion is much better than BC you said you played at woltk? be happy that was the golden age of wow legion has lore immersion

Ironically i only came back for dh..but i feel in love with legion content.. i know is hard but shed the saltyness you won't regret it

also this question you saw it coming and is obvious but source please for that pic
#46 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
I'll take your word that BC wasn't as great as it sounds but I feel my point still stands. There were areas and places I wanted to go to that were cut and I'm bitter about it. Warlords was just too bad of an expansion. I got burned. I feel the only way I'll even play this expansion is if they give me the expansion for free to make up for the last one.

And yes, I'm aware you don't have to cash in those tokens but I kinda stopped playing a bit after 6.2 dropped so didn't farm any gold or tokens. I honestly don't know what this has to do with my argument, really.

I'm just going to stick with Diablo 3 for now. It's the only game I have any investment in at this point.
User avatar
#48 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
also checked your tumblr i saw your work long ago love it first time i actually talk to a hentai artist lol
#50 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
No-no, not an artist. I'm a commissioner. The guy who coughs up the dough for said art to be made. But I'll take the praise all the same.
User avatar
#47 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
atm getting gold is ez you pick herb and min sell mats and voila or you do class order hall,game is basically free now

you jk? when 1 post nice pronz peeps ask for source
#49 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
Probably but I'm not willing to cough up another $50 for a blizzard expansion. Like I said, I fell they should waiver that fee, considers what bad the last one was. Probably also the few times I paid the sub.

Also, didn't you see the bottom of the link? Kinda confused by your spoiler.
User avatar
#51 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
wait i tought your spoiler was about why i asked for porn what was it the issue when you said what this gotta do with anything?
User avatar
#52 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
That was connected to the tokens. I don't know why I put it in a spoiler either. Unless you stuck with warlords and raked in a year's worth of tokens from them, I don't see how the token itself is a big enough plus worth mentioning.

Just my 2 cents.
User avatar
#53 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
it is litteraly the only good thing i cand find that came from wod had 2 or 3 max level did garrison gold mission with followers with treasure hunting trait very ez and i had left over money to buy 3 mounts in ah game was shitting free gold
User avatar
#54 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
both sad and funny that the only positive thing from WOD is a feature that makes it so you don't have to continue paying. At least that feature spills over to the Legion expansion.
Like I said, I thought WOD leveling experience was phenomenal. I loved Yrel even if she was a bit of a Mary Sue. Kinda wish they gave her a bit of a xenophobic slant that she had to overcome but it is what it is.
User avatar
#55 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
Blizzard talks patch 61 watch this it cheer you up is about wod parody

this is about legion parody HOW GOOD IS WOW LEGION this guy nails how it is to play in legion..but asmongold explain it;...plus every mmorpg is grindy so ye

i'm sorry you can't past see wod, yes it was more worse than my internet history..but legion is pretty swell give it a try trust me you won't regret it
#56 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
Thanks for trying though but I'm just going to stick with Diablo for the time being. Crossing fingers for a major patch this blizzcon.
User avatar
#57 - alphagex (10/04/2016) [-]
speaking if devil 3. in italian ..is it any good? i'm planing to buy it wonder if is any good like diablo 1 ,2 play those beat them was amazing...also if i pick a hero can i switch between them i remember seeing it?
#58 - cactaur (10/04/2016) [-]
Sadly, Diablo 3 takes a turn away from the general ARPG set up by the previous Diablo titles. If you ever played Gauntlet: the Dark Legacy. It's kind of like that but more monsters to smash.

It has a really arcady feel than other RPG games. Even leveling feels pointless and a waste of time. What really matters is the max level and hunting for gear. Diablo 3 really feels like a couch co-op game to play and have fun with friends. End game is fun but you can burn yourself out after about 3 or so weeks straight. I usually take a break here and there so that won't happen.

If you're looking for a spiritual sequal to Diablo 1,2 then I would suggest Path of Exile or Grim Dawn. I'd highly suggest Grim Dawn. Story is boring AF but the gameplay makes up for it. Just watch out for the end game. It can drop pretty quick once you've beaten it. Can't really say much about POE. I just don't like how they tie their abilities to gems.

But if you're open to something different from what Diablo has done before and a new take on hack&slash gameplay then I would suggest D3.