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I swear because fuck you.

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#204 - Multiverse theory may be false in the universe but it does not… 10/17/2012 on Mind Blown -1
#146 - It's called superglue. xD haha ~Demolishen 10/14/2012 on 18 pictures -1
#217 - Now eat it.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/02/2012 on Egg +5
#224 - anon (06/02/2012) [-]
...But, It will taste like vinegar.

#339 - So science is the stronger, more credible source...and if it w… 05/21/2012 on why buddhism is awesome 0
#42 - lmao! 05/19/2012 on Do want? 0
#47 - oh. thx. 05/19/2012 on Go Fish +3
#44 - what is the joke?  [+] (2 new replies) 05/19/2012 on Go Fish +1
#46 - ponta has deleted their comment.
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#47 - demolishen (05/19/2012) [-]
oh. thx.
#431 - "It unites people and gives them common ideals and goals.… 05/14/2012 on Jesus preaches bout ga... wait +1
#298 - Religion. . . causes war.  [+] (2 new replies) 05/14/2012 on Jesus preaches bout ga... wait 0
#324 - byposted (05/14/2012) [-]
Religion was actually the backbone of traditional Europe for centuries. Christianity was the one thing that united Europe, and thus helped its influence spread

Don't get me wrong, I'm an atheist but you have to see how religion is a good thing. It unites people and gives them common ideals and goals...whether that be good or bad.

Religion may be a fairy tale, but it is a good one for society to have because it acts like a control mechanism. After all, the state has to be strong and united in order for it to prosper, no? This is the reason why Cultural Marxists seek to destroy the bonds and morals in western society...because it destroys the order and gives them opportunity to take full control
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#431 - demolishen (05/14/2012) [-]
"It unites people and gives them common ideals and goals...whether that be good or bad." agreed, it has good intentions and is for bringing people together.. but it creates groups, even within the particular religion itself. I see the good in religion, but I don't care for how it subdues people...
#128 - lmao, I HAVE THE MOST INDISTRUCTIBLE THING!!!! 05/02/2012 on the avengerpussy -1

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