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Words go here, but I don't have time for that shit.

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User avatar #202 - raamageddon (09/06/2014) [-]
It's against their religion to accept a blood transfusion. There's essentially a phrase in the Bible that says that shed blood is to return to the Earth, it belongs to God at that point and no one else. Blood is the currency of life, perhaps the vessel for the Soul. Essentially by accepting a blood transfusion, you are accepting someone else's life essence into you, diluting your spirit and theirs, and denying God what's rightfully his.

Am I saying I necessarily agree with that, or that you should? Nah. But if you're religious, there is a logic behind it. They have it specifically on their driver's licenses and everything, basically says if they need an organ transplant or blood transfusion, they reject it.

The doctor might've saved her life, but he also completely disregarded a very important spiritual belief of someone. It would be on-par with, if not worse than, force-feeding a Muslim or Hindu who was starving to eat pork or beef, or that religion that refuses medicine (Scientology?) to take a fuckload of drugs. Very distasteful, very wrong. Even if you don't agree with someone else's beliefs, respecting them and not outright violating them by forcing them to do something so out of line with their religion is still important.

#205 - anonymous (09/06/2014) [-]
I don't know, though. Beliefs of all sorts are inherently flawed, be it Theist or Atheist. However, Modern Medicine has proven to be effective, and treatments for diseases and injuries are shown to work a majority of the time.

On one hand, I say let them die if that is their wish. After all, it's not my life, how am I to tell them what to do.

On the other, if a Doctor does something to save a person's life, or in turn, end a persons suffering at their request, and they are successful in the act, the practitioner shouldn't be punished. It doesn't matter what the persons beliefs are, because someone with a great deal of knowledge on the subject knew what they were doing.
User avatar #209 - raamageddon (09/06/2014) [-]
Not sure if you're anoning to avoid red thumbs or anything, but you won't be getting any hate from me, rest assured.

The trouble of it is, I agree with you in that all beliefs have troubles to them, but they are as they are. And as you said, if they want to die, let them. And I agree with you that a doctor who puts someone's suffering to an end at their request should not be punished. But that's what the content says is that the Jehovah's Witness in question specifically signed something telling them not to perform the operation, meaning they would have rather the doctor just let them die.

That's really just the big key here. If the doctor had no knowledge of this person's preference, it would have been a completely illogical thing. But she signed something to tell them not to and the doctor did it anyway, and generally, they always have some kind of thing on their driver's license to tell them not to do anything like that in the event they're incapacitated and incapable of informing them of these kinds of decisions.

The medical professional did his job to save their life, but in turn, completely disregarded their expressed desire to not be operated on. That's the catch.
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