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#74 - Because she fed a bull-demon a beef and rice dish as tribute …  [+] (2 new replies) 02/24/2015 on Goddamn it japan 0
User avatar #76 - TheMather (02/24/2015) [-]
He didn't know it was beef at that point. He just didn't think curry was a worthy tribute.
The fact that it was beef curry wasn't brought up until after he was forced to eat it.
User avatar #77 - deltaxomega (02/24/2015) [-]
Damn you're right. I need to watch it again, it's been a while.
#45 - I would keep on driving. 1. Old lady will die eventua…  [+] (14 new replies) 02/24/2015 on moral riddle +86
User avatar #260 - deltaxomega (02/24/2015) [-]
icelandicviking - rockerforlife - propanex - pineapplechunkss - nelliel - jonnyfrosty

I want you lovely folks to think about my answer as if you ran a company just any old business if you will.

Now lets analyse the story. you have four people "you", an old woman, your friend, and a dream girl/guy it is also raining and your driving lets for sake of reason a truck.

Now from a business analogy let say the truck is a metaphor for your company since it is you who is driving/control of it. Well also say the rain represents some form of hardship. Now that leave the 3 people; the old woman ( a branch of the company that is slowly dying.) your friend (A rival compay) and dream girl/boy (a too good to be true Idea.)

Now I let the older branch die b/c it would cost more to make it relevant then it would to start a new.

I refused to help a rival company, even it they help me before. (truth be told "it" only helped before for this very reason) A business world is a cut throat world kiddies.

Now the Idea see perfect almost to good to be true and it is. Hey it might work or it might not, but with no profit projection or statistic are you willing to toss a multi million dollar company for an Idea that might work?

Now let compare my answer to op post.

I still have my company, I'll even admit to profit loss due to the dead branch.

Mr. outside the box now stands in hardship with an idea that might work while his rival takes over his company.

This is how business people think. They do not want free thinkers they want what is best for their company. Nothing more nothing less
User avatar #262 - icelandicviking (02/24/2015) [-]
I understand how this would work on a company, but its easy to force a metaphor on something to force a different answer. Sure this works on a company but if i take what you said we could look at it like. Old woman, your buddy and the perfect man/woman. Now by what you do with 'thinking out of the box' is essentially: Old woman gets to see their loved ones before she dies which is very valuable to the old lady and loved ones, would you not go outside in the rain for that? You are giving a friend a lift and out of the bad weather and he ofc returns the vehicle to you once you get back in town. You get to meet the man/woman you've always waited for and now is your chance, all that is blocking you from your perfect match is rain and 30mins -1hr of wait. And even if the perfect match doesn't fancy you the same way, you gave a friend a lift while helping the old lady and her loved ones say goodbye to each other which not a lot of people get to do. This isn't a company, this is you in your car and three different people waiting at a bus stop.
User avatar #263 - deltaxomega (02/24/2015) [-]
This is true the riddle can be interpreted in different ways, but remember who asked the question and why he/she is asking. In this scenario it is a business wo/man asking during an interview.

If it was asked by someone else I would of said something along the lines of running them over, but that's because I am a malicious, uncaring, cold hearted bastered who hates/distrust everyone with the intensity of 1000 suns, I'm also emotionally detached.
User avatar #250 - icelandicviking (02/24/2015) [-]
1. old lady can say goodbye to her husband, children and grandchildren
2. i dont know what kind of friends you have but, if you leave him he will constantly remind you of that aswell.
3. Love isn't only based on looks, personality has a big factor in love. Would you date someone that's really hot but hated everything you liked and made 'sarcastic' fun of you for that but you know it isn't sarcastic?
#126 - llpopo (02/24/2015) [-]
I thought similarly... why the fuck are you stopping on a stormy night to help people when you should be driving to work shithead
User avatar #118 - rockerforlife (02/24/2015) [-]
Wouldn't the woman/man of your dreams reciprocate your feelings by logic?

Unless you're a masochist
#181 - anonexplains (02/24/2015) [-]
Sadly, most people are not driven by logic, and most people will avoid reciprocating acts of kindness if possible, and if they can't they'll do the bare minimum required of them. Learned this the hard way over many years...
User avatar #125 - deltaxomega (02/24/2015) [-]
Only if fantasy over ruled reality. you might like someone, but that doesn't mean they like you. That is called a crush and rightfully named so.
User avatar #266 - rockerforlife (02/24/2015) [-]
Yes but the parameters of the question is the PERSON OF YOUR DREAMS.

So why wouldn't the person of your dreams not like you back?
User avatar #113 - propanex (02/24/2015) [-]
Well... thats someone's grandma, would you want someone to save your grandma or just let her die?
#105 - anonexplains (02/24/2015) [-]
Sad but true
#56 - pineapplechunkss (02/24/2015) [-]
Your a bigger buzz kill the Buzz killingten
#55 - nelliel (02/24/2015) [-]
this works too
User avatar #54 - jonnyfrosty (02/24/2015) [-]
Now thats edgy
#119 - **** your feels op, **** 'em.  [+] (3 new replies) 02/22/2015 on Pokemon Comp +37
User avatar #244 - nigeltheoutlaw (02/23/2015) [-]
Their bows are flesh...
#288 - newforomador (02/23/2015) [-]
#123 - krystalkitty (02/22/2015) [-]
#27 - I would like some links to learn Japanese.  [+] (3 new replies) 02/22/2015 on Japan REAL Facts Compilation 0
User avatar #117 - Johnsfer (02/22/2015) [-]
https://docs . google . com/document/d/1G5C7fCe07CDzYalZYZObzxv_fhw7RUNsLHiMAY-t7FA/edit#


People who can help you on youtube with things like that if you PM them are
They are also on Facebook and other social media shit.

Also check out on youtube for maybe a starter thing to get motivated is:
Namasensei(bumnumba1 on youtube)
User avatar #118 - Johnsfer (02/22/2015) [-]
Using these sources, and their information inside, you can find a fucking GOLD, COAL, IRON, ALUMINUM, ADAMANTIUM, RUNE AND MITHRIL mine of information.
User avatar #83 - smashingprodigy (02/22/2015) [-]
I am currently using memrise.com to learn Japanese. You can also find some free or low priced classes on education sites like udemy.com ; however, your best bet would be to look at what the classes and guides have to offer before dedicating yourself to it. Also, I haven't tried this site out, but it looks interesting: www.japanesepod101.com/
#39 - Me personally. 02/21/2015 on Homo Feeliens 0
#146 - Same from tthe brony/pegasisters side as well. For a group mad…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/09/2015 on Furries vs Bronies 0
User avatar #319 - gittons (02/10/2015) [-]
also the whole love and tolerance is not some golden rule of bronies, they just came up with
that years ago and said it mostly to the increasing amount of raging retards.
saying that the brony fandom is strangely pleasant.
#139 - Picture 02/09/2015 on Furries vs Bronies +2
#137 - Don't get me wrong I don't disagree. still can cause a …  [+] (3 new replies) 02/09/2015 on Furries vs Bronies 0
User avatar #143 - gittons (02/09/2015) [-]
true enough,
i have seen a strange amount of hate coming from furries toward bronies despite them being
very similar.
User avatar #146 - deltaxomega (02/09/2015) [-]
Same from tthe brony/pegasisters side as well. For a group made of love and tolerance.

Me personally don't care or understand the hate, but by gosh I'm going to be sitting by the side lines to watch the fireworks fly.
User avatar #319 - gittons (02/10/2015) [-]
also the whole love and tolerance is not some golden rule of bronies, they just came up with
that years ago and said it mostly to the increasing amount of raging retards.
saying that the brony fandom is strangely pleasant.
#129 - As a furry I know the ********* that could form f…  [+] (7 new replies) 02/09/2015 on Furries vs Bronies -2
#135 - anonexplains (02/09/2015) [-]
go yiff it out with an electric fence
#139 - deltaxomega (02/09/2015) [-]
User avatar #133 - gittons (02/09/2015) [-]
no but no they are the same,
they are all human, this is like saying which would win this random wide accepting group of
100 or this other identical group of 100?
User avatar #137 - deltaxomega (02/09/2015) [-]
Don't get me wrong I don't disagree. still can cause a shitstorm b/c group A think is better than group B where A and B are the same.
User avatar #143 - gittons (02/09/2015) [-]
true enough,
i have seen a strange amount of hate coming from furries toward bronies despite them being
very similar.
User avatar #146 - deltaxomega (02/09/2015) [-]
Same from tthe brony/pegasisters side as well. For a group made of love and tolerance.

Me personally don't care or understand the hate, but by gosh I'm going to be sitting by the side lines to watch the fireworks fly.
User avatar #319 - gittons (02/10/2015) [-]
also the whole love and tolerance is not some golden rule of bronies, they just came up with
that years ago and said it mostly to the increasing amount of raging retards.
saying that the brony fandom is strangely pleasant.
#42 - Transfer pdf to an E-reader 01/27/2015 on Every 6 months at college 0
#40 - I buy all my textbooks from The piratebay  [+] (2 new replies) 01/27/2015 on Every 6 months at college 0
User avatar #41 - thechosentroll (01/27/2015) [-]
Well, I actually need that shit in class and I don't own a printer, so.
User avatar #42 - deltaxomega (01/27/2015) [-]
Transfer pdf to an E-reader
#8 - TFW its a real threat and two japs are now dead.  [+] (12 new replies) 01/25/2015 on Japanese Twitter +113
User avatar #10 - marconde (01/25/2015) [-]
As a mexican who lives in a country where people die like, almost every week, i'm not amused
User avatar #32 - stifflimb (01/25/2015) [-]
You really should chose your words better, in most countries people dies daily.
User avatar #34 - marconde (01/25/2015) [-]
Yeah, like in mine
User avatar #36 - stifflimb (01/25/2015) [-]
And every single other country in the world that has a population excedding 30.000.
User avatar #50 - thedutchs (01/25/2015) [-]
Don't evade the point that there are a fuckton of drugwars going on in Juarez and Tijuana.
User avatar #51 - stifflimb (01/25/2015) [-]
Thats why I told him to chose his words.
There he just said that "people die like, almost every week"
User avatar #52 - thedutchs (01/25/2015) [-]
Well, in his defence, it kind of happens sporadically. Like it might be quiet for a few days and suddenly a fuckton of people get killed.
User avatar #53 - stifflimb (01/25/2015) [-]
Yes but then they are getting murdered, not just dies, saying someone died is an indicator as to natural causes or possibly from accidental causes.
He was making a serious comment so for it to be taken right it should be worded right.
#18 - anonexplains (01/25/2015) [-]
The thing is, if you give in and pay the ransom right, all you are doing is telling them that killing people for money works. It sucks for those two guys, it really does and I feel for them and their families, but what Japan is doing is the right thing to do. Disempower those crazy fuckers and show them that fear isn't going to control them.
User avatar #37 - yunoavailable (01/25/2015) [-]
exactly, the thing most people I talk to don't seem to get it that the TERRORists want to cause TERROR. It's in the fucking name. making us scared is what they want.
#108 - sinjection (01/25/2015) [-]
I really don't understand the rules of engagement for extremist regimes like ISIS, but couldn't we just send over a hostage rescue team, kinda like the Green Barets? Better yet, why aren't we allowed to just find their capital(s) or whatever and just blow them to shit from the skies or kill everyone on the ground?
User avatar #110 - yunoavailable (01/26/2015) [-]
idk why we can't send over a team to rescue them, maybe it just doesn't work well and/or more lives would be lost trying to rescue them than would be saved, especially since they would kill them if they figured out we were coming. as far as bombing them we can't they use innocents as human shields and we don't want to blow up the innocents
#160 - Mulan is sill enlisted as a military officer. 12/07/2014 on Disney Princess +5
#15 - Nope yes you did 11/20/2014 on I fuck oranges +8
#7 - Water in any Nintendo game is ******* annoying. …  [+] (6 new replies) 11/20/2014 on 7.8/10 +29
#78 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
Super Mario Sunshine though
User avatar #75 - jouten (11/20/2014) [-]
Water in Majora's Mask was awesome. No better feeling than being a Zora in Water
#16 - remsaman (11/20/2014) [-]
skyward swords water sections were pretty fun and enjoyable
User avatar #33 - greeneyedgamer (11/20/2014) [-]
Skyward Swords water temple and section were disappointingly easy.
#36 - remsaman (11/20/2014) [-]
the boss was totally worth it though
User avatar #17 - princessrosalina (11/20/2014) [-]
That might be because Skyward Sword had decent swimming controls.
#71 - I 'd suggest Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghost in a Shel…  [+] (9 new replies) 11/20/2014 on Starter packs man +42
#467 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
Berserk deserves a recommendation, too.
The ending is a bit sudden, but an amazing show nonetheless. Besides, there's always the manga if you desire more.
User avatar #363 - starzero (11/20/2014) [-]
FMA both brotherhood and the original is by far the best anime I have ever watched.
#357 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
i will say as a guy who never watched anime, full metal alchemist is incredible. As was Attack on Titan and Trigun.
#471 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
>"a guy who never watched anime"
>recommends three
#322 - lastsamurai (11/20/2014) [-]
I wouldn't recommend fairy tail.
#212 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop are shows so good you could safely recommend them to almost anybody.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a pretty good hook, but if you start with the newer one (FMA:B) and then watch the older one (FMA) it makes the first one harder to enjoy because of the lower production values and less defined main plot. The background music tracks are definitely superior in FMA though.

My "to watch" list:
Another, Future Diary, Cowboy Bebop, Attack On Titan, Twintails, Wakfu, Read Or Die, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Fooly Cooly  (eyebrows) , Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu  (Hideyoshi) , The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Ergo Proxy, Gurren Lagann
#387 - imoriginalposter (11/20/2014) [-]
I love wakfu too but does it count? If nobody gets a nosebleed, molested, or at the very least makes a shitty cultural specific joke can you even CALL it anime?
#475 - anonexplains (11/20/2014) [-]
Wakfu is french anyway, which would automatically disqualify it as "anime". Why has no one said Dragonball?
#296 - BloodyTurds (11/20/2014) [-]
wasn't a big fan of baka, I did watch most of the first season.
#16 - I don't know why people say the Black Cauldron was a bad movie…  [+] (4 new replies) 11/14/2014 on Snow white +15
#27 - scooterdanny (11/14/2014) [-]
Munchies and crunchies are around here somewhere...
User avatar #20 - lordsepulchure (11/14/2014) [-]
Same here, I especially like The Horned King, he is exactly the type of villain that I like.
Not many Disney villains that are actually straight out terrifying.
User avatar #18 - CrushOrange (11/14/2014) [-]
Black Cauldron was great. People just hated it because it didn't follow the original Disney path like the ones prior. I loved it
User avatar #28 - blokrokker (11/14/2014) [-]
That's because it's an adaptation of of the book by Lloyd Alexander.
#8 - Prank praNGk noun a practical joke or mischievous …  [+] (1 new reply) 11/14/2014 on Pillow fight prank +93
User avatar #66 - rgmayhem (11/14/2014) [-]
And not cutting someone's ear buds, fuck those guys.
#28 - Here in the classical cell.....  [+] (2 new replies) 11/08/2014 on Office Space +33
#50 - anonexplains (11/08/2014) [-]
plot twist - they're all just "sophisticated" cannibals
#29 - roflstorm has deleted their comment.
#9 - How did something that small get stuck in something that huge? 11/04/2014 on how to: flirt like a pro +1
#24 - Must resist urge to jump into pile of feathers. 11/04/2014 on Dumb as a brick +4
#12 - "Go **** yourself" takes on a whole new…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/04/2014 on Type futa into omegle get... 0
User avatar #17 - thefates (11/04/2014) [-]
That would be an asexual being, not a hermaphrodite.
#31 - The passage is taken from the 1624 Meditation 17, from Devotio… 11/02/2014 on For Whom The Bell Tolls! 0
#16 - "No man is an iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a p…  [+] (3 new replies) 11/02/2014 on For Whom The Bell Tolls! +1
User avatar #30 - viviannjames (11/02/2014) [-]
Oh Yeah I know that one but what kind of grammar is that? I've never seen it before.
User avatar #31 - deltaxomega (11/02/2014) [-]
The passage is taken from the 1624 Meditation 17, from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions.
User avatar #28 - bluenebula (11/02/2014) [-]
This is the one i was hoping to see. Good man.
#441 - I agree | | | V 11/01/2014 on Halloween on FJ? +1


Total unique items point value: 1225 / Total items point value: 1535
What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
User avatar #212 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
How 2 Barbie Also look at this stupid but hilarious **** .
#179 - deltaxomega (10/27/2014) [-]
User avatar #200 to #179 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Yep <:I

Ye. Also, have you played Valient Hearts?
User avatar #201 to #200 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
watched an lp of one. Sad game.
User avatar #202 to #201 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
I played it before watching someone else play. That ******* ending is like the only one ever to make me almost cry. I did, sorta, a tiny bit. Felt something similar again when I watched the dude's video playthrough ending.

User avatar #203 to #202 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
I know how you feel.
User avatar #204 to #203 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Both times made me wanna look up WWI stuff 'n' **** , which is what I'm doing right now. As my one other friend said who's a huge history guy, "That game is stupidly depressing."
User avatar #206 to #204 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
yea....Remember when video games were made to make you feel happy.

Pepperidge Farm does.
User avatar #207 to #206 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Well, I mean, the game had some real fun parts, and the factoids were real nito, and I like the message and how original the game is and how it's been a long time since I played a puzzle game like it.
User avatar #208 to #207 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
I said happy not fun.

fun = happiness

happiness =/= fun

I agree though the game is pretty good.
User avatar #209 to #208 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]

Ye. I kiiiinda wanna do a WWI RP, but at the same time it's like... Y'know.
Maybe a fictional type with higher-tech stuff and such, but, still. Blagh.
User avatar #210 to #209 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
you know Germens where known for their hospitable torturing.

Hint Hint
User avatar #211 to #210 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Oh my...

It kinda sounds nice and kinky, but I'm not too sure right now.
Maybe we could play as two French or German soldiers who fall in love with each other on the battlefield~?
User avatar #213 to #211 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
Souns fine to me
User avatar #214 to #213 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Kewl. Let's continue a bit of our other stuph first, though. Also, gettin' off now, so good night burd~
User avatar #215 to #214 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
Okay night kitty~
User avatar #216 to #215 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
*Kitty kiss~*
User avatar #217 to #216 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
*Owl light peck*
#205 to #204 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
I'll add this in 'cus I kinda meant to.
User avatar #180 to #179 - strangesir (10/27/2014) [-]
Burds~ :>
User avatar #181 to #180 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]

your raven and my owl.
User avatar #182 to #181 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]

Also, hai~!
User avatar #183 to #182 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
Hi Cat~
User avatar #184 to #183 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
**strangesir pounces Xavior**

Hei Bird~
User avatar #185 to #184 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #186 to #185 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Not much, 'cept I'm gonna have a short day tomorrow so I get to do whatever dafuq I want for most of the rest of the day, then friday I have off~!
User avatar #187 to #186 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
Nice, I'm going for my glasses tomorrow.
User avatar #188 to #187 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Neat. Didya have a pair before, or...?
User avatar #189 to #188 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
I did till my mother snapped them trying to keep me from beating the **** out of my ignorant little brother. That was about 5 years ago.
User avatar #190 to #189 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Oooooh... Ignorant how?
User avatar #191 to #190 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
Oh god......he's a narcissist, bully and when it comes to owing him money he makes loan sharks look like bank tellers.
User avatar #192 to #191 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Oh wow... What a straight-up cunt.
User avatar #193 to #192 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
It's like living with tumbler - the feminists.
User avatar #194 to #193 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
**strangesir shudders**
User avatar #195 to #194 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
yea....guess that's why I never get upset a tumbler post...I'm just use to it.
User avatar #196 to #195 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Well **** .

I'm an only child, so, never had to deal with siblings, or have cool ones or anything. But it's a'ight.

Wanna RP meybe tomorrow?
User avatar #197 to #196 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
I'm from a family of 5.........

Sure. speaking of rps what happen to your friend?
User avatar #198 to #197 - strangesir (10/28/2014) [-]
Be glad it wasn't a family of anymore than that. I had a friend who was the 9th, and I think last, kid in his family. He of course wasn't a very good one either... Smoking weed illegally and commonly, disobeying parents (Who weren't good ones by the way), being a pyromaniac, and all-around usually an idiot

Nuthin' I just haven't checked Skype recently. He was busy and such when I tried to catch him on there. Now he probably could sometime though.
User avatar #199 to #198 - deltaxomega (10/28/2014) [-]
lucky me....

Ahh got it
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