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#199 - Why wpuld you make a known charecter, be a whole other person? 03/24/2015 on Bruce, an hero +1
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#38 - anonymous (03/21/2015) [-]
User avatar #47 - kibbleking (03/21/2015) [-]
>>#37 you pleb
#38 - That was sick 03/21/2015 on 2 Cool 4 Dinner 0
#68 - Next best scene! 03/20/2015 on Money changes people 0
#67 - Untill your hungar for season 2 grows so high you have watched… 03/20/2015 on Money changes people 0
#35 - And momo is still the most stable  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2015 on Guess who 0
#36 - drumandbass (03/19/2015) [-]
momo is an animal, he doesn't have emotional stability, he just works out of instincts.
#51 - Wrong country wrong country 03/19/2015 on K-Pop 0
#50 - Same with the faces xD 03/19/2015 on K-Pop 0
#286 - Yeah I most give only Ill mind of hopsin's is amazing, but he … 03/18/2015 on Rap +1
#180 - Well I could have said Hollywood Undead 03/18/2015 on Rap 0
#18 - I'am just asking one thing?, WHAT DOES THAT GIRL HAVE TO DO WITH IT! 03/18/2015 on Yea i stole this +1
#128 - Tech n9ne and yet no hopsin?  [+] (5 new replies) 03/18/2015 on Rap -2
User avatar #275 - ljxjlos (03/18/2015) [-]
Hopsin a.k.a "I somehow managed to become more overrated then Eminem"
#286 - cyberkite (03/18/2015) [-]
Yeah I most give only Ill mind of hopsin's is amazing, but he shows real skill in those!
#173 - TexMex (03/18/2015) [-]
Could you be more white?
#180 - cyberkite (03/18/2015) [-]
Well I could have said Hollywood Undead
#145 - thisxshitxisxhard (03/18/2015) [-]
#32 - The music only made it better! 03/17/2015 on (untitled) +1
#175 - Yeaaah you are that, skinny, I'am 188, 90 kilos, I'am not ins…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/13/2015 on Need a twink housemate +1
User avatar #176 - alfibrakiz (03/13/2015) [-]
You want me to send you a picture? I am not very skinny. I'm just slender. I mean, you can't even see my ribs.
#31 - And you will end up hating the next one, and the next one, and…  [+] (18 new replies) 03/10/2015 on In Another World, He Would... +404
#146 - youdoublecongoid (03/10/2015) [-]
Sadly, american presidents are basically forced to suck balls
#131 - infinitereaper (03/10/2015) [-]
Maybe because the presidency has been reduced to a popularity contest for the next figurehead. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a John F. Kennedy, and what happens? He gets shot.

It's a god damned joke and the American dream is dead.
User avatar #218 - toosexyforyou (03/10/2015) [-]
The "Amerian dream" is that you have a 9-5 job, house, children, and a housewife. How is that dead because edgelords hate the president?
#231 - infinitereaper (03/10/2015) [-]
How do I even begin to answer this seemingly innocent question?
Our forefathers had a vision, of a land of the free. Countless men toiled and produce a miraculous document that both secured our independence and allowed us to manifest our destiny.
In the short span of a couple hundred years America grew into the world's largest economic and militarial powerhouse.

But our founding fathers might be horrified by our modern nation.
A two party system, when we were warned against the fallacy of having few parties compete in government, much less a few controlling parties. But we did it anyway.
Our rights which we fought for over the course many decades slowly being taken away by a government which grows bigger and more powerful, defying our god given rights.
Maybe it's the fact that our supposed republic is looking and more and more like an oligarchy controlled by wealth and special interests groups. Laws and politicians are both for sale for the highest bidder, leave that to the lobbyists.
Our right to take up arms and to revolution are all but a mere memory. Whistle blowers are crushed as enemies of the state rather than patriots of freedom, the government instills fear in the hearts of it's citizens, spying on them, using armed forces on them, controlling them.
The media is consolidated and controlled by a handful of powerful corporations.
The food industry is controlled by Monsanto and chalk full of toxic additives and GMOs designated to maximize yields. Quantity over quality.
Corporations have rights they never had original, that of an immortal person, by all means a sociopath that will do anything and everything to maximize profit. It's all about externalizing costs and giving them out so the common man can bear the burden.
Maybe the fact that the national debt has debt wordwide has become huge, deficits and so much waste.
Undeclared wars, bloated bureaucracy and unsustainable social programs.
Healthcare is a monopoly with costs several times that all other countries.
The C.I.A the F.B.I. the D.E.A, the F.D.A, the N.S.A. too big to fail, national security...
A practically brain dead people given the illusion of choice.

Do you know why they call it the American dream son?
Because it's just a dream.
User avatar #236 - toosexyforyou (03/10/2015) [-]
I honestly don't think that's worth the read.
User avatar #238 - infinitereaper (03/10/2015) [-]
And that's a part of the reason the American dream is dead.
Simple but popular catch phrases and pretty words and we've got our next hero president.
User avatar #213 - failtolawl (03/10/2015) [-]
are you trying to tell me ron paul supporters aren't about the ron paul single person party shit?

Because if you did I would laugh.
#64 - anonymous (03/10/2015) [-]
this is the first president in my life time that I've truly hated, I mean bush was a tad slow but he wasn't purposely fucking everything up.
User avatar #87 - iamnuff (03/10/2015) [-]
No, he just fucked everything up by accident.

User avatar #76 - phtholognyrrh (03/10/2015) [-]
>wasnt purposely fucking everything up
>invented jet fuel that could melt steel beams
#67 - anonymous (03/10/2015) [-]
Are you like a corporate ceo or do you just listen to your redneck dad bitch about how he is killing small business by forcing them to pay workers a normal amount and make sure they have health insurance. Or maybe you are pissed because he is trying to play ball in the international court instead of jumping head first into every war, killing thousands of our brave men and women for the interests of the few. Or maybe you just hate that he hasnt delivered on his political promises, that would be more fair, unless of course you forget that congress purposfully shut our entire government down for a few week because they couldnt find a compromise.
I don't know who you thought was going to be a better president but if you thought it was any of the republican nominees then you are clearly a retard because their campaign were rediculous. If you thought the liberatarians should rule, then you are a retard because liberatarianism would lead to massive deregulation and thus the common man getting raped again. The rest of the third party leaders have nowhere enough popularity to be elected. So you are stuck with Obama, the guy who prevented the economic collapse that your "tad slow" president caused.
So please explain why you hate Obama, and if you say he is too middle of the road I will slap the shit out of you verbally
#84 - penalcupcake (03/10/2015) [-]
>wants to make a decent argument for his beliefs
>calls OPs dad a "redneck bitch" and calls OP "retarded."

Great debate skillz dere m8
Typical argument style of the left.

Predictable, pathetic.

Now as for the Commander in Chief, I disagree with his politics; I despise his constant attempts at changing the American economic system even further; and frankly, I don't think he's all that "cool" as many people here and around the States think. I don't think he is all that funny nor do I think he should. It's not his job to be funny. It's his job to fucking lead and unify the people.

Actually logged in because pic related
#188 - anonymous (03/10/2015) [-]
> I wasn't debating previous anon, I was shitting on him. If you want to have a debate thats fine
> I'm not signed in because I'm an anon. If I dont have to make an account, I dont, because then Im not really anonymous. I like being an anon because I can be honest and dont have to worry about thumbs or my current standing on the site. Peoples previous perceptions of me are only of that in the thread or previous biases that they have.

Saying you disagree with his politics is very vague so if you were trying to debate me, which you implied you were, then there is nothing for me to work with here. What do you dislike about his politics specifically?
As for his changing the economic system, we were going into a recession headfirst. One that was pulling in the rest of the world as well. He pulled us out of it, so you can't really claim he faillled. He is proregulation, and history shows us that although regulation does slow growth it keeps the public from being taken advantage of. Now seeing as poorly regulated banking and business practices got us into this recession, it would be silly to deregulate for the sake of growth. America is stable enough to bounce back, albeit at a slower pace, but to the satisfaction of the american populus who are now being paid slightly more, have health care coverage, and are generally safer thanks to more control by the FDA.
I agree with your points on comedy not being necessary for a president, but it doesnt hurt either. It helps them relate.

Now that I have addressed your points. Since you took my previous rant as some sort of political thesis made by the everyday liberal, why didn't you respond to any of them? You only tried to discredit what was a rant to a clearly stupid statement made by the earlier anon without actually going back and debating what I was saying. So g8t debate sklz right back at you.
#66 - anonymous (03/10/2015) [-]
It's funny how little you americans understand : o
#85 - fiahhawt (03/10/2015) [-]
Compared to nearly all non-Americans, I'd say we understand a shit-ton more about our government, and a shit-ton more in general than someone who can get an ego-boner being snarky to other countries.
User avatar #88 - compared (03/10/2015) [-]
Thanks for the mention, hope you are well.
#89 - fiahhawt (03/10/2015) [-]
I have my caffeinated beverage of choice and am on FunnyJunk. So that would be a yea, verily.
#39 - anonymous (03/10/2015) [-]
How could anyone hate Frank Underwood?
#124 - Let's make a petationen to stop her  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2015 on Are you kidding me?!? 0
User avatar #135 - warwolfrider (03/10/2015) [-]
Why don't you make it and post a link
#369 - Oh I swapped it with SC withc was 98 i believe 03/09/2015 on Polygon Journo and... 0
#123 - I will just have to get over the fact that Sylvanas is litterl…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/09/2015 on Polygon Journo and... 0
#144 - Moosoulja (03/09/2015) [-]
came out in 02 but still old enough to say wtf
#369 - cyberkite (03/09/2015) [-]
Oh I swapped it with SC withc was 98 i believe
#418 - She is still a part of the party, and she will be at the next … 03/06/2015 on Sweden put in it's place. 0
#313 - This is excatly why, danish politic is ******* stupid, … 03/06/2015 on Sweden put in it's place. 0
#306 - I hate this girl, can we please stop it already... yes I'am da…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/06/2015 on Sweden put in it's place. +1
#342 - chrip (03/06/2015) [-]
You do realise she's merely aspiring?

She's not an actual "politician" making laws and everything. Yet anyways.
#418 - cyberkite (03/06/2015) [-]
She is still a part of the party, and she will be at the next election, I would be surprised if she isn't. She 's from KU, and still makes it to the newspaper.


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User avatar #6 - soundofwinter (06/22/2014) [-]
**** you
#5 - evilhomer ONLINE (06/21/2014) [-]
#1 - usarmyexplain ONLINE (04/27/2014) [-]
You sir, are a fine example of civil disagreement.
#2 to #1 - cyberkite (04/27/2014) [-]
We'll thank you is the onlæy thing I can say. I see the reason for an army in a big country like the USA. but in denmark where I live, we should only focus on the special units.
User avatar #3 to #2 - usarmyexplain ONLINE (04/27/2014) [-]
Don't get me wrong, the military exists to commit horrible acts of violence, but you can get some good compensation from service, and have doors opened to you that normally would be closed.

Like all those guys inviting celerities to annual Military balls

#4 to #3 - cyberkite (04/27/2014) [-]
Interresting. but it isen't the whole war thing that's the problems in my eyes, the problem is the money used on thing that could be used better. cutting the millitary is an option. and sometimes the money should be used more effective.
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