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#21 - she is cute  [+] (2 replies) 07/15/2015 on More Cringe Than a 12 Year... +1
#64 - anon (07/16/2015) [-]
And she seemed to like him. Y'all faggots are laughing at this but this guy probably lost his virginity before 70% of funnyjunk.
#37 - dameush (07/15/2015) [-]
is she 13?
#21 - look at it. they arent playing.. that is not the part of the n…  [+] (7 replies) 06/24/2015 on A dangerous beast +25
#79 - teranis (06/25/2015) [-]
Dozens of rabbits stand around giving zero fucks about one of their own being chased down by a predator, soon to be slaughtered.
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#84 - garymotherfingoak (06/25/2015) [-]
mostly because they dont want to provoke the predator into chasing them as well, plus there's not much they can do about it.
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#90 - renespar (06/25/2015) [-]
dunno if you've ever seen a rabbit that's put in defensive mode, one of those fuckers could run up and claw it to bloody tatters it's just straight up indifference on their part
#119 - catburglarpenis (06/25/2015) [-]
"Is that Larry running? Fuck em'. I never liked Larry."
#30 - anon (06/24/2015) [-]
yeah, only in the video you posted we see a member of the weasel family - a stoat, while in the video above - a common weasel.

< this also comes from the weasel family
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#55 - capslockrage (06/25/2015) [-]
One in the video is a stoat too.
#216 - anon (06/25/2015) [-]
no, it's a weasel.
>cysco posted a stoat.
>op posted a weasel.
>you are a fagot.
#2 - kinda reminds me of this  [+] (1 reply) 06/24/2015 on Sprite +12
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#3 - gemmahayter (06/24/2015) [-]
tried too hard because it still rhymes
#8 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 06/17/2015 on Demetri Martin +17
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#9 - pjbirdhatt (06/17/2015) [-]
underrated post
#39 - I really can't understand why someone choses an iphone over an…  [+] (63 replies) 05/29/2015 on A SIMPLE TEXT WILL CRASH... +16
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#277 - playapplepie (05/30/2015) [-]
My first smartphone was an Android. The Samsung Continuum. Excellent phone until it was updated to the latest Android version for it (Which I think was Froyo). The phone then became unreliable, crashed often, slow as molasses, couldn't do much besides call and text. I elected to get an iPhone 5S as my next phone, and I don't think I'll ever go back to Android. I'm looking to trade in my 5S up for the 6. It's just a preference thing now, almost like a pair of shoes.

As far as hardware goes, I find it trivial really. Octocore CPU? What's the point? if the OS is coded efficiently then the hardware doesn't need to be decked out. The iPhone is developed to have the amount of hardware that is necessary for iOS to run efficiently. If dual core CPUs and a gig of ram is enough to run well, then so be it.

Of course the battery Is an extemption. I admit iPhone batteries don't have the greatest amount of battery life.
User avatar
#260 - abstractpink (05/30/2015) [-]
Okay, cysco
I have not seen such a retarded comment in a very long time, which is surprising.

You obviously know nothing about tech; Android has better specs, yeah, because the system is based on Linux and fucking Java, and it uses up to TEN TIMES more processing power doing simple tasks. iOS is based on Unix, and it's TAILORED specifically to each indivial iPhone, whereas Android is made to fit EVERY phone, therefore making it A LOT less optimized.
As for the camera, iOS has better optimization. That's why the screens are better on iPhones than high spec Androids too, because of the DPI, the optimization. I have a Nexus 5 which has an insanely high resolution and the screen still is only just as good as the screen on my iPhone 4S because of the DPI ALONE.

As for the Windows phone, it's shit. The specs are shit which is bad in this case because the OS is built on an unstable Windows kernel making the phone shit overall, plus it has almost no apps and it's more locked down than the iPhone.

I'm not saying iPhone is definitely better than Android, but Jesus fucking Christ you have to be such a stupid fucking cunt to think that it's "overpriced". The iPhone is hardly much more expensive than the Nexus 6 or the Galaxy S6, just a tad more expensive and it also ensures that the design is better, the system is more stable, and it gets updates for MUCH longer than any Samsung device EVER has.

You literally do not have any idea what you're talking about, the most preferable option in this case would be suicide; goodbye
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#171 - ronyx (05/30/2015) [-]

#1 it's the "COOL" brand right now
User avatar
#164 - brawnyjavo (05/30/2015) [-]
FYI, android does not trump a thing when it comes to security. It is actually horrifying how bad it is.
User avatar
#141 - crimsontyyde (05/30/2015) [-]
I use the Z3, really bloody nice phone.
User avatar
#115 - beardgasm (05/30/2015) [-]
They are both equally shit. Switched from an iphone 5 where apps would crash like crazy and web browsing was shit, to an LG G3 where the keyboard keeps crashing and shit lags like crazy.
User avatar
#184 - fluttershyismine (05/30/2015) [-]
LG on Lollipop yes lags like hell you can try and root and install custom ROM's tho. LG wasnt ready for rolling L to their new flagship phones. Only now with the G4 they fixed their fukin lag
User avatar
#281 - beardgasm (05/30/2015) [-]
Well, that's my experience with my android phone anyways. Still had just as much problems as an iPhone.
User avatar
#113 - thegamepixel (05/30/2015) [-]
Octa core CPU!? Holy shit, why? My PC only has a quad!
User avatar
#120 - charizarddad (05/30/2015) [-]
are you joking?
User avatar
#122 - thegamepixel (05/30/2015) [-]
User avatar
#127 - charizarddad (05/30/2015) [-]
you cant really judge processors just on the amount of cores and clock speed. octa core 2ghz isnt going to be nearly as fast as quad core for a computer because theyre almost like a different technology. even between two computers, two processors at a similar speed and price, one with 4 cores and the other with 8, the quad can still outperform the 8. this is especially seen in amd versus intel. while amd might have an octa core, it wont have the same amount of threads(which are like sub cores) as a quad core intel where it loses performance. i dont know a WHOLE lot about processors but quad core or octa core dont really mean too much. also there is more to it than just processor speed
User avatar
#133 - thegamepixel (05/30/2015) [-]
my point was: "like damn octacore is excessive for a phone"
User avatar
#135 - charizarddad (05/30/2015) [-]
well its(from what ive read, usually) more like dual quad core. and while it is octacore it wont perform like a pc's might. i still agree though. dont really spend enough time or do anything important enough on my phone to need 8 cores. www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/octa-core-vs-quad-core-what-s-the-difference
User avatar
#136 - thegamepixel (05/30/2015) [-]
not octa core but dual quad core
2 x 4 = 8

there are 8 cores
User avatar
#137 - charizarddad (05/30/2015) [-]
website i linked explains it better. "Modern octa-core chips, meanwhile, simply have two sets of quad-core processors, which split various tasks between them according to type. Most of the time, the lower-powered set of cores will be employed. When advanced tasks are needed, however, the faster set of four cores will kick in.

A more accurate term than octa-core, then, would be "dual quad-core". But that just sounds confusing, and it's not nearly so marketable. So, octa-core it is."
#138 - thegamepixel (05/30/2015) [-]
What are you trying to tell me, all I said was that 8 cores is excessive for a phone
User avatar
#94 - thefates (05/30/2015) [-]
I know someone who prefers the available customer support as well. (Not that you need customer support if your phone isn't shit).
User avatar
#92 - joshlol (05/30/2015) [-]
because not everyone gives that much of a fuck about their phone and chooses the one that looks nicer?
User avatar
#46 - crankii (05/29/2015) [-]
some people like ios more than android
#86 - ugoboom (05/30/2015) [-]
then their opinions are wrong
#114 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
It's not an opinion, it's a preference.
#117 - ugoboom (05/30/2015) [-]
It's a wrong preference
#87 - crankii (05/30/2015) [-]
#45 - jtastic (05/29/2015) [-]
It's honestly not about the specific specs that makes iPhones better. It's the overall feel and look of the iPhone internally and externally that makes it better than any other phone. Don't get me wrong, Android trumps iPhone in every single category, but Androids don't possess the same feel as an iPhone and is therefore not as good as it. I sound like a retard to everyone who hasn't owned an iPhone before, but people who have owned it know exactly what I mean
#252 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
and jailbreak.
User avatar
#242 - imsodrunk (05/30/2015) [-]
I have owned both and the android is better and their is no feel it sucked so I got an android end of story
User avatar
#220 - JariWeis (05/30/2015) [-]
Have you ever held a Huawei P7 or P8?
Or maybe a HTC One M8/M9?
Those are better, coming from someone who had an iPhone 5S.
#183 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
I've owned products from both Microsoft and Apple, since I was 8. Based soley on my ability to work on them,tweak them and customize. Microsoft. Apple requires a larger workaround for that. Same with concept of Android or Apple, Android is my go to. It might have to be personality and how the brains work and navigate correlating to it's phone. But ... I don't care one way or the other what someone else has.
User avatar
#155 - hairysmellyanus (05/30/2015) [-]
I have owned an iphone and I prefer not having to buy a new phone every year to buy the latest aps.
User avatar
#188 - fluttershyismine (05/30/2015) [-]
thats the shit part about android. with iOs and controlled OEM roms u get updates and bugfixes on a constant basis. with android it depends on the OEM, the android variant, the carrier, etc. its just plain fucking retarded
User avatar
#229 - hairysmellyanus (05/30/2015) [-]
No. I'm talking about iphones. Iphones are bullshit.
User avatar
#134 - sphincterface (05/30/2015) [-]
I am not a huge iPhone fan, but I have to agree. There is something so easy about using them and how it feels using them. Maybe it is because how simple they are designed and yet so useful at the same time.
User avatar
#93 - joshlol (05/30/2015) [-]
I still use a 4s from early 2012 lol
never used a protective case either, not a scratch on it
I dunno how so many people manage to crack their screens
User avatar
#143 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
well to be fair, yours is under the protection of your virginity. But in all seriousness, the 4s, was a phenomenal device and you're amazing to not be able to have any scratches on it, that shit was like a scratch vacuum
User avatar
#230 - joshlol (05/30/2015) [-]
it was the perfect size too
after that they started making them bigger
User avatar
#261 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
I actually prefer them bigger tbh, granted in 6'4 and my hands are huge but it's just so much better
User avatar
#263 - joshlol (05/30/2015) [-]
I like to travel as light as possible
iphone 6 plus is obnoxiously big

I wouldn't mind a 5s though just for fingerprint scanner
User avatar
#265 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
Yeah I could see how you could say thaT, and personally I find the 5s to actually be the best iPhone in terms of feel and quality. And trust me man, the fingerprint scanner saves you so much more time instead of constantly putting in your password
#84 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
I have owned an Iphone, and I can't honestly say you are wrong from experience. However it IS a matter of taste/opinion, so you can't say it is flat out better than any phone, simply because appearance is very subjective. However I agree that physically they are well made and feel like a higher quality piece of hardware. I had an android and while it wasn't terrible, I could feel the plastic buttons, and it didn't feel as sturdy, even if I was less worried that the screen would crack.
#73 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
I've owned iPhone, Androids (various), Windows Phone, and a few Blackberries. Windows Phone has always won. It feels so much better than any of the others, is a lot more durable, and although there are less apps, you still get all the apps you really need. My only complaint is the current SnapChat issue, but that's SC's fault. They can go fuck themselves.

Also, just for a reference on how much nicer WP is over the others, I use a Lumia 635 and used to have a Lumia 520 (which I personally liked better). They are ~$50 phones without a contract and perform better than an iPhone 5 or your average $400 stock Android in terms of reliability and smoothness.
User avatar
#76 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
idk man, I've had the galaxy S4, HTC One S, a Windows Phone, and even after all that, I still prefer my current iPhone 6... That being said, I'm also a massive brand whore and maybe that's why I like the feel of owning an iPhone, but the main reason I personally love it is because it's %100 retard proof and I personally don't like being given so much power to customize my phone yknow? I prefer just going with what is given so that I don't go crazy and slow my phone all the way down. But I agree, Windows Phones are a very very close second
User avatar
#67 - epicalania (05/30/2015) [-]
If you like iphones because of how they look outside, yes I think they look good, but so do some android phones, in my opinion samsung galaxy S series looks better that's subjective though so I can't refute which one is best to you
If you like them because of they way they feel to use, you can do the same on an android, you can get custom kernels and various software that gives you the feel of a lockdown OS
spec-wise, androids almost always win, it's objective so there's no real argument unless you cherry pick the few androids that have worse specs
so overall, I'd say it's better to get an android and use a custom rom to achieve the feel of Ios and still have the better specs and the personalisation ability to tailor it to your specific wants.
But if you prefer Iphone that's your choice, you actually know the differences and chose for yourself rather than just bullshitting your way through it like some people I know
User avatar
#123 - adrilazzaro (05/30/2015) [-]
I hate apple as much as the next guy but "If you like them because of they way they feel to use, you can do the same on an android, you can get custom kernels and various software that gives you the feel of a lockdown OS " is precisely why people buy apple, they don't know how to change their software and settings to their likings and even if they do know they don't want to do it because that takes effort. They want their product to come simple and to their liking right out of the box. Anything that takes more effort than that is too much for the average consumer.
#165 - elaxx (05/30/2015) [-]
The funnies thing is that they pay a shitload of additional money to feel limited.
User avatar
#59 - ugoboom (05/29/2015) [-]
That's because it's a locked down OS. Everything is highly curated by apple. This means that they can achieve a higher consistency, yet sacrifice innovation.

The "feel" is a byproduct of a proprietary-ass OS. There's no reason to support it.
#124 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
>consistency isn't a reason to support an OS

Yes, yes, the fact that my LG phone misidentifies apps within the task manager is a good thing.
#139 - ugoboom (05/30/2015) [-]
Did I say that your problem was a good thing?
User avatar
#105 - applesdontpee (05/30/2015) [-]
i think it's nicer for people who aren't used to using technology very much. most people i know that want more customization options end up switching to android. the ones who are content in a controlled environment are usually the ones who really don't fiddle with electronics in general.
User avatar
#116 - ugoboom (05/30/2015) [-]
Someone on FJ gave this analogy:

People who will enjoy apple products want their phones and laptops to be like their toaster: an appliance. They want it to fucking work and do its job no problem. So what if it's not the MagnoCooker 5000, they don't care, they just want a thing that toasts and that's it. They don't need or care about having a modular heating element or touchscreen panel.

Windows and Linux PCs require varying degrees of love and care. I wouldn't spend more than 5 minutes fixing a toaster, which is where the "I hate windows it doesn't work ever" comes from. This is why Apple still has an existing fanbase. As for the techies that are into apple, god fucking knows.

Apple are fucking top notch at marketing though (samsung too, I don't like the galaxy S series but they know how to make those fuckers sell like hotcakes), and until Motorola and Sony and HTC and the rest can match that level of marketing, Apple products will continue to be popular.

It sucks, I would love for every single person to be using open-source operating systems, but it is what it is.
#166 - elaxx (05/30/2015) [-]
Well, I don't know man. Here in Europe, if you want a phone that just works without any surrounding BS then buying an iPhone makes you sound like you are buying a Bentley just for its function of driving. It just sounds extremely unnecessary. I mean you can have an Android and just don't put a shitload of shit apps in it and you have a perfectly functional phone without any problems or complications. If that still doesn't do the thing for you, then just install a ROM that makes your phone to be literally exactly like iPhone, with iOS system feel and everything, just on an android phone. So in the end you are basically paying a shitload of extra money for the lack of effort. At least that's what it sounds like. Mind you, I'm just talking about the functionality argument. I understand that there are some people that just "want" an iPhone because they simply want it. Or for its design. Everyone has their own taste.

Oh, and completely agree about the marketing thing. Apple knows how to do its thing.
User avatar
#282 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
Well let's be real here. You do only buy bentleys just for the tool of driving. bentleys have no extra bells and whistles unless you pay for it
#283 - elaxx (05/30/2015) [-]
I meant the price. Bentley costs around $200k, unlike your average $20k car. Same base-functionality. Same with Apple vs. Android. At this point Apple is more about the brand than what it actually offers, at least price-wise.
User avatar
#284 - jtastic (05/30/2015) [-]
ah, in that case, it makes sense
User avatar
#186 - fluttershyismine (05/30/2015) [-]
There are people who are not tech-savy and dont want to risk to void their warranties by rooting and flashing custom bootloaders kernels or ROM's
#194 - elaxx (05/30/2015) [-]
If you are afraid to void your warranties and buy an iPhone instead, it just says that you aren't as concerned about money as you think you are. You can buy a decent iPhone alternative for almost half the price, which means even if you screw up you can pretty much get a new phone and still be within an iPhone range... I generally think that iPhones are a tad bit too overpriced. They are good phones, but just not worth the price. So not being tech-savy and all that... It's not that hard to learn if you put some effort to read a few articles about it... You are just paying quite a chunk of money basically because you are lazy. Still not talking about -matter of taste-. If you like iPhones because you just like them, then it's a matter of taste, nothing wrong with that. Just don't tell me buying an iPhone over an Android is more efficient. Because it's not.
User avatar
#196 - fluttershyismine (05/30/2015) [-]
Completely agreed. never said iphones are better than android, just they are a bit too pricey for the actual experience they deliver. personally i prefer samsung and lg as phone brands, both in the software departament as of in the hardware departament
#119 - applesdontpee (05/30/2015) [-]
that last sentence. fuckin apple not letting me make apps without a god damn mac
#126 - ugoboom (05/30/2015) [-]
That shit drives me up the fucking wall
User avatar
#48 - cysco (05/29/2015) [-]
a big advantage android devices have, you can flash a custom rom on your device and there are a lot of good ones like cyanogen, which you can personalize to the last button, or you can chose another custom rom based on android. I have MIUI v6, which has a very similar style to iOs and similar features. because even i cant deny, that iOs has some good features, but i dont want to miss the personalizing option you have with an android.
#44 - alexanderh (05/29/2015) [-]
I know exactly why people buy iphones. They prefer the ecosystem. They like how it is connected to their other devices.
And, to be honest, iphone apps tend to be higher quality than a lot of android apps.
User avatar
#185 - fluttershyismine (05/30/2015) [-]
As of this year flagship devices come with a more premium and aestethic build
#286 - alexanderh (05/31/2015) [-]
I was talking about apps, not the build quality of the phone.
#6 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 05/26/2015 on Let it no -19
#12 - anon (05/26/2015) [-]
you're fucking digusting
#18 - Picture  [+] (4 replies) 01/18/2015 on Wat wud be the scariest... +254
#104 - anon (01/19/2015) [-]
I dont get it...

What is it with this picture?
User avatar
#109 - reypoints (01/19/2015) [-]
I think its a porn set of some sort..
#111 - anon (01/19/2015) [-]
it's a casting couch. if you wanna do porn, that's where you audition.
#143 - anon (01/19/2015) [-]
So if that's the couch where you audition for porn, then that explains this.