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#44 - This is one of those things where I'm kind of stuck in the mid…  [+] (8 new replies) 10/29/2015 on The cop was 100% right +82
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#583 - petresko (10/30/2015) [-]
If she was in a regular chair you'd have a point,but it's a desk-chair abomination,she could just lock her legs in,so IMO the officer did the right thing.
Also cops are trained to be violent,so if you call an officer you'd expect shit to go down.If an officer encounters violence he'd respond with violence because he should not underestimate the threat.

I don't care what #FUCKTHECOPS folks have to say.The fact that the video doesn't show any backstory before this only adds to opinion splitting and since nobody in the classroom is defending her I assume she's been acting like a self-righteous cunt.
#167 - anon (10/29/2015) [-]
her legs were caught in the desk. he didnt flip the desk, her body was still inside of it which why it flipped.
#151 - zionsype (10/29/2015) [-]
Let me give you a better picture
#411 - destinct (10/29/2015) [-]
Thanks bro!
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#79 - jzwangpk (10/29/2015) [-]
He didn't flip the desk; if you watch the video closely she tries to stay down while he's pulling her forward and the desk flips. Not a deliberate action on the part of either person.

I agree that it's a bit overkill though. I think the officer lost it a bit.
#175 - anon (10/29/2015) [-]
You're right on this. Her kicking and screaming is what caused the desk to flip. The only force he initially used was pulling her out of her desk. The "brutality" that follows is a by-product of her being a spoiled brat. I she'd just chilled the fuck out and let him remove her from the classroom nothing would have happened.

He didn't deserve to lose his job over this.
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#297 - jzwangpk (10/29/2015) [-]
The fact of the matter is, when a cop tells you to do something, fucking do it. Noncompliance directed at your teacher is one thing; noncompliance directed at a LEO is a whole 'nother ball game. A ball game in which you just get hit in the face with the ball. Repeatedly.
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#517 - kafei (10/29/2015) [-]
I really think we need to revamp the educational system to where teachers have a bit more power. The way it is now, it's not much wonder kids don't want to listen to them; they know they're weaker than their own parents, and how do you suppose most of the brats like these act at home?
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#14 - egosumproxi (03/30/2015) [-]
Post some more then.
#15 - destinct (03/30/2015) [-]
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