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#4 - Christianity Because any and everything that doesn't agree…  [+] (5 new replies) 09/07/2012 on Atheism is for losers +5
#5 - anonymous (09/07/2012) [-]
go kill yourself
User avatar #6 - daburger (09/07/2012) [-]
My point exactly. I'm not even atheist, but since I don't agree with your religious view I should just go off myself.
#7 - anonymous (09/07/2012) [-]
if your too angery and stupid to accept Jesus then you should have your head stomped into paste you fucking idiot
User avatar #46 - bloodbathmcbullet (09/07/2012) [-]
Too stupid to accept Jesus? Woa their buddy, now I am a christian, and don't get me wrong here, but you are the one whose head should get stomped into paste. Jesus was trying to teach peace, and you are what gives us Christians such a bad name. Oh he disagrees with you, he must be an idiot for having different belives.
User avatar #10 - daburger (09/07/2012) [-]
You're probably trolling, but if not
1) Be a man and login
2) I'm not angry here, you're the one throwing around threats.
3) Why should I have to accept Jesus' teachings even though the Muslim and Jewish teaching are exactly the same? What makes your religion the best of all of them?
#27 - He says debate, you post a gif........ While the U.S…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/07/2012 on Punchline 0
#116 - itsmypenis has deleted their comment.
#26 - Well, not always. That's the controversy over Gitmo is that th…  [+] (13 new replies) 09/07/2012 on Punchline +1
User avatar #220 - Mahazama (09/07/2012) [-]
I'd rather the CIA accidentally torture the wrong guy than have there be another 9/11 or 7/7, or any terrorist attack on the west for that matter.
User avatar #313 - rainbowrush (09/07/2012) [-]
Maybe you have some information we need. Lets torture you to find out.

I don't you have thought anything through, ever. Rethink everything, you are terribly misinformed and stupid.
User avatar #289 - thelastamerican (09/07/2012) [-]
You would have your government torture an innocent man. (for any reason) You sicken me. No innocent man, regardless of reason, should be tortured just to make you sleep better at night. You are what is wrong with the country and the world today. Torture isn't a plaything to be used on a person just because you want some quick answers. Torture is a messy information gathering technique so far below us that there is absolutely no reason to physically torture anyone in American custody. A tortured man will tell you anything to make the pain stop. He might even believe it. If you want the truth and you are willing to torture to get it, then why not give them a shot of something as archaic as sodium pentothal then ask them what you want to know? A person doped up enough with any one of a range of drugs will tell you exactly what you want to know truthfully. But no, you would rather a man who never hurt a fly to be harmed just so that you can feel go about your daily affairs without worry.

Welcome all, to what we have become. A country of spineless, homophobic, mindless drones who will do anything to keep from having to worry about the future. Has there ever been an easier population to control?
User avatar #234 - teoferrazzi (09/07/2012) [-]
...this is America, gentlemen:
people begging for a police state while they brag about their freedom
User avatar #248 - Mahazama (09/07/2012) [-]
Aren't you just the cutest little rebel hippie.
Torturing Bin Laden's buddies doesn't make america a police state.
User avatar #564 - thelastamerican (09/08/2012) [-]
Torturing an innocent man does.
User avatar #496 - bible (09/07/2012) [-]
Try not to reason with these people.
User avatar #269 - teoferrazzi (09/07/2012) [-]
I take it your act in life is 'conservative' because you've been raised in a place that's liberal and this is your attempt at being different. either that, or these 'values' of yours have been passed on to you by your family. either way, it is clear you have put zero thought in what you have to say. I'm not interested in your transparent act; you don't have a solid opinion.
User avatar #565 - thelastamerican (09/08/2012) [-]
Let me reassure you that this is not the reasoning of a conservative person, rather the ramblings of a spineless pawn.
#271 - anonymous (09/07/2012) [-]
That entire diatribe served no purpose to the argument in any way at all. Try proving some actual points and not just setting up useless strawmen.
User avatar #279 - teoferrazzi (09/07/2012) [-]
'torturing Bin Laden's buddies'
that sentence alone is exemplary enough of your ignorance; I took it from there.
I'm not interested in debating any further.
User avatar #379 - personface (09/07/2012) [-]
I initially agreed with you but then you had to be a dick. You guys both suck.
#221 - anonymous (09/07/2012) [-]
i hope your family get rapped by the cia just so a shity cunt like you can have a remote idea of what torture looks like
#11 - Dude has somewhat of a point. I remember reading this story of… 09/07/2012 on Could work +10
#20 - China can't place an embargo on the U.S. because the U.S. has … 09/06/2012 on America, Fuck Yeah 0
#19 - Not sure why you got a red thumb, you're right. Numbers are bi… 09/06/2012 on America, Fuck Yeah 0
#22 - There's being curvy and being obese. This is a case of the lat… 09/06/2012 on Bitches -23
#128 - **** , I just like FJ for the layout. FJ would be … 09/06/2012 on Sitting Here +2
#24 - Villain. >Take over the world >Re-write hi… 09/06/2012 on The dark knight 0
#81 - Well that sounds like a pretty ****** book  [+] (1 new reply) 09/06/2012 on Afterlife 0
User avatar #131 - winsauceiswin (09/06/2012) [-]
it was, i fucking hated it
#78 - Thats.... that's just perfect.  [+] (1 new reply) 09/06/2012 on Afterlife +22
User avatar #79 - mspainter (09/06/2012) [-]
thanks :)
#97 - Well no because that was between the U.S. and Britain. Ca… 09/05/2012 on Canadian Commandos +1
#79 - Picture 09/05/2012 on Oh lawd +8
#62 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 09/05/2012 on White People 0
#146 - gmanred (09/05/2012) [-]
#17 - I'm fully aware of that; however, OP is not and I'm trying to … 09/05/2012 on dont violate yourself. 0
#10 - Your ass is larger than your hands.  [+] (2 new replies) 09/05/2012 on dont violate yourself. 0
#15 - anonymous (09/05/2012) [-]
Too bad, your asshole is the only part that matters. And it is not.
User avatar #17 - daburger (09/05/2012) [-]
I'm fully aware of that; however, OP is not and I'm trying to explain the joke.
#612 - Oh wow, my black son actually did do it. What a nice guy. 09/04/2012 on To the FJ community. +1
#611 - Here OP, I got this for you. 09/04/2012 on To the FJ community. 0
#179 - The programming has little to do with your battery life, it's … 09/02/2012 on Iphone, 0
#89 - I'm a fan of both series, but you can't compare the two differ… 09/01/2012 on lol wut 0
#145 - Here, I got this for you.  [+] (3 new replies) 08/31/2012 on tablet +7
User avatar #147 - buttgauges (08/31/2012) [-]
Love it. (=
User avatar #152 - pheonixinstinct (08/31/2012) [-]
so how many weird places has your name taken you?
#153 - buttgauges (08/31/2012) [-]
You don't want to know.
#77 - She always wears it better 08/30/2012 on cosplay +1
#878399 - Cool story bro 08/30/2012 on autism autism autism autism +21
#63 - (Inb4 red thumbs) It annoys me, and it annoyed Neil, when peop…  [+] (6 new replies) 08/26/2012 on Neil Armstrong is cool +14
User avatar #84 - philliyoMLB (08/26/2012) [-]
I do concur that this man is in fact a hero, why? Well this man came from nothing he was not a rich kid, and had no important family but he had his goal set our for him to which he worked real hard at accomplishing it and yet he becomes the first person on the moon while meeting death a lot on the way. He teaches everyone that they can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it. A soldier saves ten lives, he is also doing his job but that man is a hero. Armstrong could've stopped the mission due to problems or decided it not safe, but he went through with it anyway while ending the cold war along with it.
User avatar #96 - batassassin (08/26/2012) [-]
the consensus here is that he is NOT a hero. you're concurring with nothing. what you're saying is complete bullshit. the moon landing contributed to ending the cold war, but by no means actually ended the cold war. he didn't go through with the moon landing to prove anyone can do anything, he did it because it was his job. and it wasn't his place to decide if it was safe or not, he had no authority to stop the mission. he just did his job. so stop being an optimistic pansy and see it for what it was: a man doing his job. this man was just so lucky enough for his job to be walking on the fucking moon.
#68 - anonymous (08/26/2012) [-]
except he's not a great man.. he played a part in faking the moon landing and died with the truth. what an asshole
#72 - juspate has deleted their comment.
User avatar #73 - anthonyd (08/26/2012) [-]
let's go with the latter.
#76 - juspate has deleted their comment.
#24 - Well I don't, so you all are fags.  [+] (3 new replies) 08/26/2012 on lolwut -19
#40 - ragingbrony (08/26/2012) [-]
This image has expired
You were raped once....weren't you daburger?
User avatar #28 - sixfivefourtwoone (08/26/2012) [-]
Someone didn't either didn't understand the joke, or is not comfortable with their sexuality so they take it out on everyone else by calling them cigarette butts.
#26 - anonymous (08/26/2012) [-]
cuz you are the one being raped... while 9 people bang you



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