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#87 - MMORPG may be dying a little, but i think that Virtual Reality…  [+] (1 reply) 01/11/2016 on What WoW looked like 17... 0
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#95 - reaperriley (01/11/2016) [-]
I think MMORPGs with the mechanics as we know it are dead. We need innovation. The reason why WoW became the monster it became, is because it was innovative and introduce the "theme park" style of MMOs we know.

For the MMORPG genre to come back, we need to see a company produce a game that gets rid of alot of these elements. Every single MMORPG that has came out has tried to either be like WoW, take a single element of what WoW did well and produce based on that, or be half like WoW and half like what the vision would be. Until someone completely steps out, the MMORPG genre will continue to die.

The only reason WoW is so clunky, is because 10 years ago it needed to be due to internet speeds, now internet speeds are becoming faster than ever and we need a game that capitalizes on that.
#38 - Koro-Sensei as a student?  [+] (1 reply) 01/24/2015 on Well? did i got an A+? 0
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#43 - thisxshitxisxhard (01/24/2015) [-]
this anime is looking awesome so far
#531 - **dimis used "*roll DD Class*"** **dimis rolls Druid (Drd)**  [+] (1 reply) 01/13/2015 on Death plays FJ D&D 0
#535 - dimis (01/13/2015) [-]
"**dimis used "*roll 6, 1-10*"**
**dimis rolls 01**
**dimis rolls 04**
**dimis rolls 10**
**dimis rolls 07**
**dimis rolls 04**
**dimis rolls 04**"**
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