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#30 - His phone's in the sock, swinging around and collecting steps  [+] (6 new replies) 07/13/2016 on Dat egg hatch +2
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#40 - therealninjaboy (07/13/2016) [-]
I thought the game used your gps location to determine how far you've walked
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#32 - sirkanesixtytwo (07/13/2016) [-]
I'm doing this
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#43 - jacodpwns (07/13/2016) [-]
did it work?
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#48 - sirkanesixtytwo (07/13/2016) [-]
My phone is shit and it didn't track well. I'm sure if you had a better phone it would.
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#50 - alexandervascus (07/13/2016) [-]
The app uses both GPS tracking and internal pedometer to track distance traveled. You legitimately have to actually move considerable distances for it to be tracked. It also has a harness of speed, so you can't drive your car around on highways and shit and get distance traveled. Has to be walking or at best bike speed.

TL;DR You have to go out and exercise or drive REALLY slow
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#58 - sirkanesixtytwo (07/13/2016) [-]
#42 - You can reuse missed Pokeballs? This is literally the best thi… 07/13/2016 on insanity +10
#23 - Fixed 07/12/2016 on 68 +119
#46 - Picture 07/12/2016 on 4Chan Today +60
#17 - Picture 07/12/2016 on Cheater +12
#34 - You asked for it 07/12/2016 on Super dash +1
#3 - So you can test the product ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 07/11/2016 on I caught crabs in a sex... 0
#25 - It's already reached its goal  [+] (10 new replies) 07/11/2016 on Lives Matter +26
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#40 - fables (07/11/2016) [-]
and it will be rejected
good job dumbfucks
#57 - anon (07/12/2016) [-]
They still have to issue a statement, so they can't completely ignore it.
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#41 - unladenswallow (07/11/2016) [-]
It'll be rejected, but this will require the President to address the issue publicly and try to give some justification that makes sense (if possible) for said rejection. Sorta like the petition that demands the White House order that Hillary be prosecuted over the email thing. That one got like 150k signatures in less than a day. Again, Obama will be forced to publicly address it and try to explain away why he's rejecting it. It's a trap that he must step into, in which he proves he's as corrupt as everyone says he is.
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#68 - fables (07/12/2016) [-]
obama could cure cancer and you cunts would find something to criticize about it
#95 - needhansolo (07/12/2016) [-]
No, cause he literally would have cured cancer.
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#99 - fables (07/12/2016) [-]
he was given shit for playing golf at a golf course where a girl's wedding was
and the girl had sent an invitation to him- you know very fucking well he did not read the letter-
he ended up playing golf at said course, and the wedding was moved to a BETTER location, same place. she was happy. but everyone flipped out and said he did it on purpose to spite her.

he can do NOTHING right
#102 - needhansolo (07/12/2016) [-]
Did FJ flip out about this, no, also when was this, I never heard about it and it sounds like something the media would blow out of proportion, like they do with everything.
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#104 - fables (07/12/2016) [-]
no, it wasn't the media
it was the comments on it

and who gives a fuck if fj reacted to it? it's the fact that SO many people gave obama shit for it

my god. he's a fucking muslim, he's the antichrist, he hates whites, the man cannot catch a break
#139 - kalaark (07/12/2016) [-]
You said "you guys would..." As in us. As in FJ. So it matters.
#105 - needhansolo (07/12/2016) [-]
Facebook comments, don't listen to those idiots man. He's a political firgure Ofc the opposition is gonna do everything in their power no matter how small to fuck him over. Both sides do it.
#24 - They protested during a service or something for the Orlando victims. 07/11/2016 on Lives Matter +1
#63 - Picture 07/11/2016 on Bellyflop +4