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#165 - dafiltafish (02/14/2013) [-]
story tiem!!!

this is my dream from last night

okay, so i am rainbow dash and there is a new pony at school (never mind the whole cloudsdale thing) and she is an earth pony. but here is the thing, she is blind. okay, so after about 2 hours on the first day the bullies go after her with all their fury, she smiles on through, but i can tell that it s slowly hurting her. IDEA! make friends! so after class i sit down with her and ask her about how she feels, she responds "much better", i am not quite sure what that means so i ask her if she want's to go flying at lunch break. with a confused expression she asks "how?". i tell he that i will hand on to her arms and if there is an emergency we wont be more than 10 feet off the ground. she accepts my offer and smiles asking if i could lead her to our next class. at lunch we eat our food as she asks about the flying (i nearly forgot). so we go up to a hill on the edge of campus and prepare. i fly up, grab her under under her arms and after several awkward noises we are off. you don't need to see to feel G-force as she was whooping and hollering in excitement. we did about 3 runs and had set off on the forth when the bully pegasi came up to us demanding i set her down. of course i am no pushover and i pull up instead warranting a chase. as i get to a stall point i feel and hear the most sickening thing anyone should have to. my ribs audibly cracked under a hoof punch. then another hit me in the head and i blacked out. i awoke several days later in a hospital room. she had horrible bruises from the bullies and a broken collarbone from the fall. she also had a punctured lung. i waited there for nine days for her condition to improve despite my own pain. it did not. it was a Saturday, the hearse left and the coffin was buried. it had been three days since she passed away and i couldn't help but feeling that it was all my fault. the guilt remained.

great story huh?