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(03/18/2013) [-]

one day, in late august, fluttershy was walking home from her spa date with her friend rarity. she was humming a happy tune as she walked down the road through the center of town, kicking a rock as she went. it was however, very hot outside, almost no one else was out in the sunlight,
"why can't princess Celestia make every day 73 degrees" she complained to herself as she made it mast the candy covered sugar cube corner, which was emitting little waves of heat off the roof.
she went inside to find a sweltering pinkiepie sitting in the corner face to the wall. the sheen of sweat on her pink fur was noticeable from twenty feet away. fluttershy walked in silently.
fluttershy walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. the pink mare instantly tensed up at the touch, turning a more fuchsia shade around the shoulder region.
"oh, hi fluttershy" she said nervously with a slight tremble in her voice.
the yellow pegasus ignored her friends out of the ordinary attitude at the moment.
"so," fluttershy said as pinkie began to ease up "are you free to do something?"
"like what?" pinkie said in a higher tone than before, turning her head around.
"oh, i don't know, maybe go to a pool?"
"oh, one second... could you sit outside for a little bit?"
"um... not that i am complaining, but i would rather not, it is very hot outside"
"then could you turn away for a little?" pinkie said with a bit of force.
"what's wrong?" fluttershy asked, now very concerned with why she had to look the other way.
"nothing!" pinkie said, raising her voice "i just need you to turn around for a couple seconds."
fluttershy noticed the slightly damp spot under pinky, turning her fur a few shades darker. "if it is a 'mare' problem, i totally understand. there is no reason to be ashamed of it, it is only natural." fluttershy said with a helpful look. this made pinkie's face turn near purple as she turn towards the pegasus.
"oh, my" fluttershy said as she blushed.
User avatar #167 to #166 - dafiltafish
(03/18/2013) [-]
what lied before fluttershy was the pink mass she knew and loved (platonic love, of course...right?) only her turquoise eyes could only call pinkie that. for what drew most of the pegasus' attention was the pelvic region of her friend. between the rear legs of the pink mare the was a large russet potato stuck halfway in her vagina. yes, there was blood, a lot of blood, more blood than there should have been. pinkie broke her train of thought "i was experimenting, and all we had was a potato. i shoved it in too far and now it won't come out. it hurts."
fluttershy thought hard for a few minutes. it was no larger than a foal would be, so logically pinkie could pass it. although, knowing that pinkie was more or less a virgin (we dont talk about that day in las pegasus), the act of doing so was going to be hard. flutttershyy spoke up.
"i know it is a bit of an odd mindset for you, but pretend you are giving birth."
pinkie sat there with the largest 'how' expression flutterhsy had ever seen.
blushing, fluttershy stepped closer.
"well, on some animals i take care of that are having their first child, it is necessary to massage the area around the vaginal opening"
pinkie did so with a pained and embarrassed expression on her face, but she did feel a slip.
"alright, it slipped out a little" she said with more pain in her voice as the potato was now on the largest diameter.
"you got it in there, you can get it out" fluttershy said sternly, yet softly. "you can also try rubbing the clitoris to force muscle spasms" she said quickly.
pinkie nodded as fluttershy began to once again stare at her friend's vaginal opening and the brown lump sticking out of it, fluttershy's back side felt hot. she sat down in order to cool it.
she continued to stare, blushing profusely.
User avatar #168 to #167 - dafiltafish
(03/18/2013) [-]
pinkie then let out a shriek as the potato rocketed out of her ending up in a lump, bloody and sopping wet.
fluttershy then got a nosebleed. the smell of all the body fluids in the room got the best of her as she inched towards pinkie, who at this time was laying on her back breathing heavily.
she felt a sensation once again in her thigh. she looked up to she the yellow pegasus lapping the blood out of her fur, wings sprawled out to their maximum length and throbbing.
a bit delusional from bloodloss and exhaustion, pinkie layed her head back and let it happen.
fluttershy on the other hoof was infatuated. she had always found pinkie to be a very pretty mare, from her curly lock mane down to her perfectly sculpted hooves. but she was astounded by how much she loved her friend's upper thighs. so toned, so warm. the blood didn't matter, fluttershy was focused on the feel of her friend's upper leg on her tongue. she was saddened when she had cleaned them off completely. fluttershy then eyed her friends vaginal lips. a voice of inhibition in her head was muted as she dove face first into the salty brine. fluttershy was in love with this mix of vaginal fluid and blood, so much so that she was fearing herself a carnivore. once again the voice was silenced as she dined on the fluids.

pinkie's muscles then made a slight twitch and tensed up, giving way to a light ejaculation directly into fluttershy's mouth. at first is shocked her, but then as the watery and salty milk began to work its way into her throat she found it enjoyable. fluttershy then got up and went over pinkie's knee, rubbing her nether-region on the patella as she moaned in ecstasy. fluttershy climaxed with a rush of adrenaline and dopamine. she collapsed on the floor next to her friend and fell asleep as she gazed at pinkie pie's sweet face.
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fluttershy woke up to a scream. Mrs. cake was standing in the doorway.
wide eyed at the older mare, fluttershy said "THIS ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!"
it did not help the situation as Mrs. cake booked it down the street. fluttershy then observed her surroundings to figure out what it did look like. pinkie was still sprawled out on the floor, her vagina had made a pool of blood around it. "had the bleeding not stopped?" fluttershy asked herself. she then looked at pinkie, who was extremely pale. she looked at her face in the mirror, covered in bloodstains as will as the majority of her torso. she decided against cleaning up as she looked down at pinkie again, her breathing breathing was labored. slapping the door open with pinkie in tow, she flew to the hospital, outpacing Mrs. cake.
through the emergency room doors she slid to a stop leaving a trail of blood on the tile. the nurse on call was horrified as she called for two stretchers.

fluttershy was taken to a room as pinkie was rushed off to intensive care. she tried to object, only to find her wings were burning.

after the doctor cleaned her up and took her through an annoyingly long series of tests, fluttershy was allowed to go. she went to the waiting room to hear the news about her friend, sweating bullets as the hours past. she was near comatose when rainbow dash arrived.
seeing her friend so shook up terrified dash. "what's wrong?" she said staring at the bleached yellow pegasus.
dash then sat next to her. unsure of what to say to such a fragile pony in such a fragile state, she put her arm around her friend's shoulder. fluttershy's head dropped as silent tears started to flow.
User avatar #170 to #169 - dafiltafish
(03/18/2013) [-]
rainbow dash had gone home. the nurse tried to get fluttershy to move, but they couldn't get a response out of her. she gave the pegasus a blanket and returned to her station and newspaper.

at 9 am the next day the doors swung open. fluttershy looked up to see only a doctor. she wanted to cry, she wanted to yell, she wanted to take back time. but she could do none of those things. all she could do was sit there and hang her head as the pony next to her patted her on the back with a nice word of encouragement.
she had killed her best friend, she had lost the chance to share a life with the only pony she had any kind of desire for. there was no future for a murdering loner. her thoughts became darker and darker as the doctor approached her, carrying a clipboard with a sullen look on his face.
"fluttershy?" he asked
fluttershy looked up, preparing for the words that would drive home the final nail.
"your friend, you know her 'well', right?" here it came
"well, all i can ask is that you don't use a potato again"
fluttershy looked up, saddened, but angry. HOW DARE HE! she found her voice and began screaming incoherent slurs of curse words and insults at the now cowering doctor, spiting on him before breaking down into a lump and crying her eyes out. the nurse yelled at the doctor for making such an obviously insensitive joke.

he retorted to all the negative attention with a fit of expletives followed by "SHE'S ALIVE YOU DOLT OF A NURSE!!"

"w-what?" fluttershy said softly through her tears.
the doctor walked over to her, avoiding the still seething nurse. "room 218"

she rushed down the hallway and up the stairs to the room. opening the door she found pinkie, reading a book. she had huge bags under her eyes. fluttershy panicked, thinking that she would be the target for a second barrage of emotional turmoil. as she stepped closer to the bed, pinkie looked up, smiling.
"hi there loose lips" she said with a snicker.
User avatar #171 to #170 - dafiltafish
(03/18/2013) [-]
fluttershy bounded towards her friend with a massive smile, her tear stains drying in the rushed air.
"come here" pinkie said with a coy smile on her face
fluttershy leaned in to be pecked on the lips. fluttershy started to apologize for her actions and not getting her to the hospital sooner but pinkie stopped her.
"i know you too well to hold a grudge."
at this fluttershy sat with her head on pinkie's bed, as the pink mare cradled it.
"no matter what happens" she told fluttershy "we will always be friends"