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User avatar #248 - edzeppelin (06/06/2011) [-]
We need to race to Comment Rank #1. We both need motivation and I know you have it in you to do it!
User avatar #249 to #1787 - demented ONLINE (06/06/2011) [-]
I has a shit connection though.
When I was #1 I was commenting basically day and night
User avatar #250 to #1788 - edzeppelin (06/06/2011) [-]
Oh :(
College campus internet?
User avatar #251 to #1789 - demented ONLINE (06/06/2011) [-]
lol no. Middle of nowhere connection.
Only time I'm on is when I'm at the library.
I was on campus when I was #1
User avatar #252 to #1790 - edzeppelin (06/06/2011) [-]
Ah. What college do/did you go to?
User avatar #253 to #1791 - demented ONLINE (06/06/2011) [-]
University of Central Florida
User avatar #254 to #1792 - edzeppelin (06/06/2011) [-]
Fucking lucky. I go to UMCP in MD. I wish I lived in FL. My uncle lives in Sanibel. Fucking amazing place. What are you majoring in?
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