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#55 - Am I the only person who thinks he looks like Napoleon Dynamit…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/18/2016 on Kylo Ren goes undercover +1
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#63 - fuckingtrolls (01/18/2016) [-]
I thought that was the actor
#73 - Like making good special effects doesn't involve science and e…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/12/2016 on 'Murica +7
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#74 - scorcho (01/12/2016) [-]
it's just a different job profile, that's all i'm saying.
#10 - So you're taking a vacation. Why should I care?  [+] (1 new reply) 01/12/2016 on enlightenment for the... +5
#11 - neverbefore (01/12/2016) [-]
vacation? surrendering his former life
#5 - I didn't even try edge. I just assumed it was the Windows 10 …  [+] (2 new replies) 01/12/2016 on Rest in pepperoni, Internet... 0
#8 - anon (01/12/2016) [-]
Edge is a slightly improved IE with a new look. Under the hood it uses the EdgeHTML layout engine, which is a fork of IE's Trident and it still uses the Chakra javascript engine which was IE's JS engine.

Newer versions of IE were actually pretty decent browsers, but hardly anybody noticed or cared because IE managed to acquire a bad reputation that stuck to it for years, so Microsoft rebranded with some updates to shed the stigma. And it's working, because most people use Edge and say "hey, this is much better than IE" not realizing that it is IE and IE hasn't been a steaming pile of shit for a while now.
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#17 - foxlift (01/12/2016) [-]
Yeah, it's actually pretty good. The only reason I still stick with chrome is because Edge wasn't acepting plugins at the time I tried it (so no AdBlock). Still, from what I saw, its very responsive and fast.

I used to make websites and had to check compatibility on several browsers, an yes, IE used to be horrible, but the latest versions, even before edge have been pretty decent for quite a while, sometimes even better than the alternatives (firefox, chrome, Safari, Opera).
#1 - What's so bad about hyderas? 01/12/2016 on Networking Training in... 0
#21 - At least it wasn't licorice. 01/11/2016 on Traitor +5
#56 - That is a very lewd phone cover.... ...but also quite clever  [+] (3 new replies) 01/05/2016 on Tsundere phone. +3
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#82 - blackmageewizardt (01/06/2016) [-]
buyed that once for my exgirlfriend as an gift. (got laid, 10/10, would buy that handycase again)
#100 - anon (01/06/2016) [-]

you are god's mistake.
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#108 - blackmageewizardt (01/06/2016) [-]
Better though as to be your fathers mistake i guess.
#79 - I failed my driving test the first time I took it. All of my … 01/02/2016 on she is in for a suprise 0
#10 - You're right. I had something called "superfish visual d… 12/20/2015 on Not useing ad block? +1
#3 - I got the same problem. I'll turn ad-block back on in a few days.  [+] (3 new replies) 12/20/2015 on Not useing ad block? 0
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#5 - peanutsaurusrex (12/20/2015) [-]
#10 - dentalfloss (12/20/2015) [-]
You're right. I had something called "superfish visual discover" adware. I never would have known that because I've been using adblock the whole time I've had this laptop.
Fuck Lenovo.
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#8 - peanutsaurusrex (12/20/2015) [-]
also >>#7 if youve got the same adware

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