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Why would you want to know you creeper???

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#58 - Don't worry man, showing skepticism is not being an ass. Assho… 05/05/2013 on skittles +2
#80 - Capu 1 & 2 of Rosario + Vampire are on Netflix.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2013 on I can't be 0
User avatar #94 - certifiedidiot (05/05/2013) [-]
I gave up on Netflix, the service they provide in my country is utter shit in my opinion and I haven't bothered to get an american proxy to get it.
#688 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2013 on give me your strangest gifs +1
#700 - destismad (05/04/2013) [-]
Flagged Comment Picture
This image was flagged 1381576064
#7 - Flawless Shrine of Men! After a few seconds of a… 05/04/2013 on Your man-cave name 0
#65 - What the hell would that be from?  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2013 on I can help! 0
#83 - yuvesh (05/04/2013) [-]
boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai season 2, its from one of the last episodes
#142 - Comment deleted 05/04/2013 on hot tub +3
#83 - literally? 05/04/2013 on Kinda like a whore 0
#74 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2013 on (1) Tumblr 0
#76 - sparkyoneonetwo (05/04/2013) [-]
This image has expired
If I didn't have this one I'd use that one
#58 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2013 on gif thread? gif thread. +1
User avatar #59 - gevaudan (05/04/2013) [-]
#116 - Do you know who made this picture? Or even better, if it's a p… 05/02/2013 on Cool eyes +1
#95 - Awww come on! I kept waiting for the head to pop up and little… 05/02/2013 on Arise, Disc Drive 0
#8 - For all of you anime-fan shoubros out there, imagine the KS ma… 05/02/2013 on Powers Combine! +1
#2 - Picture 05/01/2013 on ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!... +1
#232 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 05/01/2013 on makes you think...wait no lol 0
#238 - winglit (05/01/2013) [-]
Thats not important today Steven, I need you to listen closely as your life may depend on it, head downstairs right now and look in the fridge, do you see the 2% gallon of milk? look at its expiration date
#460 - I agree, I believe qubot is an all-around, wonderful person.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/01/2013 on This Happens Everytime I... -1
#636 - qubot (05/02/2013) [-]
i can't believe i got to see destismad commenting
#134 - Man, Goku's and Frieza's battle was so ichbinzweijahrealt and …  [+] (3 new replies) 05/01/2013 on DBZ Trivia 0
#136 - mattymattwithahat (05/01/2013) [-]
User avatar #144 - threedogification (05/01/2013) [-]
It says "...was so 'I am 2 years old' and long..."
#142 - threedogification has deleted their comment.
#40 - Comment deleted 05/01/2013 on my shy gf and me at parties 0
#214 - Comment deleted  [+] (3 new replies) 05/01/2013 on makes you think...wait no lol 0
#228 - winglit (05/01/2013) [-]
Its nice to see you again Steven, hows your sister these days?
#232 - destismad has deleted their comment.
#238 - winglit (05/01/2013) [-]
Thats not important today Steven, I need you to listen closely as your life may depend on it, head downstairs right now and look in the fridge, do you see the 2% gallon of milk? look at its expiration date
#42 - I personally would love playing a game based on my life. That … 05/01/2013 on Katawa shoujo 0
#41 - Wait until midnight to eat some ice cream with sprinkles, … 05/01/2013 on Katawa shoujo 0
#40 - It's not exactly supposed to keep you on your toes with glued … 05/01/2013 on Katawa shoujo 0
#44 - Comment deleted 04/30/2013 on Know the Difference 0
#43 - Comment deleted 04/30/2013 on Know the Difference 0
#156 - Comment deleted 04/30/2013 on Real use of Elizabeth 0
#38 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 04/29/2013 on Pedo Bear Plays Ocarina of... 0
User avatar #39 - ferrettamer (04/29/2013) [-]
A fail troll attempt?
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User avatar #32 - finblob (03/18/2014) [-]
#33 to #32 - destismad (03/18/2014) [-]
Hello stranger!
User avatar #34 to #33 - finblob (03/18/2014) [-]
pls dont talk to me
stranger danger
#35 to #34 - destismad (03/18/2014) [-]
Okay, bye.
User avatar #25 - sonicftwxdatheism (11/19/2013) [-]
lol im glad im not a little fag like u are
#26 to #25 - destismad (11/19/2013) [-]
I just noticed you have atheism in your name.
So are you the one who made the post? I figured you just found it somewhere.
#28 to #27 - destismad (11/19/2013) [-]
I'm also an atheist, as such I'd prefer you approach this intelligently, and not like the average 11 or 12 year old now-a-days who think they're all badasses. What, did you think that sonic thing was cool or something? And you don't expect people in your school to hear about it? You get upset because someone in your class was showing it to people? Even in the post you named the person, instead of ignoring him. I can't possibly imagine you being older than 13. You're simply to childish.
I'd love to talk longer, but I happen to have to leave now.
#37 to #28 - cabbagemayhem (06/27/2014) [-]
Your mistake was in thinking atheism has anything to do with intelligence. It only has to do with arrogance. What are you doing out of **** ?
#39 to #37 - destismad (06/27/2014) [-]
In addition: this was over a half a year ago, many people wouldn't even reply to someone who commented on something this old or older, or at least not seriously. I'm not saying it was somehow a bad or terribly stupid thing to do, but it was more likely to be pointless and a waste of time rather than this particular occasion. However, I like to reply to things I believe are or might be worth replying to, as in not being a fruitless endeavor or utter waste of time.
#38 to #37 - destismad (06/27/2014) [-]
Anyone can be arrogant, including religious and non-religious people, regardless of whether they agnostic or not. In order to truly and firmly deny religion, one must be able to think rationally and sensibly. Basically, the better one is with critical thinking, the more likely they will be non-religious. A higher IQ leads to a higher possibility of atheism, look it up (if you do decide to research it, make sure you find at least a single published site, but it'd be best to find 3).
What am I doing out of **** ? Ummm, looking at funny/interesting content, like I am now. I hope you don't think FunnyJunk is a porn site with some comics on the side.
#40 to #38 - cabbagemayhem (06/27/2014) [-]
After asking what you're doing out of **** , you hope I don't think FJ is a porn site with comics on the side? I think you missed my point. That's what I hope you don't think.

There's that arrogance. You think a correlation between IQ and religious beliefs means something. High IQ people are often indistinguishable from the least. They succumb to the same faulty thinking and fail to see the forest for the trees, and in their complacence often lead a sad life. IQ is a weak indicator of intelligence, I'm sure you at least know that. Instead, look for a correlation between beliefs and well-adjusted people. If self-proclaimed intellectuals could see the way they act from someone else's point of view, most of them would slap themselves. So, go ahead tell me how smart they really are?

I have chosen this thread at the top of your profile to address your prejudice beliefs, it shall be written to.
User avatar #16 - drewbridge (09/09/2013) [-]
what the **** is wrong with you, asshole?
#17 to #16 - destismad (09/09/2013) [-]
What in the world are you talking about?
User avatar #18 to #17 - drewbridge (09/09/2013) [-]
You thumbed down that one front pages comments about blind people thinking we are yelling when we yawn. Whats your deal, man.
#19 to #18 - destismad (09/09/2013) [-]
I recognize the post your talking about, but I don't see it on frontpage. Are you sure it wasn't in newest uploads?
User avatar #21 to #19 - drewbridge (09/09/2013) [-]
Holy **** , I can't into english. Yes, it was in the newest uploads. Why'd u thumb it down, m8. It was funny.

#22 to #21 - destismad (09/09/2013) [-]
The thumbs are there for the people of Fj to vote. It's not a necessity to vote up or down for any reason. I simply didn't think it funny. Besides, there have already been quite a few of those uploaded recently. I'm more prone to green thumb people who make compilations of memes or who make their own original ones and upload them, so they at least do some work other than just saving a picture to a file or picking it right from another website and uploading it later. With this community, it's just to easy to get to frontpage that way, and I don't like it.
User avatar #23 to #22 - drewbridge (09/09/2013) [-]
...I really don't give a **** , I'm not even the OP of that post, I just like bugging people. sorry.
#20 to #19 - destismad (09/09/2013) [-]
newest uploads/latest uploads
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