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#101 - I think jesse eisenberg is too much of a bitch to be lex lutho…  [+] (6 replies) 07/12/2015 on dawn of justice 0
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#118 - dunkleosteus (07/12/2015) [-]
imo I think it's a great take on superman. When superman first appeared he was criticized for being over powered, forcing the creators to create kryptonite just to tone him back. I can totally understand that a man with incredible, nearly limitless strength might not have the ability to control it. We have school and law and so many institutions that teach each of us how to act and behave in our society, but what could possibly prepare a man for the ability to crush a building with a single hand? What are the chances that the one guy in the world who has these powers and tries to put them towards a righteous cause is also prepared to use them properly and responsibly? I think that sort of control and experience would come from a lot of mistakes and errors. I don't think it's within everyone's abilities to be able to control and handle that kind of power, no matter how altruistic your ideals. To put all the power in the universe in the hands of a man who grew up as average and normal as everyone else. How he struggles with it- you or I could try to catch a ball and miss, but for a man like superman, the responsibility and weight of every action he takes could be catastrophic. His equivalent to missing a catch could cause 20 deaths, and the public would go crazy. Superman is a man that has to be absolutely perfect in everything he attempts because that's what we'd demand from a man with that much power. He would scare us. I think that's the most real you could make him.
#127 - thegamegestapo (07/12/2015) [-]
I worry you've missed the point of Superman. His whole shtick is that he's so much more than a human which is ironic because he's still just a man. He's the everyman, the average Joe, the Johnny-No-Name. He doesn't want vengeance like Batman, he doesn't want to lead humanity to greatness like Tony Stark, he just wants to do what's right in that particular moment. Truth, justice, and the American way; that's just what his parents taught him. The thought of being a literal god amongst us simply doesn't occur to him.

The implications of that come from his supporting characters. Lois Lane, the ordinary human who he loves is fully aware that her husband (well, pre-Nu52) is incomprehensibly better but keeps she does her best and that's enough, Jonathan and Martha Kent who are impossibly out of their depth but damn if they didn't do the best they could (which incidentally was enough), and Batman; who is probably Superman's closest ally despite being nothing more than a bank account, some gadgets, and a sob story held together with a will of iron.

Hell, even Lex Luthor is a product of Superman. Think about it, Zod, Doomsday, Darkseid, they're all heavy hitters but in truth the greatest enemy of Superman is just a man. Lex (and even Batman) would have us believe that fear is the only motivator to be great. They would drag us kicking and screaming from the primordial muck by threatening to stamp us to mush but Superman just flies into the sky and says "follow me".

Superman isn't great because of what he can do, he's great because of what he inspires other people to do. Superman is supposed to be the impossibly bright light that we humans follow to greatness. Call him a god, call him a Jesus metaphor, call him a insufferable Mary Sue but the thing I take away from a well written Superman comic is that if we- as human beings- do our best then we can stand next to the likes of Superman and tell Darkseid to get the hell off our porch.

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#116 - ljxjlos (07/12/2015) [-]
I´m going to watch it, because I like Supes. But if it turns out like that I´ll leave the theater without remorse.

Either way, I´m way more hyped for Aquaman and the possibility of Constantine on big Screen and Justice League Dark happening.
#131 - kapkap (07/12/2015) [-]
never even heard of JLD before your comment, but i always did love the JL animated show
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#132 - ljxjlos (07/12/2015) [-]
You should give it a try. It´s not insanely well-thought or well-written, but the line-up is fantastic (Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Agent Frankenstein, etc) and it has some awesome moments.
#105 - Nohelpforu (07/12/2015) [-]
Lex was always a bitch until he gets psychotic. KJessie Eisenberg does a powerful psychotic bit. Therefor hes a good match for a (younger) Lex Luthor. Just my thoughts on it.
#1427 - Am I pretty?  [+] (1 reply) 05/13/2015 on Show Admin how pretty you are +2
#1441 - wildredsock (05/13/2015) [-]
As kawaii as a basket fulla cats.
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