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#116 - thank you 03/04/2014 on Daleks Vs. Cybermen 0
#124 - this is me on any bus much thumb 03/03/2014 on Adventures from the bus 0
#57 - *roll image* yeah that is true but intelligence is something t…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/03/2014 on Daleks Vs. Cybermen -1
User avatar #90 - chimpaflimp (03/03/2014) [-]
It's picture, not image, mate.
User avatar #116 - disturbeddude (03/04/2014) [-]
thank you
#1 - daleks are really stupid  [+] (7 new replies) 03/02/2014 on Daleks Vs. Cybermen +16
#6 - YourName (03/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #91 - chimpaflimp (03/03/2014) [-]
I like how the lights on its head just sort of ping off when it hits the edge.
#5 - typeonegative (03/03/2014) [-]
Daleks are too smat
User avatar #4 - tumblrball (03/03/2014) [-]
well then again, they do have a toilet plunger that manipulates the mind and an electric whisk that fucks shit up
User avatar #57 - disturbeddude (03/03/2014) [-]
*roll image* yeah that is true but intelligence is something they forgot to install
User avatar #90 - chimpaflimp (03/03/2014) [-]
It's picture, not image, mate.
User avatar #116 - disturbeddude (03/04/2014) [-]
thank you
#4 - probably something along the lines of deathnote detective L 03/02/2014 on Tramp-Stamp Butterfly 0
#2 - thumb for amusing sonic pic 03/02/2014 on its ok bandaids heal... +1
#6 - so much love for that movie, I was excited as soon as I saw th… 03/02/2014 on How most of my CS:GO... 0
#4 - this is from... ? 03/02/2014 on I Spy 0
#1 - my life, in a sentence. 03/01/2014 on wandering -1
#67 - nobody ever asks america to jump into all the major problems a…  [+] (17 new replies) 03/01/2014 on This applies to Canadians too 0
User avatar #84 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
France asked us to get involved in Syria and Vietnam. Everyone begged us to get involved in WW1 and WW2. The UN and Kuwait whined to get us involved in the Gulf War. The Afghanistan war was a direct attack on us. The South Koreans whined to have us help them in the Korean war. The only war the US has ever started was the Iraq War.

Boy you are an idiot.
User avatar #89 - mrmuffanz (03/01/2014) [-]
The U.S actually got involved with Vietnam to stop the spread of communism, and if anyone asked it would have been south Vietnam, not France.
User avatar #96 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
No it was France. They wanted their colony back. They were just forced out.
User avatar #101 - monswine (03/01/2014) [-]
nono, France refused to get involved because they didn't want anything to do with that colony anymore. They pulled out of there faster than the Belgians from Rwanda.
User avatar #110 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
#126 - monswine (03/01/2014) [-]
I have been misinformed
User avatar #127 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
As usual. Just try to name a more peaceful superpower since the beginning of time. Mongols, Rome, USSR, Britian, France, Spain. None of them were even half as peaceful as the US.
User avatar #208 - monswine (03/01/2014) [-]
ahaha, the USA is surrounded on 4 sides by Ocean, and it's two land-borders are with Canada, the most inoffensive country in history, and Mexico who is not up to the task of posing a territorial threat. The United States of America has been at War almost constantly since its inception.
Spain: 40 wars since 1776.
Soviet Union : 15 wars.
France : 43 since 1823. But if you want I can include Napoleon and the colonial conflicts to bring it up to 127 since 1776
Britain: 110 since 1776 and a massive chunk of those are tribal conflicts in Africa, Canada, and India.
Mongol Empire: 41. 57 if we're being generous.
Rome: 77 and a good many are civil wars.
USA: 113 since 1776 and yes almost half are against the Native Americans.

The United States is not a particularly peaceful nation nor is it the most belligerent.
User avatar #226 - damping (03/02/2014) [-]
Native American fights were not wars. Maybe you should look up what qualifies as a war. Unless people killing each other out west also counts as wars.
User avatar #231 - monswine (03/02/2014) [-]
I had to include them because I counted all of GB's central African conflicts. And for France I included all of the "wars" that were part of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. The US was victorious against the various nations and coalitions made up of the Amerindian tribes. They all definitely fit the definition of "a contest carried on by force of arms" They have names ending in "War" so why not count them? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_River_War
User avatar #150 - konradkurze (03/01/2014) [-]
the ussr was more peaceful than usa, it didnt invade countries on the other side of the world

more harsh back home, yes, but more peaceful internationally
User avatar #152 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
They invaded land with the intent of keeping it. The invaded all of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. That would be like if the US would invade and keep Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. That would be called super imperialistic which the USSR was.
User avatar #156 - konradkurze (03/01/2014) [-]
so pushing the nazis out and occupying to rebuild is a bad thing?

you'd think just rolling through to push the nazis out and leave the people with a double attacked homeland and no protection or resources would be a dick move

the other countries russia was in, opted into the ussr and russia just set up shop in them

that would be like if canada decided to drop the borders and americans then moved en masse in there and made canadians speak english with american accents
User avatar #164 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
Hungary and Poland wanted nothing to do with the USSR.

The US rebuilt countries without taking them over. It wasn't very hard.
User avatar #170 - konradkurze (03/01/2014) [-]
and look, theres STILL US forces garrisoned in europe to keep them in check

poland was dead poor on its own, at least under the USSR they were held up as another piece of the whole

crazy how poles are not too proud to work on less than minimum wage in farms and cleaning toilets but are too proud to let others help them
User avatar #181 - damping (03/01/2014) [-]
USSR would still be in Eastern Europe if they didn't collapse.
User avatar #185 - konradkurze (03/01/2014) [-]
well usa is still occupying a ton of places, and telling them how to operate

if theres still american troops in japan and europe since WW2, god help us how long americans will be in the middle east
#235 - this amused me 02/27/2014 on do it..would you 0
#129 - **disturbeddude rolls 321,046,187** 02/27/2014 on It's fucking over 0
#214 - yup as long as I can bring a hammer  [+] (2 new replies) 02/27/2014 on do it..would you 0
#233 - anonexplains (02/27/2014) [-]
And my axe!
User avatar #235 - disturbeddude (02/27/2014) [-]
this amused me
#16 - ... moo? 02/22/2014 on Lolnopefuckthatshit 0
#2 - I am concerned about the planet we live on 02/22/2014 on Drunk teen... 0
#295 - so I'm smacking them with a mentally disturbed guy? 02/22/2014 on How fucked are you? 0
#149 - Chris from resi 6 gaaaaay 02/22/2014 on that time again 0
#11 - this is true unless you have an amazing sniper with squadsight 02/22/2014 on Xcom Enemy Unkown Gameplay +2
#953 - getting real tired of your ******* book 02/19/2014 on Bill Nye the Logical Guy 0
#7 - more or less exactly what I was gonna say 02/17/2014 on Nacho Hawlucha 0
#76 - I am very much interested in this I've been looking form somet… 02/17/2014 on This could be a thing. 0
#3 - "I'm sorry, did you just say I'm a ******* c… 02/16/2014 on Shocker 0
#4 - I would simply say "I cannot work under these conditions&… 02/16/2014 on well sh*t +7
#5 - *screams internally* 02/16/2014 on Son of a bitch.... 0
#15 - hey where did you go? lotengo? LOTENGOOOOOOO!?!? 02/16/2014 on i guess i am +2


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#45 - matrixone (08/27/2013) [-]
Then let's talk. How is your day?
User avatar #46 to #45 - disturbeddude (08/27/2013) [-]
It's cool minus the cat going to vets n stuff how's your day??
#47 to #46 - matrixone (08/27/2013) [-]
Whoa there, one questionmark is enough.

I'm doing great, just got back from a walk, watched some anime and will soon be taking a nap. I hope your cat will be well, cats are awesome animals.
User avatar #49 to #47 - disturbeddude (08/27/2013) [-]
And that's cool I've been watching some anime recently which I haven't been able to do in about three years
User avatar #48 to #47 - disturbeddude (08/27/2013) [-]
Sorry for the overuse of question marks and she'll be fine it's noting serious and yes they are we have four of them
#50 to #48 - matrixone (08/27/2013) [-]
I wish I had a cat.

Anime is a cool way of spending time if you have nothing important to do.

Either way, thanks for the conversation, I'll be napping now.

Have a nice day.
User avatar #51 to #50 - disturbeddude (08/27/2013) [-]
Ah okay have a good nap
User avatar #18 to #14 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
I've had nightmares similar to this which creeps me out, also that would be an epic part of a movie
User avatar #17 to #13 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
****** love it XD scared the living **** outta me though
#30 to #6 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
wont let me reply to ur latest one
User avatar #31 to #30 - TheCrackFox (07/28/2011) [-]
Ah, we hit the limit. CURSES.
User avatar #32 to #31 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
indeed I vote new thread XD
User avatar #33 to #32 - TheCrackFox (07/28/2011) [-]
User avatar #34 to #33 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
wait.... could it be ..... this is a new thread.... or strand >_>
User avatar #35 to #34 - TheCrackFox (07/28/2011) [-]
#36 to #35 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
I am baking you a cookie from friendness
I am baking you a cookie from friendness
#37 to #36 - TheCrackFox (07/28/2011) [-]
#38 to #37 - disturbeddude (07/28/2011) [-]
here are cookie ^^
#1 - TheCrackFox (06/25/2011) [-]
<--- Because I took your comment virginity.
#2 to #1 - disturbeddude (06/25/2011) [-]
epic sauce
epic sauce
#3 to #2 - TheCrackFox (06/25/2011) [-]
>mfw you replied
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