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Jesus christ I've been here for a long time

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#20 - Pretty sure everyone and their mother wants Turkey out of NATO  [+] (10 new replies) 04/29/2016 on Erdogan and journalist +1
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#21 - dawiebe (04/29/2016) [-]
Again, this isn't about popular opinion, but rather the support Turkey receives from the powers that be.
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#22 - demented (04/29/2016) [-]
I'd like to think most of our higher ups are just smiling and nodding and trying to think of a good way to get him out.
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#23 - dawiebe (04/29/2016) [-]
If only, not that its my place to criticize another country's foreign policy, but the US desperately needs to distance itself from regimes like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
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#24 - demented (04/29/2016) [-]
I believe in Trump. I'd frankly like to see the US take a more isolationist approach to some of our policies. In addition I think if Americans can judge other nations governments you should be able to as well.
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#25 - dawiebe (04/29/2016) [-]
That's fair. I wish my southern brothers luck, whichever president you end up with.
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#26 - demented (04/29/2016) [-]
I'm more or less a part of the "literally anyone but Hilary" party. I voted Obama last election and I'm still okay with that because I didn't like Romney (the GOP nomination) and I felt we needed some form of national healthcare. However I think that our national healthcare has to be provided on the state level. Since our taxes differ from state to state I think it only makes sense to have the government mandated healthcare be paid through your state and have the national government allot money for those healthcare programs. I'd like Sanders more if he wasn't such a coward to stand up to the general populace on some things. Backing down to BLM while pushing us "to all work together" to pay for shit doesn't fly with me.
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#27 - dawiebe (04/29/2016) [-]
That's essentially exactly how I feel about the US elections. (Pro Tip: Most Canadians are much more interested in American elections than our own for obvious reasons)
User avatar
#28 - demented (04/29/2016) [-]
Is it because we treat our elections like a sport or are yours just boring? You guys have Trudeau right? pardon my spelling and lack of Canada knowledge
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#29 - dawiebe (04/29/2016) [-]
A bit of both, like to give you an idea, our election campaign cycle was 11 weeks, and most of us were complaining that's too long, compared to your election campaigns which have been going on since like last year and won't be done til November. I don't mind Trudeau, though he gets a lot of flak. He's a genuinely good dude, and much better than the other options we had.
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#30 - demented (04/29/2016) [-]
I could deal with like a year less of campaigning.
#8 - Yorshka is Gwyndolins daughter or adoptive daughter who'… 04/28/2016 on K. A. C. Dark Souls Edition... 0
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#35 - It is stated that Gwynevere (Princess Ring) became a mot…  [+] (3 new replies) 04/21/2016 on You, you! +6
#67 - anon (04/21/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure when it says he perceived a pale girl in hiding, it meant that Gwyndolin was raised as a girl, and therefore felt like one inside.
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#71 - demented (04/21/2016) [-]
I would agree had the description not been on Lifehunt Scythe, the weapon of Priscilla.
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#68 - carlonord (04/21/2016) [-]
it logged me out again.
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