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User avatar #127 - dafiltafish
(12/31/2012) [-]
dreams... okay i have a sexy one for you.

so i happen upon a house in the middle of nowhere. the man at the front lets me in and escorts me to the kitchen where a couple of people already stand. he pours me a drink and asks if i would like to have some fun in exchange for some designs. i say, "sure". so he escorts me downstairs along with the other people where he instructs us to strip down to nothing. he then opens the door and we are in a room with several doors. "pick one" he says. the other two people (male and female) go to random rooms. when i enter my room all the doors lock and i hear a loud moan from 6 rooms down, it is the woman. what happens in my room is the door at the other end opens and two beautiful women come towards me, all greased up and crotches sopping wet. as they take me between them using their boobs as lube applier, i start getting real excited. seeing this they both retread, the redhead lies on top of the blond one and they tell me to stick my now massive erection between the two vaginas as they make out. thrusting harder and harder i cum between them. they lick each-other off and leave telling me there is better yet to come.

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User avatar #128 to #127 - dafiltafish
(12/31/2012) [-]
part 2:

so after they leave, one groping the others' ass. the door swings open and another busty (yet clothed) women gives me some cloths. the man who escorted me down there then tells me to get to work and escorts me to the garage where there is a giant pad of gel like material. "build me a car" he says. i touch the stuff and it conforms to my will. i then go about making the sexiest roadster you have ever seen. not one of these pussy "oh, lets chop the top off and sell it for $5000 more" but a real roadster, one with classic wheels, white walls, and tan leather seats. all painted camel brown. i tell you it was a sight to behold, a sight i have been trying to draw ever since i had the dream. anyway, after i get done with the seats i hear a small peep from behind the hood. there, in the full nude stands a woman with long flowing pink hair. in a state of lucid dreaming i recognize the hair immediately as fluttershy, but then i notice the wings, those soft supple downy wings, and they set me off. as soon as she notices with their beautiful green eyes the wings make *pomf* sound and she approaches me, slowly massaging my crotch until i cant take it anymore, i remove my cloths, get into the passenger seat and penetrate her. not thrusting, just holding her, hugging her D-cups against my neck as her heart rate gets ever so slightly higher. i then proceed to back in and out a little. see lets off a soft moan. she then kisses my fore-head and sits on the convertible roof.

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User avatar #129 to #128 - dafiltafish
(12/31/2012) [-]
part 3:

after staring at her magnificent clitoris, the cutest shade of pink ever. i bend over and begin to rub it with my tongue. after a bit it starts getting very slippery and my tongue slips into her vagina. she doesn't stop me as i lick my way as far as i can. she then stops me ans whispers in my ear to use my penis again and lick her wing. i do. it tastes of fresh air and strawberry. as the thrusting gets more passionate and moans slightly louder she orgasms. and after a couple more seconds i do too. she then spins me around and sits on my erection once more as i feel the wetness from my semen and her vaginal juices leak out. we spend the next hour in each others' arms until she falls asleep and, after a couple more minuets i do too. i then woke up.

best dream ever.