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User avatar #1 - ebonywyvern
(12/23/2012) [-]
Dubs is short for Doubles.

When people roll, they roll a number. The amount of digits in that number is decided like this:
When you want to roll, type *roll X* The X stand for how many digits you want in the number you roll. Like, if you wanted a number with 3 digits, you'd type *roll 3* If you wanted to roll 9 digits, you'd type *roll 9*

The highest amount of digits you can roll is 9

Now, whenever you roll a number that has any consecutive doubles--like 55 or 6,673--It is called "dubs". Since it is so rare, people get credit for actually rolling dubs. Just like dubs, you can also get trips (triples: 3 consecutive, 555), quads (Quadruples: 4 consecutive, 5,555), and so on. The higher the number of consecutive matching numbers, the more rare it is; it is harder to get quads than dubs.

If you want to roll, make sure the roll is the first thing in the comment, or else it won't work.

Any questions?
User avatar #2 to #1 - ebonywyvern
(12/23/2012) [-]
Oh, and I forgot to mention.

The number rolled is a completely random set of numbers. The specific number you roll is rolled by chance. The only thing you control is how many digits the random number will have.

That is why it is so "exciting" whenever someone rolls either a number they predicted they'd roll, or of course something like dubs.

Don't roll too much though. Random rolls will get you killed here.